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Community Answers

  1. Would be a nice story if it was true. But it's not. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Sheffield_Wednesday_F.C._managers
  2. Start with the eleven who ended the Cambridge game. The subs changed the game.
  3. They both affected the game. Bannan was arguably our best player yet again. Moore made 3 perfect substitutions. Patterson was giving 100% as usual but was ineffective. Wing was having a very poor game. Shodipo for Hunt gave us a better attacking option. Yes, we were rubbish in the first half hour but we finished with 19 shots according to the ifollow stats and Cambridge were hanging on for the last 20 minutes. Most un Wednesday like.
  4. He kept going on about how badly we played. Well, first 30 minutes we were dreadful. Thought we were arguably the best footballing side after that. We certainly had more shots than the home side. 19 according to the stats on Ifollow.
  5. Someone posted that we'd lost the last 24 when the opposites scored first. So HALLELULAH. We only gone and done it.
  6. Obviously stating that there were 2 balls on the pitch when Bannan took the corner. Should have been retaken. Ref and linesman appear to have eyesight problems.
  7. Yes, 4-0 at Forest in 2019-20 season. Four up in half hour and me thinking we were going to give them their biggest home beating in history. Their 7-1 win at Hillsborough being our biggest home loss. Alas we took our foot off the gas. It's the Wednesday Way.
  8. Would be amazing stats if it wasn't for the fact we all more or less knew it anyway. Either the team is mentally weak or they are unfit. The team has changed so much in 2 and a quarter years that I'm not sure it's a mental problem. I suspect they either under train and are knackered at the end. Or they overtrain and are knackered from the beginning. Whatever the reason, it cost us our championship place last season and will almost certainly cost us promotion this season.
  9. What's he supposed to say? 'We're a bunch of spineless losers'?
  10. Shame he's 33 because he looks like a find from our point of view. Natural striker. Could easily have had a hat trick today.
  11. Up to individual supporters wether they smile or not. Not your business. Why don't you go support another team.
  12. How exactly are the happy clappers supposed to show some spine? Boo the team? Boycott games? It's the team that need to show spine, not the fans wether they clap or not.
  13. Being London based, Wimbledon are more likely to attract influential owners, sponsors etc than us. Attendances mean little nowadays. So I'd go Don's before us. Doubt whether either would manage it in the next 20 years though.
  14. I was at that 4-3 win. Can't remember much to be honest. Terrible little stadium. Wooden stands. The new ground looks impressive from the pictures I've seen. These little clubs like Wimbledon, Brentford etc seem to have dragged themselves into the new century, whilst we go backwards. We need to eat more tuna.
  15. Carlos didn't have a last season in charge. He went on Xmas Eve, same as Derek Dooley years before. Had he had a full season, and been able to choose his own incoming players instead of picking from a shortlist, I don't think we'd be in the 3rd tier now. Moore has to have time. A month ago he was everyone's favourite.
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