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  1. Lincs Owl

    Big Atdhe haters

    Sadly true. Loads of our fans didn't rate Carlton Palmer, Lee Chapman, Nigel Worthington, Keith Ellis, John Hickton because they looked clumsy. It's like judging a book by it's cover.
  2. Lincs Owl

    Colin Dobson

    Yes, that's Colin. Not changed a great deal.
  3. Yes. In a 4-0 Wolves win at Hillsborough. He was fired up that day.
  4. Lincs Owl

    JUST GOOGLED 'ABDI' and...

    JUST GOOGLED 'ABDI' and... .... it came up with 'Lesser spotted Owl'. Boom Boom.
  5. Not at all. Goal areas were not straight lines like today, in those days. And the penalty area didn't have the semi-circular arc of today.
  6. Lincs Owl

    What if it’s a 1 Stripe!?

    I think that looks good. You can't please all the folk all the time. I'd simply skew my specs to give me double vision. Then it would look near perfect. Black shorts are a must though.
  7. Just looked it up. Owls with feathery tufts on head like ours are generally Buho. Non feathery tufts on head are generally Lechuzas. Learnt something new.
  8. Inglesa. Female ending to match Copa. Male ending would be Ingles. Never Inglese.
  9. The Spanish don't have a single word for 'Owl'. You need to know what type of Owl we are supposed to be. Anyone know?
  10. Lincs Owl


    The white sleeves were good in my opinion but we didn't use them for the full season. Yes- it was very cold in Sheffield the week before the home game. I was hoping there would still be snow on the pitch for the game but it had melted. I had it in my mind that their players would never have seen snow before. I didn't realize that Barcelona is very close to the mountain snow resorts of the Pyrenees. All I remember of the game is a crunching tackle by Benitez on Alan Finney which should have been a straight red. The headline reads 'The snow and the cold helped Sheffield but they didn't decide the tie'. Magnifying it, it says they gave us a good football lesson in the first 45 minutes. I don't recall that! Cheeky sods. If you put the printed pages online, I can translate for you. It's in Castilian Spanish. Franco banned Catalan. The photo from the 2nd Barca magazine is from the Nou Camp game of course. You can see the balcony wall of the 2nd tier.
  11. Harewood not hardwood. Predictive toast is annoying.
  12. So to recap. Mellor got away hat tricks at Hartlepool and mk dons. Steve MacLean did it at Belle Vue. Marlon Hardwood in the 4-1 friendly win at Kilmarnock. And our player Rhodes got 4 at Hillsborough in a 4-4 draw. And if our penalty against Norwich had come earlier in the game, Jaoa or FF would probably have taken it. So, atdhe probably wouldn't have got his hattrick.
  13. Lincs Owl

    ffs Wednesday

    Why? What happened 89-90 with Man C? We beat them 2-0 at Hillsbrough. Do you mean 69-70 when we lost at home on a windy wet night in front of about 47,000 to lose our place in the top divine? That really was a miserable night. It was forest put us down in 89-90.
  14. Think I can Hardy Johnson McLaren Hill Griffin Young O'Donnell D.Wilkinson Swan R.Springett T.McAnearney K.Ellis Layne Finney Holiday Kay Dobson Fantham Megson. I know Hardy Wilkinson Springett Fantham McAnearney have died.
  15. CC got us in the playoffs two seasons on the trot and the smart Alec's on here say he should have gone after the Huddersfield play off games. And he spent very little in the first season. So if losing on penalties in the playoffs is failure, Jos has, sadly, got no chance.