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  1. You say Jos picked up 1.27 points per game and later write he went on to pick up 1.4 points per game. How? Rubbish in = rubbish out.
  2. I've been going since 1958 so I've had to stand/sit through 16 of those 17 years. Amazes me that we still get 20-25k mugs each game. It really has been dire at times. Just 15 years I think in the top division out of the last 50.
  3. Maybe you didn't see the Luton game? Luton were first to nearly every ball, and Wickham doesn't look like the Wickham of 6 years back. And any manager who can take Swansea into the prem and keep them there must have some managerial skills. It's not all Monks fault. Ok he was player captain when they got promoted but it's still an achievement.
  4. Nice chart but you've missed out 2015-16 which was Carlos's first season.
  5. No, he didn't. He had just two and a half seasons here. Think he left on Xmas eve 2017, like Dooley years before. Both his full seasons took us into playoffs. How can you say that was failure? For a club like Sheff Wednesday with no spending money (we have, but the daft EFL rules won't let us spend it), that is success. He got us to Wembley on a shoestring. The Hull players were nearly all on Prem wages as they still had parachute payments. It's nothing to do with crowd sizes any more. Bournemouth are loaded. We aren't. Have you watched us at home this season? It's dire.
  6. Wednesday we're always a good 2nd half team under CC, so I don't get why some think the players were unfit. His late substitutions often turned games for us. Watching us at Luton last night was like watching a cup game between a decent LGE one side (which Luton will probably be next season) and a poor LGE one side(us). No system, no fight, no strength. Luton first to every loose ball. At least under Carlos, we passed the ball about and played confidently. As others have said, he didn't negotiate transfer fees or decide wages. Our financial situation isn't his fault. I wouldn't want him back though because it rarely works out.
  7. Did nobody see the tackle on FF just before the break? Near the touchline. Nearly broke him in half. Could have been a red with another ref. I'm not surprised if he didn't come out for 2nd half.
  8. Chelsea fans were hard in those days. Look at the old guy with the pullover at the top. Veteran of WW One, I'd say. 'Carm orn, mayties'. But what's our very own Peter Shirtliffe doing there?(middle right with white tee shirt under denim top).
  9. Don't think so. We lost to a blatantly offside goal. I remember the TV interview after, where the Chelsea player said ' The linesman done alright for us there'. Summed it up. Oddly, I'm sure they lost to bottom club Sunderland in the semi final.
  10. You hoped the playoff final squad would be broken up? Seriously?
  11. Fox has always had a good cross in him, even when he was getting barracked.
  12. So Monk is unbeaten in his 5 league matches against Wigan. (W2 D4). Interesting mathematical concept there.
  13. There was a scene in Men Behaving Badly, where Martin Clunes arrives home late and complains he got stuck on the tube in a carriage full of Sheffield Wednesday supporters.
  14. I have the Yore publications book called 'The Official History of Chesterfield fc' by Stuart Basson. He states the earliest evidence he can find is Oct 19th 1867. A month after we were formed. I imagine there were older clubs but I think we are talking about current league clubs.
  15. Obviously that 1866 badge is wrong. Incidentally Chesterfield claim to be older than us, but their official club historian can find no written evidence to back their claim.
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