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  1. Hope you get an atlas for Xmas. Edit. Apologies. Just remembered they are playing at Donny until they get their artificial pitch sorted.
  2. Two reasons. Stops a low corner going in. Also makes it harder to take a short corner. He's small and not brilliant at heading so its as good as anywhere for him to be.
  3. Admittedly, Dean has a few problems nowadays, but they say Josh's grandad is still up for it.
  4. 1) What was the first Wednesday match you can remember ever going to? Oct 1958 v Huddersfield reserves followed by Rotherham in 2nd div the following week. I'd enjoyed my first game but wondered why there weren't many there. The concept of a Central League game was beyond this little kid. 2) Who was your Wednesday hero growing up? Froggatt Fantham and Ron Springett. 3) Who's the greatest ever Wednesday player? All before my time I think. Crawshaw, Wilson, Blenkinsop, Dooley? 4) What's the best match you've ever been to? Owls 5 Man Utd(European champions)4 in 1968. We were 4-2 down at half-time, and been taken apart. 5) What's the best away day you've ever had? Beating Man U at Wembley 1991, followed by 1993 SF v Sheff Utd and Millenium stadium game. 6) What's the best football ground you've ever been to? The new Wembley followed by Millenium. In my younger days, Highbury and Goodison had the best atmospheres. 7) What's the best goal you have ever seen at a Wednesday match? Dunno, but we seemed to score 30 yarders every month when Carlos was boss. 8 ) What's the best ever Sheffield Wednesday atmosphere you've experienced? 1991 at Wembley. At Hillsboro, the Brighton playoff game, and Wycombe. 9) Who's been the best ever Wednesday defender? In my time, Don Megson and Mick Lyons. Maybe not technically the best, but great leaders. And.... 10) Where's it all gone? I ask myself all the time. So many mistakes. Letting Catterick and Wilkinson go. Brian Clough turning us down. Bobby Robson doing likewise. Not signing Keegan after Scunny had beaten us at Hillsbro in the cup 1970. Not signing Cantona. Not forgiving Di Canio and Carbone when they let us down. Signing the wrong half of the Wright/Bright Palace duo (though Mark did quite well for us). Not selling Hirst for £3m when it would have virtually paid for Alan Shearer. Even sacking Trevor Francis and Carlos turned out to be bad mistakes IMO. Just so many mistakes.......... still making them. 😞
  5. That area is called 'Attercliffe Waterside' and is due for large redeveopment. https://www.rmcmedia.co.uk/vibe/movers-and-makers/article/Plans-to-develop-Attercliffe-Waterside-cause-controversy
  6. Stuart Gray, when he was here, stated he was a coach, not a manager. A good coach too, I would say. He said he just wanted to be on the training field with his tracksuit on. Not sat in an office sorting out scouts reports or trying to buy and sell players. I think Carlos was in a similar mould. A good motivator who knew his players strengths. And we sacked them both.
  7. Interesting to see here who gets/got parachute payments. We did well getting to the playoff final in 2016 when you look at how much TEN other clubs were getting, including Hull City £25.9 million. We just aren't operating in a level playing field. Surprised no club has challenged the system and taken the FA to court. Parachute payments are effectively an FA subsidy- and the FA should be looking after the interests of ALL clubs. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Premier_League_parachute_and_solidarity_payments#:~:text=In the 2006-07 season,they incurred in the Premier
  8. Instead of taking the mickey out of small clubs like Barnsley and Rotherham, we should be looking at how they manage to successfully operate within the rules. Something we can't do. Shef Wed aren't very good at producing footballers, but they apparently are good at turning average players and agents into millionaires.
  9. No. The club only posted a £2.58m profit even after selling the ground! https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/latest-owls-news/sheffield-wednesday-accounts-reveal-ps258m-pre-tax-profit-and-ps381m-profit-hillsborough-sale-latest-figures-1753107
  10. EFL states the season ends after the playoff final, not before. Nothing to do with finalized tables.
  11. You spent two years calling for Carlos to go, and calling him a clown. Thought you'd be happy with what's happened since.
  12. Get him out? He's a businesman. Suppose he sells the club and keeps the ground, which he owns separately, and charges us a sky high rent to recoup a few millions of what he's lost so far. Then what do we do? Don't laugh- it happened to Charlton and they had years away from the Valley. Has anyone thought of that?
  13. It's not nonsense though is it? The rules are there for a reason and would have been agreed by EFL clubs at the AGM. If we just got a token punishment of 6 points or under it would encourage other clubs to overspend, and risk bankruptcy, in their attempt to reach the Prem. Sky are advertising Bees v Fulham at the £170 million game. So we've finished up with rich foreign investors like Chansiri, with little knowledge or love of the club they own.
  14. It's worse than you thought. It's over 65,000 excess deaths.
  15. Wigan got their 12 points off this season. Illogical that ours should come off next season, when this season hasn't ended. Still PO Final to go. I can understand why Charlton are angry. We'd be furious if the boot was on the other foot.
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