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  1. What annoyed me about Monk was that he was very experienced at Championship level, having managed Brum Boro, Leeds, yet he failed to fetch in the keeper and two strikers we desperately needed. We knew Fletcher, Forestieri and the others would be going and that Dawson wasn't up to standard. Luckily Wildsmith looks ok so far, and we have a manager who has contacts in the game and clearly knows what's needed. I didn't want Pullis to come, but he's winning me over. Defence looks very solid. Preston Swansea and Stoke only had about 5 shots on target over the 3 matches. And that's with
  2. I thought he did well. Gave 100%. Crossing poor, but when did he ever have a good cross anyway? Plus, there's rarely anyone to cross to!
  3. So I don't know what a decent footballer looks like? Ok, explain why a club like Stoke City with mega bucks parachute payments would sign him and then play him regularly. And don't use names like Megan Fox or pissypussy unless you want people to think you're a ten year old name caller. Oh, wait......
  4. I bet he's enjoying his time at the club, as he says. I would be. Has he played a league game? And how's Dunkley, anybody? Have the club provided him with a wheelchair or mobility scooter?
  5. I take it you didn't go to many matches last season? Who's your latest booboy now he's gone? If given the chance, Fox will show how to cross an accurate ball without trying to beat and rebeat his man like Harris does.
  6. Yes, I remember sparkling tales of that great comeback, ending 4-4. It inspired me to go the following season. We lost 4-0 or 4-1 and I was stood behind the goal where John Ritchie (later our record signing) reeled away after getting his hattrick.
  7. I thought we played the usual 11-0-0 formation in the last minute.
  8. Sheffield is in tier 3, is it not? No fans whatsoever allowed. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55073284
  9. 'Allan' I think means exit or out in Welsh. The out is just the English half of the sign. (I think).
  10. Another way of looking at it, is that we started the season six points from safety(after adjusting the penalty) and we are now five points from safety after 13 games, which is nearly a third of the season. So we've gained ONE miserable point on Forest Rotherham and Coventry. At the current rate we won't stop up. The positive is that Pullis and his assistants can't be worse than Monk. Had Monk gone in the summer, we would be financially better off, and the new boss may have realised we needed a goalie and two goalscorers. Other interesting stats Sky mentioned las
  11. But we did fold in the last ten minutes. They scored what looked like a perfectly good last kick goal. That would have been typical Wednesday. Maybe our lucks changing.
  12. I can give first names without look them up. Ron, Tom, Dave, Ralph, Norman Alan, Albert, Roy, Don, Redfern, Albert. Seven of them played in the first match I ever saw. Six for us, and Broadbent was with the opposites (Rotherham). I'd like to name the ground, as I used to go to loads of away games but I'm stumped. Might be Wolves or Liverpool.
  13. My Sky dish packed in and I couldn't find the fault, so I took it down in the first lockdown. Ordered a Now TV box for TV in front room. Special offer free, just £5 pp. Perfect picture. Can also watch on PC in back room. And on my tablet and smart phone if I'm away or holidaying. Now TV did a 'football season offer' of £20 month. Cancel anytime just by pressing 'cancel pass' button. Works out at under £5 a week. Also got freeview and ive no interest in the American cráp they serve up on the other Sky channels. Used to cost me nearly £100 game for me and wife to
  14. Weeds v Arsenal impressed me. Arsenal showed how to play with ten men. There was a stat flashed up that showed they've played 90 games in the Prem with players sent off. Incredibly they've won more than they've lost, out of those matches.
  15. But bothered enough to read the thread title, open it up, and type out a post? They're doing badly by the way, presuming you don't know.
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