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  1. Many a true word said in jest. Seems it's a historic non industrial city which was bombed for no obvious reason, with large loss of life. In retaliation, the Luftwaffe bombed Canterbury, York and other historic British cities. But back to the more peaceful pastime of boozing......
  2. We could all be on here asking where the best pubs are near Salford City in a couple of years and wondering where it all went wrong. As someone who's seen us runners up in the league, and seen us beat Barcelona in Europe, I've got used to seeing nightmares come true. Just hoping Chansiri takes his time and gets the right man. We're at a crossroads again.
  3. I already make my own kit. 1. Acquire old Owls shirt that son is chucking out. 2. Carefully cut badge off, or unpick stitches. 3. Buy blue and white plain polo shirt from a Primark sale, or similar. 4. Get wife to sew badge on new top. £££s saved. Doesn't help clubs finances but it certainly helps mine.
  4. Yes it made me sick too. Might be OK with jeans though, or if holidaying in Plymouth. Why not green and white stripes? From a distance it would look like our normal colours, without clashing with Millwall, Cardiff etc.
  5. Only went for £22. We aren't famous anymore. I've got loads of old Wednesday programmes worth more than that individually. Still, we got on national TV for once.
  6. Signed Owls photos. On now. Mel Sterland wrongly identified as Sheridan.
  7. John Hickton. Centre half converted to CF in the 60s. Scored a massive 181 goals and became a legend. Unfortunately the vast majority were for Boro. This the Wednesday way.
  8. Been in Lincoln city booking office today, and they told me they've given TWO stands over to Wednesday, totalling 4,000 tickets. Not on official site yet as far as I can see. But that's a definite. Should be a cracking atmosphere. The main stand (the one which doesnt go full length) is now for us.
  9. If we ever need the North stand demolishing on the cheap, I'm sure we'll call them in.
  10. Only 21,103 at that 7-0 game in 1966-7 , so I don't think so.
  11. He went out with my sister a couple of times when he was in Wednesday's youth side. I'd never heard of him then, but I followed his career of course. His dad was in the army in Germany. So German born.
  12. Loads of negative comments about Francis on here. And Carvahal. Reading this forum, I've learned they were our worst two managers in our history. Our fans love a terrible manager. No-one ever complains about Ashurst, Williams, Wilson, Burtenshaw, Jewell, Irvine, Turner, Shreeves, Eustace. Ah, for the good old days. Getting twonked by Darlington, Cambridge and York City. (Yes, I am being sarcastic).
  13. Matthews never played at Hillsborough during his second spell for Stoke. He played in 60-61 for Blackpool when we won 4-0. I do remember him dribbling round Kay and Megson though, in that game. Yes Norman Curtis was the hard man.
  14. He was also disrespectful to us in his autobiography. Said he moved to whu because it was impossible to win anything at a club like Sheffield Wednesday. Superb player though.
  15. Rubbish. Its the strongest championship for years. Every year, more foreign talent goes to the ever richer Prem which means many decent British players drop to the championship. Yet every year some wednesdayite will say its weak. How come we've never looked like getting out of it?
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