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    The invisible giant.

    We probably are in a false position. I think we were 13th before the Bristol City match. But Jos seems to know what he's doing. He's got 3 German sides into Bundesliga1. Even if it goes pear shaped, I hope the fans give Jos a fair crack of the whip. I don't like how so many turned against Carlos after he'd had a bad 3 months. Pretty sure they'd do the same with Jos if we got hammered by Boro and the Blades.
  2. Lincs Owl

    Top 3 Championship Grounds

    Only QPR and Brentford have poor stadiums out of the 24 in my view, and the latter are building a new one. I'd say Villa Park is easily the best overall. For facilities and good views it's got to be the newer ones. Boro Derby Stoke Reading Hull. For traditional partisanship in an atmospheric stadium with character..... Hillsborough, Bramall Lane, Carrow Road, Hawthorns, City ground and Elland Road. The new Ashton Gate deserves an honourable mention. Depends what you want. I've been to them all. Even Rotherham is an excellent ground for a small club.
  3. Lincs Owl


    But we don't know Cost of new stadium v Cost of new Kop and West stand. Income from a new stadium v current income, or estimated income from a revamped Hillsborough. So, like the EU referendum, we are being asked to vote on an emotive subject without facts.
  4. Most of Sheffield's heavy industry settled along the Don valley because they needed water from the Don, or got rid of effluent in the river. Nothing to do with prevailing winds. Rotherham would have got most of Sheffield's smoke.
  5. The prevailing WC stadium rules are minimum 40k spectator capacity plus 5k for press and VIPs etc. Hence the 45k Strafford plan. We wouldn't struggle to get 40k in the Premier unless Chansiri charged ridiculous potg prices. Mmm...... Even Hull were selling out in the Premier. Have faith. Sheffield is the 4th most populous city in England. We might have only averaged 29k in 91-2 when we finished 3rd, but that was only bettered by three other clubs.
  6. I've already reported this news twice in previous threads, with links to the industrial estate story. This area has never even been considered by the club anyway. Someone just noticed spare land on Google maps and suggested it. Sorry to piddle on anyone's parade.
  7. Lincs Owl

    Taking two others up

    Why do you say Boro will add nothing to the Premier League? They would say they add more than us. I'd like two Sheffield clubs up. I was regularly watching both clubs in 1961-2 season when we both finished in the top six. And I'd like a late surge from Rotherham for the 3rd spot.
  8. Lincs Owl


    I've used it before at home on PC without problems, but today I'm in Devon on iPad. Couldn't get it to work at all even though I'd signed in. So I downloaded the ifollow app and signed in on that. Worked straightaway but I'd missed first 6 minutes.
  9. In 2015-16 we kept 17 clean sheets to equal our all time record. In 2016-17 we kept another 17 to equal it again. In the early part of 2017-18 season we let a few soft goals in and most folk on here wanted a new boss. Some folk are never happy. I'm surprised Westwood is only 3rd choice but Jos must see him in training. Maybe he's not the confident keeper he used to be.
  10. Lincs Owl

    Red Button Coverage

    Actually going to football matches is so 1970s ish. Modern man watches on his iPhone, iPlayer, red button, ifollow etc. Saves parking problems and sitting next to uncouth smelly people. The big clubs are happy with modern man as they probablyt 95% of their income from media and sponsorship. Lack of atmosphere will be a problem. Solved by 30,000 blow up individually tailored dummies. Indistinguishable from the real thing. Knocked off in China. It's the future. Trust me.
  11. Lincs Owl

    1st clean sheet predication

    Predicate means to affirm something, I think. Not often we get intellectual thread titles on owlstalk.
  12. Carlos will still be blamed for the next 2 or 3 years. He's an easy scapegoat.
  13. Lincs Owl

    The Olld Lepp Shed in Colour

    Was anyone else there when our reserves won 14-0. It was against Barnsley or Chesterfield in about 1961.
  14. Lincs Owl

    Man City at home 2002...

    Only clubs who have ever officially had any of North stand, apart from semi finals, rangers friendly etc, were the ones after the disaster, starting with WHU in a midweek game. Leppings Lane end was closed with a blue tarpaulin covering lower terrace. They won 2-0 I think. No minutes silence was held.
  15. At least they show us a few times. When TV was in the hands of the BBC and ITV, we never got a look in. Wimbledon used to appear more times on telly than us. Always made me seeth with anger and consider writing a letter to the Times.
  16. Judge a team over a season, not picking out an odd month that suits you. We scored loads of goals under CC. We wouldn't have finished 4th and 6th without doing that. Three crackers against Arsenal for a start. You clearly didn't support us in the 70's or the 00's when we really had something to complain about. Far from clueless, we played our best football since the Atkinson/Francis days of the early 90's. Apart from Rhodes, we haven't paid any big transfer fees. You can't get an average Championship player for under £3m nowadays. What's probably done us in is the high wages. But I'm sure CC didn't negotiate players contracts.
  17. You think all our promising youngsters were signed by Jos?
  18. Lincs Owl

    New SWFC stadium wishlist

    I posted a link on the previous page which shows this site will shortly be turned into an industrial estate. Here we are again https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/development-planned-for-former-steelworks-site-1-9262171
  19. Lincs Owl

    Worst Signing Ever

    Who alledged his wages? The club don't publish contract details in their accounts.
  20. Lincs Owl

    New SWFC stadium wishlist

    That's going to be industrial units soon https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/development-planned-for-former-steelworks-site-1-9262171
  21. Lincs Owl

    New SWFC stadium wishlist

    Man City. Southampton, Brighton, Arsenal, Tottenham, West Ham, Derby and many others were filling their outdated stadiums most weeks and needed to expand. We have a 39,800 capacity home(in theory) and we haven't averaged over 30,000 since 1968. We don't need a bigger ground. We would for a few years if we were in the Prem, admittedly. Darlington and Coventry are two clubs who dropped almighty clangers by moving to grounds which were ridiculously big. Commercially we could use Hillsboro better. I'd like to see the North stand built outwards at the back, so it resembles the South stand. The clubshop and booking office would be incorporated into it, as per Strafford's World cup plan. West stand looks a mess, but unless the police,SAG allow home fans in it, what's the point spending good money on it. Kop facilities are archaic but some folk like the rustic look. I preferred standing out in the rain when I was young and daft. The North stand/Kop corner could be joined up to get another 1500 under cover. Straffords WC plan for the West stand was superb, but realistically will probably never happen.
  22. Don't footballers get overpaid already, even in Kevin's day? Secondly, if we can only get Rangers for our 150th anniversary, we'd be lucky to get Falkirk for a testimonial, and you'd get about 1,500 turning up. Would be embarrassing. Testimonials used to mean something. I was at Joe Shaw's at The Lane when 35,000 turned up. They are meaningless nowadays.
  23. Lincs Owl

    Most Long balls 2018/19?

    I don't trust these sort of stats. I've twice seen teams who've statistically had one shot at goal and yet scored twice. Even if it's an own goal, it's still a shot at goal. And as for possession, when does a long pass that goes to the opposites, change from one team to another's possession. The only stats that counts are goals. And I have an O'Level in statistics from 1970, so there. (cocking a snoot).
  24. Lincs Owl

    Reading Away

    Can't understand anyone critizicing readings new ground. Presume they never went to Elm Park on a wet day?
  25. Lincs Owl

    Best start in 28 years

    ^^^ THIS. Was stated on RS as well but it's not true. 4 straight wins 96-7 is 12 points from first 4 games.