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  1. Nope. No such country as America. Mexico Canada Brazil Argentina and loads of other countries are in North or South America. Its not the sole preserve of the USA.
  2. George Robledo in 1952 was first American to play in a FA Cup Final. For Newcastle. Chilean. America is a continent, not a country.
  3. Stan Mathews of Blackpool and Pele twice although neither did a great deal in the games I saw. Best Law and Charlton were unstoppable in the first half of the 5-4 win in 1968.
  4. I got home from London about 4am Sunday morning and managed to get to Town Hall even though I was living in Scunthorpe at the time. Was a bit bleary eyed. Never 200,000 there, although I think Leeds reserves got more that time they won the Central League. It was packed outside the Town Hall, that's all I remember.
  5. When we went 2-0 up, the bloke next to me asked his mate what time the victory parade was next day. They pulled one back just as his mate was replying. Somehow I just knew we weren't going to do it. It's the Wednesday way, as they say. Just one of a load of memories from that day. I went to all the cup games that season except Newcastle away.
  6. Not true. Preston did it in 1889!!!! It wasn't played over 42 league games though.
  7. In 1960 we might have won the FA cup but for a couple of highly dubious offside decisions in the semi-final against Blackburn. So, yes, it's statistically proven that years ending in '0' are what makes our history. And we have our best spell every 30 years. Early noughties, early 30's, early 60's, early 90's. Early 20's will be worth waiting for then.
  8. Next season we will be starting our twentieth year in the second tier, or lower, so it's fair to say that as far as Sheff Wednesday are concerned, the Championship has never been an easy league and I don't see why it would be any easier next season. In fact, with increased the parachute payments such as Huddersfield will have, it will be a lot harder. How big a stadium you have and how many cups you won before WW11 is completely irrelevant nowadays.
  9. That orange shirt always reminds me of a Grimsby v Owls (prem lge side then) league cup game in about 1997. We were losing 2-0 and playing shocking when the Wednesday fans started singing 'it's just like watching Blackpool'.
  10. With all the dosh they get paid, they can all go abroad in their own time in my opinion. We should play preseason at places like Wigan and Preston. Its more relevant to what we are trying to achieve. We never start well so the usual preseason format doesn't work
  11. So he is in charge of salaries? I assume he's got degrees in Economics and Accountancy if he's going to steer us out of shallow FFP water. Then again, he might be just a coach like just about every one of the over 71 EFL 'managers'.
  12. In the 50s and 60s, I often went to the Lane when we were away. They put our score up every 15 minutes on the cricket pavilion scoreboard. I'd cheer if we were winning. Football fans weren't so stupid in those days and you wouldn't get your head kicked in. Started getting a bit dicey in the late 60s though. In those days it was hard to find scores out. I must have spent many hours hanging round paper shops for the Green Un to come out. I wouldn't think the Green Un existed in 1907. I have the Times newspapers for the Mondays after our 1890 1896 1907 and 1935 Final appearances. None give a comprehensive report. No photos or anything.
  13. Barnsley 2-1. Donny 2-2. Rotherham 1-0. We might get a South Yorks derby or two after all next season. Or maybe none.
  14. I bet we wouldn't. Villa have had a star studded team for the last 3 seasons and they're still in the championship.
  15. Where do people get the wage figures from? Salaries are confidential. The accounts don't itemise wages.
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