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  1. Anyone who knows anything about football will know that West From are one of the traditionally big clubs in football. I'm old enough to remember them winning the cup for the 5th time. I was also stood with their fans at the 1967 league cup final, the first at Wembley. They also played in the LCF the year before. Maybe you should stick to chutney smuggling.
  2. Someone suggested put home fans in West stand and visitors in South. Might be a decent idea. Visitors in the Leppings Lane half of the South stand and make them exit over bridge. Our fans to exit via Leppings Lane and Penistone Road. Barriers up to stop our fans going over the bridge. The advantage is we could continue to charge high prices for South so away fans help to pay for policing, stewarding. Chansiri could lower prices for West stand and Kop so our poorer fans can afford POTG. Would improve atmosphere for TV. Our problem is we have 23,000 fans and almost 40,000 seats. But we need that capacity if we eventually get back to the top division, which historically is where we feel we belong. Whats the point moving? We could build an atmospheric 28,000 seater which would look good in the 2nd tier but nowhere big enough in the top tier. Of course we could be stuck in the 2nd tier for the next 20 years...... nobody knows. But if the likes of Hull Bradord, Boro, United and Huddersfield can manage the top division(they've all done it after 2000) I suspect our time will eventually come.
  3. Eh? Napoli shirts have never been anything like ours! More like Man City light blue shirts. I think you're making this up.
  4. There's no such club as Hinckley Town. Do some research yourself. Post a link about Hirst playing for a Hinckley team.
  5. Reach is probably our most influential player. One of the few we have who wouldn't look out of place in the Prem. Amazes me that people criticize him. But then, Fox Dawson Palmer and Nuhiu get even worse treatment. We even had a manager who took us to 4th place and was called a Clueless clown. Some of the kids on here should have lived through the 70s. We currently have a team in 3rd place who aren't even playing as well as they can. That's a good sign. We're only one point off Leeds who apparently are world beaters so I can't see why so many are moaning. Stokes team is packed with big names. They'll finish too half.
  6. I can pizz a bit more on your chips. Its Geoff Salmon's, not Jeff. :-)
  7. Maybe it does lie. I believe Stoke have played 11 of the current top 12.
  8. Surely we already have a good selection of scapegoats in the team. Dawson Fox and Palmer all played tonight and I finished with a very sore throat, booing all three at every touch. And when they didn't get a touch, I shouted 'slow fookers' at the top of my voice. I nearly wet myself when big lump Nuhiu came on. I think it worked, as fans round me kept looking at me as if impressed. And we won, so the players must have responded well to our lack of encouragement. I personally can't stand happy clappers. Let's all be miserable on Saturday and show those L##ds fans how to do it. I see we've gone third in the league. A bit unfortunate. Reminds me of Clueless Carlos's disastrous time here. A good relegation scrap is always more pleasing than that ridiculous passing stuff they sometimes attempt.
  9. With no match last Saturday, I went to watch Salford v Cambridge Utd. Best stand was £10 adults/ £5 concessions. Cheapest I've paid for at least 15 years. Still only 3,000 turned up, in a conurbation of 2 and a half million. £40 behind the goal for 2nd tier is a ripoff though. Maybe we should do the above 3 game special. That way, regular home fans get cheap football.
  10. Bobby Craig of Third Lanark played in a Sheffield v Glasgow inter city game at Hillsboro in late 1959. I was there. 1-1 draw. He must have impressed Catterick that night. Third Lanark, as previously explained was short fror 3rd Lanarkshire Rifles. They went bust 1964-5.
  11. 28 Nov 1959. WHU came to Hillsboro as league leaders. Sportsnight(Sportsview?) had done a midweek special programme on them, bigging them up being a wonderful London club. Don't think we got a mention. We were 3-0 up in 20 mins, 4-0 after 20 I think. Ended 7-0 to us and we played the last 20 mins or so with ten men as Tony Kay went off on a stretcher. No subs in those days. I just remember a bloke next to me on the Kop muttering under his breath now and then. 'Cam orn you 'Ammas'. I'd never heard a cockney accent before so I thought he had something wrong with him.
  12. I was there. On the Longside terrace, along the pitch. Was one of our best ever wins away. They were reigning league champions. Bit of a wet miserable day though. Think that was the first time I heard the song 'Poetry in Motion' sang about Keith Ellis. Shame we lost 2-0 there in the FA cup quater finals a month or so later.
  13. So clueless that with a crippling injury list, he took us to our best two seasons in twenty years. Give your head a shake.
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