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  1. Or even 1993. He would have been about 6 in 1973.
  2. We might have won the cup in 1973 with Pressman in goal.
  3. And will you change their famous all white kit to an Ipswich kit, like our lunatic did?
  4. Never heard of Riverleno. Rivelino was brilliant though. We obviously don't have practice competitions to see who takes the best free kick. Don't know if we've scored once since FF against Norwich. We didn't use Patterson's long throw ins enough IMO. You can't be offside from a throw in. So if we had speedy forwards, any throw in from inside the opponents half could have set up an attack. But we don't do breakaways. We must have terrible coaching staff.
  5. I got Bury and Macc wrong way round. Macc went bust as a non league club, before anyone corrects me! Not important. But there's clubs worse off than us.
  6. There's still 92 league clubs. Bury were demoted from the league after a points deduction. They were a non league club when they were wound up October 2020. In Bury's case, only one club was relegated from the EFL instead of the normal two. So that's good news. On the cottaging front, it doesn't seem that long since I went to watch Torquay United v Fulham in a League Div 3 game. And Torquay won! In fact, I've just looked it up. Torquay have won their last four matches against Fulham... 1996 to 1999. How things alter.
  7. My idea would be 50 minutes each half, plus 20 minutes half time. So the whole experience is 2 hours. But, as others have said, a boring game is a drag anyway. And if you've watched footy since the 50s like me, you'll know nothing much has changed. Except that running down the clock has become an art. An art that Wednesday aren't very good at. And if matches only lasted 45 minutes, we'd have finished top half last season.
  8. Some minor points. We haven't been in a downward spiral since Wembley. We finished the following season in 4th place, two places higher. We've been in a downward spiral since Carvahal got sacked. But that's what over half of the fans seemed to want at the time. Forestieri is not Italian. He's from Rosario in Argentina. His mother is Italian.
  9. Same here. Maybe it's because we haven't played in the top division for 21 years. I've only seen two Prem games in all that time. Sheff U v West Ham and Hull v Burnley. I've not heard of most of the squad. Seems to be a few with Blades connections though.
  10. 1958-9, my first season. We broke so many records, and not broken them since. Over 100 goals scored. Home record won 18. Drew 2. Lost 1, which was 2-3 to a last minute Bris City winner. Honourable mentions to 59-60, 60-1, 83-4, 84-5, 85-6, 90-1, 91-2, 92-3. The rest has been mainly rubbish. There's a pattern here. Three consecutive seasons on 3 different occasions. And roughly coinciding with a top manager leaving. Catterick, Wilkinson, Atkinson.
  11. Most posters on here don't follow logic unfortunately. We know what the total wages bill is from the accounts. It's far too high in relation to our income. But nobody knows what individual players earn. It's not in the public domain. And who cares if Reach was on a million a week? It's our team of salary negotiators, if we have one, that need to give their heads a wobble. Players and agents will always try to get the best deal they can. It seems the club is an easy touch.
  12. Not much of a fan then? Leeds Man City and Leicester have had worse sides than us this century but they kept supporting their teams.
  13. All the other 91 clubs will be publishing retained lists about now, or when playoffs end. And they've almost all got healthy managers, preparing for next season. Your reason to be cheerful Part 2 might be valid if the guru is any good. We don't know that yet. Should have been done years ago anyway.
  14. Players contracts are a private matter between club, player and his agent. Nobody knows what wage Reach was on. All we know, from the belatedly published accounts, is that we have overpaid total salaries, compared to other similar sized clubs. So exactly who disclosed this confidential information to you? Somebody down the pub?
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