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  1. Lincs Owl

    Ref & South Stand Linesman

    He gave Nuhiu a free kick. That's unusual by any standard.
  2. Lincs Owl

    Man of the Match - Wigan (H)

    Am I right in thinking that 13 of those 15 were Carloses team? Would have maybe been more if Hooper Forestieri and Lee were fit. Shows he was right to stick with experience. Pelupessey Baker Thorniley Dawson Penney etc will hopefully turn into good players but they aren't currently Championship standard. I also think we could have got another year at least out of Wallace. Anyway well done Wednesday. Not the best we've ever played but I don't remember Wigan having a serious shot on goal. 3 clean sheets in the last 4 games.
  3. Lincs Owl

    50 point margin

    The word 'margin' in the title should read 'total'? If it means a 50 point margin over the relegated sides, then I'm all for it. Could give us automatic promotion.
  4. Yeah. Seems Steve Agnew played instead of Bully. Must have missed that. Obviously not the players fault at all.
  5. Lincs Owl

    Hull City 3 : 0 The Wednesday OMDT

    Two out of the three are already there!
  6. Lincs Owl

    Can’t wait

    Hull C on way to six wins on the trot. Less than two years since we won six on the trot with Carlos. Then everyone is calling for him out two weeks later when we could only draw with Huddersfield. Sometimes I think we deserve what we get.
  7. Lincs Owl

    On Telly If ....

    I've got some preliminary evidence. Owls 1 L##ds 6. Only time we'd ever let six in at home at the time I think. Blackburn 7 Owls 2. Oddly two of our best TV performances were at home to Leeds and away at Blackburn.
  8. That was probably the worst result in my 61 years following us. Only 15 years earlier I'd seen us beat Barcelona 3-2, and 9 years earlier I'd seen us beat European champions Man U 5-4. Just pleased I wasn't at Wigan. They were elected into the league at the end of the season. If someone had told me in 1977 that Wigan would win the cup 30 years or so later, I'd have thought they were mad.
  9. Lincs Owl

    Carl Bradshaw

    We got Varadi from Newcastle in the summer of 1983.
  10. Lincs Owl

    Luton ticket prices

    Sheff Wed v tinpot Luton is not a big game according to posters on here. Luton v Sheff W is apparently a massive attraction. So you'd expect prices to reflect it.
  11. To put those 52 goals into perspective, I've followed Wednesday since 1958. Never seen any player hit 30 league goals in a season. Shiner got 28 in 1958-9. Bronco Layne 29 in 1962-3.
  12. Nearly a slip up though. Seem to remember it was 0-0 until the last ten minutes. Posh were no ordinary non league team. They got elected to the league in that summer and just waltzed off with the Div 4 title, scoring 134 goals. Centre forward Terry Bly got 54 league goals. Incredible feat. Yes, they played well against us. 134 is a Football Lge record. 52 wasn't a record but no-one has bettered it since. We played in our away kit which was the FAC custom. The home team changed.
  13. Lincs Owl

    Bruce not at the cricket

    Well, maybe cos they can't see the joke if they've got a mobile phone with a small screen. I'm using a PC and I didn't get it for about 15 seconds. But you're right. Plenty of oddballs on here.
  14. Lincs Owl

    Luton’s Current Form

    Yes, I was at that Reading away game. Think we won with a last minute McCalliog goal. Reading fans were laughing at us after the game, cos they thought we were rubbish. We were. Luton at their place will be tough.
  15. Lincs Owl

    Attendance today

    Rotherham looks like New York to me. Luton can't expand the ground because its hemmed in by terraced houses. They've been planning a move for years. But, like Grimsby, they dropped out of the league.