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  1. Load of tripe. Don't think either set of fans care about the early years. Back in the 50s when fans weren't as silly as they are now, I used to watch us one week and United (or our reserves) the following week. There wasn't any hatred that I can recall. Football is a sport, not a war.
  2. We were away at West Ham last game 1995-6 so maybe you dreamt it. Previous game was the 5-2 Everton home defeat. No streakers that day.
  3. Carlos WAS focused and professional. Always has been. Can't say that about some of his players though. Some of you are reading too much into his interview. Wallace was a dressing room joker. Remember the note he pinched at Huddersfield. He's going to sit there telling funny stories. It's in his nature. But Carlos put some shades on! I didn't get the joke. It was like listening to Rab C Nesbitt at times. So if the dressing room was bad when we finished 6th and 4th in the league, how come no other manager can get us in the top half of the league when they've had basically the same players.
  4. Mmm. Maybe some fat local bloke who played 478 games for us in all competitions. Easy to forget him.
  5. The season will be played out with a delayed finish. Next season will just start later. That's what I imagine will happen. Players will leave at the date their contracts end. Unless the club's offer them a short term contract to carry on a bit longer.
  6. Not so. He's only had 4 manager jobs before us. He walked out on Leeds. Boro brum and swans sacked him. That's 3 , not 6.
  7. Anyone who can get notts county, shef u, qpr and Cardiff in the top division must be a decent manager. Too late now.
  8. Pull yourself together man. At least Hillsboro didn't get flooded last month.
  9. Are the white water rapids known as Sh*t creek by any chance?
  10. Just hope your feeling was for a 3-2 win, after being two down early doors.
  11. We lasted 9 minutes. Anyone still want to watch?
  12. Will no one rid us of this turbulent monk. Can only assume he picks them on training performances, not how they play in front of an actual crowd.
  13. So are throw-ins banned for this match? The virus apparently can live outside the body for a few hours.
  14. Don't think you can compare Derby's last 20 years with ours. They lost 2-1 to Villa in the Wembley playoff final last season and almost invariably are in the top 8. We've had two good seasons with Carlos in charge. The other 18 of the last 20 seasons have been dreadful. Don't think you can slate our fans. I gave it a miss, and I must have been to almost 2,000 matches since 1958 when I first went. Our home form puts people off. They'd pay the high prices if we were more exciting.
  15. Last time Rangers or Celtic failed to win the league was 1984-5 when Aberdeen won it. Under Alex Ferguson I believe. Got to admit I'd sooner watch a full blooded Hibs v Hearts Edinburgh derby than a tippy tappy Arsenal v Chelsea match. But maybe I've just got used to watching us. Anyway back to Owls v Man C.........
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