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  1. Hirst broke a finger but still managed to keep a clean sheet and Wednesday won 2-0 against one of their rivals in the battle for top-flight survival. Not too well researched. We finished 3rd in the top division so obviously we survived quite well.
  2. First season he saved us from relegation. Great. Second season we got relegated (unluckily.... but still relegated) and he would have been sacked in today's football. Third season we got promoted and won the Lge cup. Great- but it wouldn't have happened in today's world because he wouldn't have got a third season. Just saying, like. And yes- he is one of my top managers, after 60 odd years of going to Hillsboro.
  3. If the championship isn't difficult, what have we been doing for the last 20 years?
  4. That was tongue in cheek. Pretty obvious after Millwall away last season that he wouldn't last. Do you keep a little book of quotes?
  5. Are you new to football by any chance?
  6. Presume you mean Bullen and Luhukay? If you're including CC, I can only assume you werent supporting us in 2015-16 and 2016-17. It remains to be seen whether Bruce can give us two top six finishes, in the next two seasons.
  7. Forestieri scored one early season. Home to Hull I think. We once went nearly 2 years without one. 1964 to 1966. And we had a decent attacking side then.
  8. What Lge cup clash v Hartlepool.? They aren't a league club any more, so don't qualify to play.
  9. Before the game, I saw Nuhiu trying it from just outside the penalty area. He hit the crossbar with THREE consecutive shots. Did anyone else see that? And no- I don't think he was trying to score!
  10. How come we already have 3 pages on Sheff Utd being obsessed with us. Can nobody see the irony?
  11. You're right. Beating us isn't a big deal at all. Even Burton regularly do it. In fact, we've got that many bogey teams I'm starting to think we aren't all that good. Surely some kind of mistake.
  12. We did better there than Everton did in the cup.
  13. Thought you Welshies sung everywhere. In the valleys, in the coalmines, in the bath, down the pie shop. Least ways they do in the old black and white films I watch on satellite TV. And are they still all called Davies Jones Williams and Morgan?
  14. So you were looking at Steve Bruce every time Fox was involved? So how do you know if Fox played well or not? I reckon Fox would be 25% better if the crowd gave him some support.
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