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  1. Yes, 4-0 at Forest in 2019-20 season. Four up in half hour and me thinking we were going to give them their biggest home beating in history. Their 7-1 win at Hillsborough being our biggest home loss. Alas we took our foot off the gas. It's the Wednesday Way.
  2. Would be amazing stats if it wasn't for the fact we all more or less knew it anyway. Either the team is mentally weak or they are unfit. The team has changed so much in 2 and a quarter years that I'm not sure it's a mental problem. I suspect they either under train and are knackered at the end. Or they overtrain and are knackered from the beginning. Whatever the reason, it cost us our championship place last season and will almost certainly cost us promotion this season.
  3. What's he supposed to say? 'We're a bunch of spineless losers'?
  4. Shame he's 33 because he looks like a find from our point of view. Natural striker. Could easily have had a hat trick today.
  5. Up to individual supporters wether they smile or not. Not your business. Why don't you go support another team.
  6. How exactly are the happy clappers supposed to show some spine? Boo the team? Boycott games? It's the team that need to show spine, not the fans wether they clap or not.
  7. Being London based, Wimbledon are more likely to attract influential owners, sponsors etc than us. Attendances mean little nowadays. So I'd go Don's before us. Doubt whether either would manage it in the next 20 years though.
  8. I was at that 4-3 win. Can't remember much to be honest. Terrible little stadium. Wooden stands. The new ground looks impressive from the pictures I've seen. These little clubs like Wimbledon, Brentford etc seem to have dragged themselves into the new century, whilst we go backwards. We need to eat more tuna.
  9. Carlos didn't have a last season in charge. He went on Xmas Eve, same as Derek Dooley years before. Had he had a full season, and been able to choose his own incoming players instead of picking from a shortlist, I don't think we'd be in the 3rd tier now. Moore has to have time. A month ago he was everyone's favourite.
  10. Sensible answers are refreshingly helpful but highly unusual on Owlstak.
  11. Volume of game/cognoscenti = gobbledygook.
  12. Hopefully he'd bleed to death before he got here. He turned the mighty Mariners into a non league side.
  13. If another club had just won away to the league leaders, and then sacked the head coach 3 days later, we'd say they were mad. Moore isnt doing at all well, but we had 5 managers last season and it didn't do us much good. Theres folk on here who think CC did rubbish so i dont know who they expect. Klopp still isnt available. Fact is we're skint so we signed 14 no hopers in the summer. Nobody else wanted them.
  14. And deservedly so. Properly run club.
  15. He's the new Nuhiu. It's not Wednesday unless we have someone to hate.
  16. I watched the full game on ifollow and never saw Ipswich under the cosh at any time. Two poor sides. 1-1 draw was about right.
  17. Well, they are now, with all the TV cash.
  18. It is actually. I remember shortly after he left, I stood on a windy wet Kop watching us lose 2-1 at home to Everton and thinking it was all over for us and the good days were over. I was only 13 then and I was right. Sixteen years later we were having to beat Southend to avoid division four. Meanwhile Everton under Catterick were twice winning the league, and once the FAC. Over the last 60 years we've been either the unluckiest 'big' club in Britain or the worst run. I'm going for worst run.
  19. Since 1960 Ipswich have won... The league, The FAC A European trophy(UEfa cup). So I can understand the argument that they are bigger than us. In terms of fan base, stadium, tradition..... It's arguably Sunderland, then us, then Ipswich and Pompey followed by Charlton. I don't know what defines a big club. I'd support Real Madrid or Man U if it bothered me. It doesn't.
  20. Brentford were planning and building a new stadium so they got special dispensation. It would have been a waste of money for them to put seats in for just one or two seasons.
  21. He got a hattrick. In November 1977 we lost a 3rd division game at Cambridge. 3-0. They were top of the league. We were bottom. Miserable wet day. I got soaked. Cambridge manager was a young bloke called Ron Atkinson. Dark days.
  22. Now do one for the last three games please.
  23. We lost 3-3? But due to the Owls’ final day defeat against Derby last season, the ex-Premier League outfit ply their trade in the third division for the first time since 2012.
  24. We scored first at Derby. They came back with 2 goals to make it 2-1. We then scored twice for 3-2. Then the penalty.
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