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  1. Ross Wallace

    Is Ross the latest whipping boy? Hope he signs for another season. Decent player.
  2. Steve Bruce and Swarbrick

    You clearly weren't at the game. I've never seen a match where the home team wins just one free kick in the whole game. Ref might as well have been Steve Bruce. I think he would have been fairer.
  3. Swansea Fans Views

    Its nothing to do with selling out. Nearly all Prem teams sell out every game anyway. It's all to do with being an International brand like Man U, Liverpool, Spurs, Arsenal, Chelsea. Failing that you need an owner with mega money like Man City and most of the other clubs. Or you just get lucky, with a good manager and then spend wisely, like Burnley and Huddersfield. I'm afraid our 24,000 fans count for little- same as Blades, Leeds, Forest etc. We could be stuck in the Championship for years.
  4. Yes he did. He also said Carvahal would be pleased with our start. (2-0 down in 2 minutes so no idea what he's on about!!).
  5. Yes, a commentator who only knows one Owls player- Hirst. Would be nice if we streamed games though.
  6. Carlos Carvahal will be delighted with the start his team have made?????? Apart from being 2-0 down in two minutes and managing another team....
  7. One thing in common...

    Don't think Jim was. Tommy Craig was when we bought him 2 years after the mcCaliog photo.
  8. That's what you said to me on another thread. If you don't agree with someone, you should engage yourself in the cut and thrust of reasoned debate and not use clichés which don't mean anything.
  9. Load of rubbish. We weren't unfit under Carlos. The last two and a half years, we regularly won games in the second half. Our problem was it often took us 30 minutes to get going. In any case, Carlos left in December last year. Two months ago. Lee Bullen, Jos and the fitness coaches have had plenty of time to improve fitness, if that was ever an issue. This is just another Carlos bashing thread. Let's move on.
  10. One highlight of the night...

    Yes. Burnley 7-0. I think Burnley lad jack Witham made his debut and scored twice. Could have been our new hero but we sold him to Liverpool. Think injuries curtailed his fame. Yes, we were posh. Hooks. Bet Rotherham used nails.
  11. Wasn't our 2000 FAC quarter final against Wimbledon live on terrestrial? Might have been 1999.. I was at the game but I think it was on TV.
  12. Are you saying he gets paid £1.7 million a year? If so that's roughly £32,000 a week. Ring any bells? Think I can name others on the same salary who aren't doing any hours a week work at the moment.
  13. 1994 we played man utd home and away in league cup semi. Both live on TV. Might have been ITV for all I can remember. We took 10k to old Trafford and lost a close game 1-0. We got mullered 4-1 second leg.
  14. The pitch

    Looked nearly perfect compared to what it was like 3 years ago.
  15. Match photos from todays game

    Very sporting of Carlos to hug all our players as well as his own at the end. Top guy. Deserved the ovation he got from the South stand as he went off.