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  1. 59 years supporting and never wanted us to lose. Try supporting Maidstone utd. You might enjoy it more.
  2. Looking at that chart, I've had the misfortune to watch us under all of the worst fifteen managers in our history. And all of the four most successful. Catterick and Buckingham were the first two managers I saw us play under. I thought it would always be like that.
  3. Carlos has been here just under two and a half years. First two years were brilliant. Best football in nearly 20 years. Following half season not good. Rhodes looks like an expensive mistake. Van Aken and Fox look a bit shaky. Good money wasted in my opinion. But injuries to key players have cost us points. Lees Hutchinson Forestieri etc. Lee still not fit. And we have had some serious bad luck. I'd give him to end of season. However, if that first half display against Hull, and that 2nd half display at Norwich become the norm, he won't last the season. I'm old enough to remember us sacking Vic Buckingham and Trevor Francis because we wanted better. We replaced them with rubbish i.e Brown and Pleat. Can see history repeating itself. It's the Wednesday way.
  4. Relegation Form - Last 25 Games

    21 games this season. Won 6 Drawn 9 Lost 6. Last 4 last season. Won 1 Drawn 2 Lost 1. Last 25 games Won 7 Drawn 11 Lost 7. Pretty much mid-table to me. I'm not counting penalties against Huddersfield as a defeat. We drew after 90 minutes. All it proves is we draw too many. Statistical blip. Happens to all teams now and again.
  5. Think your memory is going. Sibon was never remotely the worse player to pull on a Wednesday shirt. Not even in the bottom 40%. Neither was he a world beater. He was a decent player at Championship level but not worth the £3m he cost us. Lot of money in 1999. I'm sure he'd get in the current team.
  6. Paul Hurst

    So am I but you wouldn't want me in charge. So what's he done as a manager? Edit I take that back. Didn't realise he was Shrews boss. Hardly the Championship though.
  7. Why do folk call him kick a ball when he's a coach? Some of our 'fans' just use insults for the sake of it. I won't call them 'supporters' as half of Owlstalkers never go to matches.
  8. jefferson farfan

    Terrible translation. Equipo means both team and equipment and it's translated it as equipment! Anyway he's not played for two months and he's had offers from south America, Russia and China but he's looking at the English 2nd tier as there's more money in it. Just rumours from English sources it says.
  9. Brian Laws?

    Three weeks ago he was on a cross trainer in front of me in a gym near Scunthorpe. I had a Wednesday badge on my T-shirt but he didn't notice. Fit bloke.....he was still at it when I left. Don't know what he's doing but he watches plenty of games. Could be scouting for clubs.
  10. Central midfield

    Hope not, cos Bannon has had a decent season so far. No-one seems to be picking up on our injury situation. I thought we would struggle when I saw the lineup at Norwich. If everyone was available , Carlos could have picked a back four of Hunt Lees Hutchinson Pudil. Don't think they would have conceded three. Strange how a team who were 4th best last season can look so ordinary.
  11. Mass Boycott

    What fight? You just have to turn up and sit on your bum for 90 minutes. It's whether the players have the stomach for a fight that worries me. They played the second half as though it was a training exercise.
  12. SORRY

    What kind of car you got, Ghost? A pedal car? 11 hour round trip to Norwich? Take it you get lost a lot.

    Mark 'Pancho' Pearson?
  14. Strong Manager

    If he'd took a penalty and missed, you'd be complaining even more.
  15. Yes. Nigel Adkins. Nigel must be a brilliant manager then. Wonder why he's been sat on his bum for 18 months. Obviously Hull will storm back up the league now.
  16. From Wiki. Young played once, it seems. Gerry Young was an ever-present in the following 1963–64 season when Wednesday finished sixth in Division One, his good form earned an England call up on 18 November 1964 against Wales. He was called up again for the following match against the Netherlands in December 1964 but had to pull out after rupturing a thigh muscle, he missed most of the rest of that season. He never got the chance to play for England again.[2]
  17. 25/1 (Twenty Five To One)

    Can't see us making automatic places. But maybe a one in six chance of playoffs. That gives us a chance in 4 of promotion. 6x4 = 24. So 25-1 not too bad. Worth a fiver if you have trust in Forestieri, Hutchinson etc getting back and setting us on a run.
  18. 1962. Santos won 4-2 and Pele scored at Kop end with a pen. That's all I remember him doing. They had a big black CF who scored a hat trick. Coutinho I think.
  19. gypsyowl......... Are you honestly saying that when we lost 0-3 at home to Forest in the last game of 1989-90, you didn't want Atkinson out? We were two down in about 25 minutes, and looked very poor. Forest had nothing to play for. That was a terrible season. 35 goals scored in 38 games, even with Dalian Atkinson and Hirst up front. In today's climate, Atkinson would not have survived. Of course Carlos can pull it round. Not long ago the fans were complaining he lacked passion. Now he's an 'embarrassment'. I'll be there next season even if you aren't. If I wanted to watch a winning side, I'd go to Manchester.
  20. Trevor Francis

    Pele was 17 when he played in the 1958 World cup. So he would have been 38 in 1979. Very old for a forward. So unsurprising that Trev would have scored more than Pele. On a broader note, why do so many on here seem to hate Trevor Francis and Dave Richards? Trev did his best for us as a player and manager, and as a pundit, never said anything bad about us. Richards left us for a high paid job in London. Anyone worth his salt would have done that. If you have ambition in football, you don't stay in Sheffield, sad to say. In what way did they destroy the club, as some claim? 1990 to 1995 was the only exciting period I've known since the Catterick days. Think we had 8 England internationals on our books at one time. Woods, Anderson, Palmer, Sinton, Hirst, Waddle, Francis, Walker. Any others? OK, we didn't win anything but at least Francis and Richards spent some cash and tried.
  21. Think I saw that on 'Blue planet' with David Attenborough. Forgot it's name but it lives on the bottom of the ocean and eats starfish. Am I right?
  22. Dawson

    Yes, he could have been sent off in three consecutive games against us, had the ref thought it had hit his arm on Saturday. We seem to be his lucky club. I went past the KCom this afternoon, and pulled my sternest face.
  23. Man of match poll

    Half the folk on this forum don't go to games so they just assume Atdhe is a big useless clumsy oaf. At times he is, but he causes panic in defences. Seeing as we don't score many, I'd love to see Joao and Hooper up front with Nuhiu playing a bit behind. I'm sure they'd ruffle some feathers and get the crowd going. Anyway, thank goodness for Nuhiu and Hooper yesterday. At least we got an entertaining 2nd half.
  24. Well Done Atdhe

    I've always liked Atdhe, even when I seemed to be on my own, but he'll never make a goalscoring centre-forward. Always saw his role as playing behind a front two and ruffling feathers. Well he did that today. Playing behind Hooper and Rhodes, he more than played his part. Yes I can see us scoring goals if Joao, Hooper, Nuhiu all played together. We'd miss a load but we'd get a bit of excitement.
  25. Well, I moved away too...... when I was 19 and I'm now 70. Moved to within 20 miles of Hull as it happens, but I still go to all home games. Living near Hull, I particularly wanted us to win this one. First half was terrible. Atdhe led the 2nd half charge- running in front of the Kop with arms raised to encourage them..... and the Kop responded. Great support from 90% of our fans today. Starting to think the moaners are the ones who never go. Seven unbeaten...... we can't put a good 90 minutes together for some reason, but we are far from the worse team in this division.