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  1. Interesting view but factually very incorrect. 1. If you've ever had the misfortune to sit or stand in the old wooden North stand, you'd know why it had to go. It was a deathtrap- similar to Bradfords wooden stand which burnt down. 2. I seem to remember the £150k for the cantilever stand was raised from the supporters by way of debentures. The fans were repaid by discounts on season tickets. I could be wrong with exact details- it's a long time ago. The programme for the August 1961 Bolton home game had all the details in it. 3. The West stand was rebuilt for the 1966 World Cup. All clubs upgraded their grounds at the time. We got a grant from Harold Wilsons govt and the plan was to take the cantilever round to that end. But the country got into a financial mess and the grant was cut. So we got the West stand as it is now (although the roof looks uglier now). 4. It didn't c*ck us up for 20 years. It was planned in about 1958 and we were in the top division until 1970.
  2. I once dreamed we beat Man U 1-0 in a Wembley cup final. Doesn't quite give me supernatural powers though, as I headed the winner in the last minute.
  3. ERM.... 6th and 4th in just over two seasons. I hope Gary has a similar loser mentality, personally.
  4. Probably not if he was Italian. He would be Di Flated.
  5. Full list.... https://www.live-footballontv.com/live-football-on-sky-sports.html Actually, it's not updated yet!1
  6. You complain when Sky ignore us. You complain when they don't. What are you lot going to do if we get in the Prem and are on telly every other game???? Just be pleased you don't support Liverpool, Man U or Leeds
  7. I'd want to be in on the birth of 'The Wednesday of Sheffield' or whatever we'd be called. We'd be the best supported non league club in history. Rangers had to play in the Scottish 4th tier but are nearly back to where they were. ditto with Wimbledon and Accrington. Can't see Bradford Park Avenue ever being strong again though. They beat Man City 8-2 in about 1946. I saw them home to Notts County in 1969. They had a better ground than Bradford City then.
  8. Can't remember ever seeing us beat Everton in the cup. However..... Back in 1964-5 we were at Goodison and 2-1 up with a minute to go when they equalised. Big Fred Pickering I think. We lost the replay 3-0 in front of 50 thousand. I've only seen us at Goodison 3 times that I recall. 64-5 as above. 60-1 league when we were 2-1 up at half time and lost 4-2. 96-7 roughly when we were two up in twenty minutes with Mark Bright scoring twice. Ended 2-2. I've also seen us 2-0 up in the 1966 CF and lose. And 0-5 at half time in that infamous fac match. And 0-3 at Hillsborough in a league cup game about 12 years back. Vaguely remember the two Norman Whiteside goals against us. Was that a cup game?
  9. I seem to have been at most of our epic fails. 1966 CF. 2-0 up with half an hour to go and lose. 1970 v Man C at home. They weren't bothered as they had a European final coming up. We were terrible. We lost and went down. 1990 v Forest at home. A point would have kept us up. We were 3-0 down in half an hour I think. 1993 FACF. 120 mins into replay and our keeper lets an easy header through his fingers. And then there's 0-3 at Bury in about 1978, 0-3 at Cambridge in 1977, 0-3 at York in 1975 (the Save our Owls game). 0-5 at half-time home to Norwich (Worthington their manager), 0-5 at half-time to Everton in big cup match. I could go on but it's depressing. Silver lining in the cloud though..... I missed the 1-7 home to Forest, the 0-8 at Boro, the 0-8 at Newcastle, the 2-8 at QPR. Depressing thread. I'm off to slash my wrists now. Cheerio.
  10. You can't get more left wing cities than Liverpool and Glasgow..... and they don't seem to have problems at Parkhead Ibrox Goodison and Anfield.
  11. Mine's..... people who stand up so you can't see and spend all their time crooning away instead of watching the game.
  12. Uruguay played some brilliant footy in the first half hour. They hit the underside of the bar and should have had a penalty before Germany scored. But they fell apart towards the end. I'd never seen so many flags at a football match. And no bother that I can recall.
  13. First of all I forgot how to take a screenshot and then I couldn't get the 2nd one off. But you get the picture....literally. Miles from town though.
  14. Under Lee Strafford's World Cup plan the megastore was to be knocked down and incorporated into a new facade built up at the back of the stand. If we are staying at Hillsboro, that may still be a future plan. It also, as some have said, would allow exits into the current car park at the back of the North as an alternative to exiting LL.
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