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  1. My 10 point ID is still not recognised? Anyone else in the same boat
  2. All the computers have been down in the shop, could be that
  3. What's the best number to call see tickets on?
  4. Pretty sure anybody who orders tickets Tuesday will get them friday morning, if it even makes it to Tuesday
  5. Do people really believe a ticket company like see wont deliver peoples tickets on time? People creating panic for no reason, get a grip
  6. Surely its because they want to reward the people who have signed up to season tickets and memberships? And reward them for there loyalty and investment. I think a lot of the 100+ bracket will have memberships anyway. I see it selling out Monday afternoon in 10 point phase
  7. I reckon there will be 15k left for sunday then 10k left monday and 5k left for general sale Tuesday
  8. Can the delivery address be different to the lead bookers postcode?
  9. Westwood, Hunt,Lees,Turner,Pudil, Lee, Mcgugan, Bannan, FF, Wallace, Nuhui
  10. Westwood Buxton Loovens Lees Mattock New CM Lee Drenthe Maguire New winger New striker
  11. Westwood Palmer Lees Loovens Mattock Lee Semedo Drenthe Maguire Helan Nuhui 4-2-3-1
  12. Westwood Palmer Lees Loovens Mattock Drenthe Lee Semedo Coke Maguire Nuhui
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