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  1. Lincs Owl

    10 men for the good of the game?

    I've always thought 10 men was more logical than eleven, especially in the digital age. Clubs would save 10% on the wage bill which could be a life saver for the smaller clubs. (OK, with subs,coaches etc it's maybe under 5%). Pitches could be smaller so valuable land would be saved. Could save millions in a place like London. You'd get more goals so the sport might be more popular outside Europe and Sth America. Stadia could be slightly smaller .... or the same size but with larger capacity. Careers of older players would last longer as they have slightly less ground to cover. Don't see why tactics would be much different. I'd also make the goals 25 feet wide instead of the current 24 feet. So shots which at present hit the post would go in. Football is the world's most popular sport- but it still needs to change and develop to survive.
  2. Lincs Owl

    Half season tickets

    Agreed. My 3 year ST as a senior in North Stand works out at just under £11 a game. Bargain. My son has to pay £30-£40 a game if he wants to come with me. Seems unfair to me. I want to see us with 30,000 every week.
  3. Lincs Owl

    Half season tickets

    I'm 71 and I actually agree with this. I'm much richer than when I was younger and paying mortgage, plus feeding wife and kids. Maybe it's recompense for 60 years of watching (mainly) tosh, including about 30 years risking pneumonia on an uncovered Kop.
  4. What ground is that? Looks like Springfield Park, Wigan but the lower right stand was longer and thinner. Nothing like Olive Grove by the way.
  5. Lincs Owl

    We could learn from Fulham FC

    Earning more than you.
  6. Lincs Owl


    We'd certainly see better football than we're watching now.... but it's not going to happen so let's consign Carlos to history.
  7. I don't agree. Sky hand over huge amounts of money to the Premier League, and a separate huge amount under a separate contract to the EFL. It's the clubs who waste the money, not Sky. These 15 greedy clubs (which probably includes us), don't give a t0ss about your Doncasters, Forest Greens, Cheltenham's and Accringtons.
  8. Lincs Owl


    Rubbish. We finished fourth the season after the play off final. We had a huge injury list in Carloses last season so neither he nor Jos can be blamed for last season's poor position. But we've only 3 injured players currently, according to Jos apparently (has anyone got a link to that?), so why aren't we back in the top four? No-one has forced Jos to sell. We've sold just one player...£1.6m to Bris C and I've never understood why, unless Hunt wanted away.
  9. Lincs Owl

    Its got to be done

    They don't do that on here. We finished 4th less than 18 months ago and they wanted Carlos out because we couldn't beat Huddersfield. It wouldn't be Wednesday if they got behind the boss and the team. Happy Clappers eff off to Leeds.
  10. Lincs Owl

    Did Jos look nervous to you?

    We seem to have a load of threads at the moment knocking Wednesday, our owner, the coach .... Plus the usual ones knocking Nuhiu, Palmer, Fox, Jones etc. Can't we just be happy for once that we've gone to the cauldron that is Bramall Lane nowadays, and stopped them going to the top of the League. We seem to have the most miserable fans in football. I wasn't embarrassed by our display last night. It was 200% better than the second halves against qpr, Brum and Norwich. Just ask yourselves why we've won more away games than home games. Some of you can't wait to boo our team.
  11. Lincs Owl


    We've had some tough games in the last 6 weeks or so. Leeds, WBA, Boro, Norwich and Utd have all played us with the hope of going top of the Championship. No, we didn't play the sparkling passing football that we played for two years under Carlos but.... We kept a clean sheet for the first time this season. Dawson played well. Apart from the pen they had few chances. Let's take the positives. Not many teams will get a clean sheet at the Lane. Good point. On to next game.
  12. Lincs Owl

    Sky Build Up

    Can't you update the filter. Keep these brainless numpties off the site.send them t'Lane.
  13. Lincs Owl

    Ian Holloway

    You think Bristol is a village? You need to get out more.
  14. Lincs Owl

    John Sheridan

    Danny Wilson, Chris Turner and Gary Megson were also legends. And they all got sacked. Sheridan always sounds miserable to me. No thanks. Big Mick would probably get us top six but it wouldn't be pretty.