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Community Answers

  1. Why would Soviet uniforms be inappropriate? You do know they virtually won WW2 on their own, don't you, regardless of what Hollywood films might suggest.
  2. You're maybe thinking of Epping Forest. Forest Green play at the top of a very big hill in a village just outside Stroud, Gloucs. Tidy stadium but tiny. If that map is accurate it seems Owls v Barnsley is the closest derby. Followed by Burton v Derby.
  3. Goal size is 8' high and 24' wide. Simple solution is make it 8 X 25 feet. In other words, shots which currently hit the post would go in. That would equate to approximately one extra goal a game on average. I'd leave the height alone. Small kids who dream of being keepers should still be allowed to dream. Ron Springett was told by his local team Fulham, that he was too small.
  4. Jack Charlton picked Bob Bolder over Chris Turner. I thought it was a mistake at the time but Jack knew his players better than me. Anyway, Bob went to Liverpool and Chris went to Sunderland and Man U so they both had decent careers. Ron Springett had long since gone as you know.
  5. I wanted Cook. If we'd got him 18 months ago we might well have stayed up. We'll never know. However we got Darren Moore and we play attractive football at times so I'm hoping Darren gets at least another season.
  6. Ralph O 'Donnell played that day. Peter Swan having broken his shoulder in the boxing day coach crash on the A1. Looks like his hairstyle.
  7. The Fulham player looks like Pat O'Connell. If so it must have been our 6-1 win there in 1960-1.
  8. Sunderland finished below us in the league,so that's maybe not the best example. And they aren't up yet.
  9. They did. Said he won promotion with us,a little over a decade ago.
  10. Prutton, Hinchcliffe, Clinton Morrison. Thought a Wednesdayite must have chosen the lineup. Did they mention the crowd, stadium and Sunderland's past history? Of course. They would. Same as they will for us at Hillsborough.
  11. On the opening stats, Sunderland lost a match. So what's this long unbeaten run? Are our stats wrongly attributed to them?
  12. Nowhere near. 1958-9 first half season P21 W15 D3 L3 For 62(Yes,62!!) A 24. Points 48 if 3 given for a win or for comparison first 23 games.... P23 W16 D3 L4 F69 A28 Points 51. That's my first Hillsborough season. I was daft enough to think t'would be forever like that.
  13. Best return SINCE 2015-16 season. Carlos was in charge 2015-16. We got to playoff final.
  14. It's even worse than that. On national TV (ITV,BBC) we've been shown live in FAC four times in the last 5 years. 0-2 at Swansea 0-3 at Chelsea 0-1 home to Man C 0-0 home to Plymouth. Not a goal to show and hardly a shot in the four games together.
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