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  1. Nuhiu would be welcome because you can't rely on Windass Smith and Gregory to be available. Batth might not be the player he was. I don't watch him every week. I'd say the others would be a waste of a wage.
  2. I agree the subs changed it. I'd have done the triple at halftime though, not on 58 minutes. You're allowed three substitution breaks in the game itself plus at halftime. Anyway all's well that ends well. Listening to Radio Sheffield, you'd think we were bottom of the league.
  3. No idea. But we'll win twice as many games as we lose I reckon. And now that MK Dons have lost some of last year's team, we will probably be the best footballing side. But Peterborough and Barnsley usually bounce straight back up so it's anyone's guess.
  4. I liked the way the sky commentator called him a cut diamond when he got that nasty gash on his eyebrow. If Sunderland did swaps they can have Patterson.(proven scorer at Championship level).
  5. I wouldn't be overly worried, as that was your reserve team. Our first team have played as badly on countless occasions in the 22 years since we were in the top flight. The 0-5 at Sunderland being a recent example. I imagine you'll do ok. 40,000 crowds in Championship will generate some cash. For ourselves I was very pleased. The last time we put a reserve team out in the guise of the first team, we got deservedly drubbed 0-3 at home by your neighbours Hartlepool in the football league trophy. Never been so embarrassed. Things can change so quickly in football.
  6. We can't complain that MK don't have any fans and then say it's unbelievable that two kids support them. My daughter in law works in Milton Keynes so I'm well aware that the majority support Spurs Arsenal Liverpool Man U Man C etc. MK is forecast to have over 500,000 people in the next 50 years or so. So their support should pick up over time. I have to say it's a stadium which would grace the Premier League. Only been in the home end but I assume the away end has cushioned seats too.
  7. Well, that turned nasty pretty quickly! Anyway, well done the travelling fans. I think they helped us get over the line in a tricky second half.
  8. Initial contact was definately outside the box. We wouldnt have got it with VAR. We've had loads of good penalty claims turned down in the last few seasons so we were due some luck eventually.
  9. 49.1% of the crowd. And I presume we had a few scattered about in the home stands so we might have had more fans there than Dons.
  10. I think there's maybe bank holiday exemptions. Otherwise you are totally wrong. Sorry. Definitely a 3 to 5pm Saturday ifollow blackout. https://www.efl.com/how-to-watch/ifollow-and-streaming/
  11. I think this topic has been covered loads of times. Saturday afternoon matches cannot be shown live on ifollow in the UK. There's a 3 to 5pm blackout I believe. Of course loads get round it by watching dodgy streams or downloading a VPN (virtual private network) and set it to Amsterdam or whatever so ifollow is fooled into thinking you're outside the UK.
  12. If they demolished the shed which is the club shop, the North stand could be extended outwards to mirror the South stand. Bit close to some of the Vere Road houses but we used to own the ones at the Leppings Lane end. Not sure where we could rebuild the club shop but someone on here will know.
  13. And over for our championship place 21 years later. We were leading and cruising in both games until the last few minutes.
  14. Seems you can't edit. Just watched the goals again and Stockdale would have expected his defenders to clear all those crosses. Have we still no-one who can head a ball away?
  15. I haven't seen the goals again since the match, but at the time I didn't think any of the goals were his fault. Just terrible defending. I thought he was poor at Wigan, but that was just a pre-season friendly. He's a good goalie. And experienced. And he knows how to waste time. When Wcombe played at Hillsboro late last season, he spent most of the last half hour pretending to have cramp. Unsporting but effective. Let's get behind him. He got in League one team of the season.
  16. I just spent two minutes trying to rub that red mark off my new tablet screen thinking I'd cut my finger.
  17. Anybody on here who was at the Owls v Barnsley game in April 1959 when we won 5-0 to take the championship? I remember running on the very muddy pitch as an 11 year old, to celebrate Redfearn Froggatt lifting the trophy. It's been mostly downhill since then.
  18. Its wrong to point the finger at individuals. Owlstalk criticising is a team game. We say they're all sheeite when we lose and all brilliant when we win. It's a tradition.
  19. Yes, he doesn't wrongly identify our players like our own Ifollow duo do at times. Co-commentator must be from the same part of Liverpool as Ronnie Mooore.. sounds just like him.
  20. Took me ages to figure it out. Worse than Wednesday. https://wiganathletic.com/news/2022/july/21/watch-live-latics-v-sheffield-wednesday/
  21. Stop being a tightwad and get it paid. Wednesday would have charged £10. Last seasons champs against this seasons-to-be.
  22. Yes. I learned that Rayo are a decent side. Finished 12th in the Primera Liga last season, doing the double over Barca. A slick passing side. And I learned that Sheff Wed, a humble 3rd tier side with hardly two halfpenny's to scratch it's backside with, gave them a very hard game. On another day, it could easily have ended in a draw. So well done lads. Not sure we're heading for promotion but I'll be surprised if there's a better footballing side in our division next season.
  23. I went to watch Barrow v Leyton Orient last season and they had a fan zone bigger than that. But it's a start.
  24. Rayo Vallecano. Rayo means stripe and refers to the red stripe on their shirts. Vallecano means from Vallecas, which is an industrial suburb of Madrid. And a fanzone would be good. But there's not a lot of room there.
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