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  1. Thanks. I knew there was a formula for working luck out, but I couldn't remember how it worked. Bookies would understand it. I'm too thick. So I posted 4 or 5 examples where I thought we might have had luck in big games and got rubbished for it. So where have we had good luck? I've been going since 1958 and can only remember bad luck. Starting with the 1960 semifinal when 3 offside decisions went against us. Then the following season when we were on the verge of greatness and Catterick walked out on us. Same with Atkinson 30 years later And I was at Wembley in 66 when Young slipped. 1986 and 1991 we would have been in Europe, but for the Heysel ban, which was Liverpool's fault. Cantona. Chris Woods 1993. I could think of 50 big bad luck moments. So are we the unluckiest team ever or do we just think that because we are fans? Someone tell me where we've been lucky in the last half a century please, because apparently my examples are ridiculous. Have we ever been lucky when it's mattered?
  2. Point I was trying to make is that fans tend to remember the unlucky scenarios and forget when luck goes our way. It's the same with all fans of every club. I'm struggling to remember any luck we've had this season though. We aren't playing as well as I know we can, but we would be in the top six if a few decisions had gone our way.
  3. Luck DOES even out over a long period. In 2015-16 season when we got to Wembley, we seemed to get loads of luck. The two main exceptions were the ridiculous Forestieri sending offs at Preston and Hull. Plus, in the final, Michael Dawson could have walked for chopping FF in the first half. This season we should have had 4 or 5 penalties minimum. We haven't had any. We would have been in the top six this season had luck been going our way.
  4. 50th Clean Sheet!

    Do you actually attend any games? City had probably the best defence I've seen in the last year or so. Even so, they nearly headed us an own goal and should have conceded two penalties which any other ref would have spotted.
  5. 50th Clean Sheet!

    It is impressive But it's a team game, so we have to say the whole team usually defends well. The moaners on here are probably too young to remember our defences under Wilson, Turner Jewell, Yorath, Irvine etc. Sponge and sieve come to mind.
  6. Blades fans panicking

    Has this got anything to do with Sheffield Wednesday? Pointless thread. I for one hope Coutts makes a speedy recovery. Looked a terrible injury.
  7. New Team Photo

    We should be in stripes for teamgroups. Bad enough on a Saturday. I won't put that on my home screen. Boo tractor boys.
  8. Can't you ask to move seats? Unless you have the best view of course. Although you shouldn't have to. I sit in North stand in front of two old guys who can't compose a sentence unless it's got nøbhead in it. When we beat Leeds 3-0 they just sat there in stony silence looking miserable. Mind you, we've got a few on here like that I think. Why do adults swear at footy? They wouldn't do it in Tesco if they'd run out of cheese.
  9. Why do some folk say we play boring, negative football? I much prefer our passing game than Bristol City's over physical style.
  10. We Must Be So Easy To Play Against..

    Our forwards have disappointed, I'll agree. Rhodes, Winnall, Hooper, forestieri, Fletcher. We are underachieving I'll agree up front. But Joao has the speed that most of you crave, and he didn't look like getting through City's packed defence. Thought Fletcher made a huge difference when he came on. Anyway I'm talking overall performances. We are NOT easy to play against.
  11. We Must Be So Easy To Play Against..

    So, opening poster, if we are so easy to play against, how come we've only lost 6 of our last 26 league and playoff games? I'd say we are a very difficult side to beat. 7 points out of the last 9 and the whingers are still at it. I'd be pleased if some of you got the train to Manchester every week and leave us with the 20k who get behind the team. Like it or not, it's all about money. And we are a long way behind Wolves, Boro,Hull,Villa,Norwich Sunderland and anyone else with parachute millions.
  12. We Must Be So Easy To Play Against..

    Easy to play against? Not counting penalty shootouts, I think we lost one out the last 9 last season. And we've lost 5 out of 17 league games this season. Yes, six defeats in 26 games, and one of those was our reserves narrow defeat to inform Fulham. You couldn't make it up. We've got threads on us not having a shot on target yesterday. If we'd got the two penalties we should have had, we would have won. Bristol city have only lost 2 all season, I believe, but apart from one close range header, I can't remember Westwood having a proper save to make. Some of you supporters could try actually supporting us for a change. I assume you didnt go? City have one of the best defences in this division.
  13. We were 2nd division champions in 1958-9. We did beat Lincoln 7-0 that season, Grimsby 6-0, Sunderland 6-0, Barnsley 5-0, Rotherham 5-0. So you could say it was a decent season.
  14. A Bristol City view

    Something about a digger at Bradford City FC. And some poor blighter with multiple sclerosis. Can anyone explain the rest please.
  15. A Bristol City view

    You say Lee Johnson lost eight on the trot last season and you didn't sack him? Yes, I seem to be remember we only drew 2-2 at Ashton Gate to help you out. Remarkably, Johnson lost 8 on the trot at Barnsley about three years back and they didn't sack him either. Shortly after, Barnsley won 6 on the trot!