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  1. George

    Freesports is hidden away on Freeview. I've moved it up to channel 7 on my telly. They show Belgian league games, Portuguese league, Spanish 2nd Division etc. And obviously under 19 internationals. Worth a look. Free.
  2. George

    It was live on TV. Freesport I think. Had to go out so missed it. :-(
  3. 1967 Norwich away FA cup 5th round

    Yes. Exactly 41,000 according to the Canary Citizens history book. Got it in the back of my mind it's norwiches 4th biggest attendance ever. I might be wrong. I was there. We did take about 15,000 and it was a sunny day. Can't remember much else. Norwich looked a nice city. And it still is. From the rail station you walk along the Riverside, with rowing clubs and abbey ruins etc.
  4. The stats are flawed. Does coming on for the last ten minutes when we're 3-0 down still count as an appearance? Minutes played should be the only yardstick. Anyway, I think Atdhe is a better player than most folk give him credit for. I'd have him in the squad even when Hooper Fletcher and FF are back. He'll never score many goals, but he'll make it easier for others to score.
  5. I don't understand formations, so I can't help with the query. But I was at that September 1964 game. My first visit to Villa Park. We lost 2-0. My next trip was the following season and we won 2-0.... against a side called the Pensioners in a semi final. True story.
  6. Variety – The Stripes of Life!

    2 or 3. Shame you aren't our official shirt designer. All good designs although the diagonal ones made my eyes go funny.
  7. Tweet of the year goes goes to this man...

    That's the trouble with social media. People use expressions at strangers which they wouldn't dare use at home. Needs sorting. Owlstalk is bad enough. I'd start fining people for public obscenity. Standards have dropped. Even Lord Snooty uses language not worthy of his name.
  8. Nice to see him get a tap in. Skilful player. Frightens defenders. I see him as an attacking midfielder more than a fox in the box. Prefer him to Rhodes.
  9. 'A late onslaught from the hosts was inevitable'. No it wasn't. We rarely take the game to the opposites at 1-0 up. We were playing Leeds, not Real Madrid. Anyway well done Wednesday. I was there in 59-60 when we last did the double. 3-1 I think.
  10. Great Pic From Today

    Did you mean scum, or scrum, given it was a Rugby Union international day? We still don't get the joke.
  11. Kiss my ass Nuhiu haters

    Well at least the Adthe haters will be happy that Swansea lost 0-3. They tend to also be Carlos haters, Fox haters, Butters haters, Wallace haters etc. But they call themselves fans, I believe.
  12. St Johnstone

    Just seen St Johnstone v Hibs goals and they have thin white stripes on a blue background. Same as our shirts last season but with white sleeves. Surprised anyone buys the current shirts. Was bad enough 1965-1972. Imagine Newcastle Wba or Sunderland dropping stripes. Needs rectifying.
  13. Obviously Carlos's fault. Swansea will be playing their under 16 side by the end of the year. I'm being sarcastic by the way.
  14. I joined in 1959 and I reckon it was indeed one shilling. 5p today. The fans weren't seen as cows to be milked in those days.
  15. 18k? I was at the Swindon away game, sat with Swindon fans. Remember a bloke telling his lad that we had huge support and had sold 18k or whatever season tickets. We were 3-0 up in half an hour I think but finished up with a lucky 3-2 win. Think Owusu made his debut and scored for us.
  16. So Prendergast, Downes(?), Grummitt, Mullen, Rodriguez, Sissons.
  17. Points dropped from a winning position

    None. Its Spanish for 'I read fertile lowlands'. Mystery solved.
  18. Ticket issue

    Happened to me in south stand a few years back. I was trying to boot a bloke out who happened to be a season ticket holder. He wasn't amused. I reported it to a steward who just told me to sit anywhere. There are advantages to supporting a club who hardly ever sell out.
  19. What hope is there if the chairman admits to signing a load of shiete?
  20. 8 wins

    Yes. Let's sack a manager after taking us to a semi final playoff. Its the sort of thing Derby and Forest would do. Brilliant idea.
  21. Americans seem to be exempt from war crimes. They did a lot worse in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But what's that got to do with this idiot? Hope it cost him his job.
  22. No. Officially knickers, as per programmes of the day.
  23. Carlos favourites

    This. CC knew nothing about the Championship when we signed bannan, forestieri and Wallace. In fact, given the fact we've signed loads of players with Scottish connections such as McGeadie, Rhodes, Fletcher, Bannan, Wallace, Loovens etc, I imagine Bullen maybe had more to do with recommending signings than CC. Like Stuart Gray before him, CC was a coach, not a manager. Its the modern way. Trained negotiators beat out contracts, not head coaches. Ours maybe aren't very good at it.
  24. 20 winless in 1975. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2012/march/club-records/ You young UN's have never had it so good.