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  1. Dundee Utd. Dundee is a totally different club.
  2. We could make a start. Wreck the North stand, and rough up that charity worker with a green wig. And sing obnoxious songs about the Pope. Football wise....nah.
  3. We haven't won any league in any division since 1959. I must be one of the few left alive to see us lift a trophy in the South stand at Hillsborough.
  4. Maybe they could try passing the ball forward, and a bit faster. And shoot on sight. Deflections and keeper errors do happen. Not a single shot on target yesterday..... Again.
  5. Amazing that almost 7 years on, we would have played four of those eleven at Reading had Westwood been fit. Gray was a record breaker alright. 0-0 at halftime v Man C in lge cup. 0-7 at end. We've never conceded 7 in one half as far as I know. We'll never know how he would have fared with some money. Doesn't seem like the coach buys the players at our club. Carlos obviously didn't, as he rarely played new signings.
  6. We haven't scored 3 all season. And if we did, the opposites would score 4.
  7. Caught the end. Just talking about Man U. Heard him say 'opponents' instead of opposites. He did learn some more English then. Did he say 'Ecky Thump. Them Wendies are cráp' when he came on? Anyway let's look to the future, if we have one, that is.
  8. Rose tinted specs. We got relegated in 1989-90, scoring a miserable 35 goals, less than one a game. I did nowt but complain. 1993-4 was decent. Good football under Francis. Finished 7th, and got to League cup semi final, taking 10,000 to Old Trafford. Yes 90-1 to 93-4 was good. Apart from two seasons under Carlos, it's been pretty much rubbish since.
  9. Nice story but we didn't have any embarrassment of riches. We paid next to nothing in transfer fees, but apparently were dishing out ridiculous wages, which ultimately crippled us. Maybe it was the only way to get players to Sheffield. Anyway congrats to Carlos for steering little Sporting Braga into the Portuguese Cup Final, beating mighty Porto last night.
  10. I don't understand the criticism of Paterson. He was a full back at Hearts. At Cardiff he was a midfielder and emergency striker. He was the only bloke last night to fetch a fantastic stop from their keeper. And at least he got some shots in. One was a whisker the wrong side of the post. He's not gifted with glowing skills like Izzie Brown but he always gives 100%. I know which of the two I would prefer up front in League one. If we had kept Nuhiu we wouldn't even need Callum up top.
  11. 2nd worse keeper I've seen this season. Dawson was the worst.
  12. Out of those, only Highbury still exists for league football. I'm not sure Fleetwood is ready for WC football, although there's loads of hotels a tram ride away, in Blackpool.
  13. Billy Griffin used to score loads of goals for the reserves. We won the Central League in 1960-61. I was surprised we let him go cheaply to Bury. £8000 apparently.
  14. Looks like a very young Albert Quixall but that would date the photo to 1956-58 or so.
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