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  1. You can't get more left wing cities than Liverpool and Glasgow..... and they don't seem to have problems at Parkhead Ibrox Goodison and Anfield.
  2. Mine's..... people who stand up so you can't see and spend all their time crooning away instead of watching the game.
  3. Uruguay played some brilliant footy in the first half hour. They hit the underside of the bar and should have had a penalty before Germany scored. But they fell apart towards the end. I'd never seen so many flags at a football match. And no bother that I can recall.
  4. First of all I forgot how to take a screenshot and then I couldn't get the 2nd one off. But you get the picture....literally. Miles from town though.
  5. Under Lee Strafford's World Cup plan the megastore was to be knocked down and incorporated into a new facade built up at the back of the stand. If we are staying at Hillsboro, that may still be a future plan. It also, as some have said, would allow exits into the current car park at the back of the North as an alternative to exiting LL.
  6. I'll always support the Wednesday manager, whoever he is. But it was obvious to me he'd lost the plot when he kept playing teenagers who should have been out at Lge 2 clubs on loan.
  7. Crowds in general were terrible that season. 22nd April 1986. WBA v Owls 1-1 in front of 6,201. 10,259 for Leicester v Owls.
  8. What on Earth are you talking about? CC gave us our best two seasons in 20 years. Not his fault he had 17 out injured in his last season. I doubt whether he was in charge of recruitment anyway. And why is everyone calling Osnabruck a 3rd tier club? They are 2.Bundesliga- equivalent to the Championship.
  9. It's illegal. It's unlawful detention. The police used to do that regularly in the 70's and 80's, causing fans to miss trains home. I remember MP's taking the cases up on behalf of the fans. I imagine it would be legal if proposed detention was made clear at point of sale of tickets.
  10. Maybe got something to do with 46 league games last season, plus beating Fulham. But you prefer to judge a teams manager on one game? Does Bullen get sacked if we lose at Millwall?
  11. Unfortunately you've put your finger on it. If it wasn't for the 300 or so pointers and gesticulators who frequent that end, there wouldn't be a problem. Getting out at LL end is NOT dangerous for any normal fan of either side. Crossing Penistone Road when traffic is whizzing down the dual carriageway IS dangerous.
  12. Bannan is there and the lad bottom left seems to be in an old Owls shirt. How many did you expect? We aren't famous any more. Or maybe Owls kit is just too expensive.
  13. Murray for president. If you're born in Northern Ireland, you are inevitably brought up to support Rangers Celtic Man U or Liverpool. Or of course Leeds who have huge support in every hamlet. I think he does a good job. Impossible to know about all 72 clubs but its a decent show. Available on quest catchup if you miss a show.
  14. At season end? 1959 when we won Div 2 under Catterick. I was only 12 then but I remember it well. We won 5-0 in the last game, home to Barnsley. About time we won a championship again.
  15. Would you be happier if Reading folk all walked about in Chelsea, Spurs and Arsenal shirts? These are all genuine fans you are mocking. They make the championship what it is.
  16. They had red numbers in the 1950s and you could read them. Why not a white square with a red number.
  17. Yes it does. Español originally but few knew how to pronounce it so they now use the Catalan spelling of Espanyol. It's usually assumed that their fans are pro Unionist and Barcelona fans are pro separatist but I've looked into it and it's not so. There isn't a Celtic Rangers type political divide thankfully.
  18. ^^^ THIS And isn't that what's happened to us? We're in a financial mess and without a ground for the first time since the 1800's because we've thrown money at trying to get into the PL. I don't blame SKY though. They've pumped money into the game, and the FA has syphoned most of it off into the FA Premier Lge. It used to be one TV contract shared between 92 clubs, not separate deals to suit the few.
  19. The left believes in free schooling for all. Might help you to spell fascist.
  20. Swindon Town have the most confusing roundabout in the country just outside the ground. If we get the wrong manager you could soon be getting acquainted with it. It's hard to get lost in Watford anyway
  21. Not true. Harry Catterick had 55.8% https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Catterick I'd be very happy with 23 wins out of 46 games though.
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