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  1. Lincs Owl

    Membership Pricing 2018/19

    If you go to at least 10 home matches, it would be cheaper to buy a season ticket, surely. If they gave £10 disc instead of £5 it would make sense to me. Attend five games and you don't lose out.
  2. Lincs Owl

    Back from Lincoln

    If folk think Carlos is a clown, after getting us to two top six finishes, I wonder what they think of the previous ten managers and coaches.
  3. Lincs Owl

    Rhodes fails to score on debut

    I take it you've never been to Norwich? Its a much more dynamic city than Sheffield. Carrot crunchers...no. Always annoys me when we get called whippet breeders.
  4. 65-6 was a poor season for us. We flirted with relegation and we were down to 12,996 for the WHU home game. But we got to the Cup Final and nearly won it. We averaged 23,000 odd. 66-67 was a good season. We bought John Ritchie and finished 11th, playing some decent football. Think we averaged 31k. The WC win was a factor, but not the main one. FAC meant a lot then.
  5. Lincs Owl

    This is such a strange photo

    What I miss is the old fashioned match photos from behind the goal, with the crowd and stands in the background. Gave you a sense of the atmosphere at Goodison, Highbury, white Hart Lane etc. Nowadays they use telephoto lenses and the match atmosphere is never captured. Anyone seen arsenal and Chelsea programmes Pre 1970? They always had 4 black and white photos from their last away game. I miss that. We never did it.
  6. We let them go at the end of a season where we slumped so badly we were at one stage within 3 points of going down to the 4th tier. Colin got the best out of them, as he usually does. Best motivator in football. If Milan had had the guts to make him boss, we'd probably be in the Prem now. But the misery guts on here would still find something to complain about. Do they not know that Matt Busby was a famous man city and Liverpool player before he was a manager.
  7. Lincs Owl

    George Boyd criticises Carlos

    Totally agree. You don't get to finish 6th and 4th in the Championship with an unfit squad. Easy how people forget the comebacks against Bris City (0-2 down) and Rotherham and Brum away(losing both on 90 minutes yet we win both). Unfit my ass. Some Owlstalkers have selective memory syndrome. Why keep inventing silly threads to have a pop at CC anyway? We've got a new manager to get behind. Of course, with a fully fit squad, Jos will easily take us to top 4 then? I'm expecting meltdown on here if he doesn't.
  8. Lincs Owl

    £99 or £59 for the new shirt

    Communism has been banned in Russia since 1991. Don't you read the papers?
  9. Can goalies wear blue when the outfield players are in blue? Could be confusing at corners. I'm happy with this, although it's virtually the 1999-2000 relegation colours. Would have liked a white stripe down the shorts and stripes on the back, but at least we're unique again in the 4 divisions. Loads have blue and white stripes but I don't think any other teams wear black shorts..
  10. Its a nine out of ten from the Lincolnshire jury.
  11. All our players were stars before Carlos got hold of them? Someone post our league positions for the twenty years before Carlos did get hold of them please. The only times we ever got a sniff of top six was in the pub league.
  12. Lincs Owl

    Squad or Ground

    We didn't spend any money on the World Cup. The west stand was paid for with a government grant. But for the 10% devaluation of the pound under Harold Wilson and the consequent financial uncertainty, we would have got the full grant we were originally promised. And we would have extended the cantilever stand behind the goal. The Kop would have been cantilevered next. The club even built a model of the finished project.
  13. Lincs Owl

    Love these...

  14. Plus Kyle Walker. That's 5 Sheffielders. Sheffield with 550,000 people has almost exactly 1% of England's 55 million population. So that's impressive.
  15. Vardy, not Varadi. I live in the past.