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  1. Cheers for explaining!
  2. That's the Mrs' excuse too.
  3. Wouldn't surprise me! Can someone who is computer literate sort it please?
  4. Is that something I have done wrong, or a YouTube restriction?
  5. No, not our new star striker. The composer who wrote this piece of music we used to play before games. Announced today he has died aged 79. Great piece of music which used to signal the start of the game for me.
  6. Went out for a Forest throw. Hecky had the ball and thrust it in to the stomach of the Forest player. Cue melee.
  7. There are definitely teams out there who have squandered far more than us and gone backwards.
  8. Is DA still involved with them?
  9. https://crickfree.be/ Usual pop ups etc
  10. Derby County: Chris Kirchner hopes to be cleared to take over club at EFL meeting on Thursday https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/61298092
  11. Never has your avatar been more perfectly suited to a post.
  12. Mark Warburton has basically been told he is leaving at the end of the season.
  13. Thought this was gonna be another thread about his beautiful barnet.
  14. I watch Cheltenham as my local team. He reminds me a lot of Winnall.
  15. The beginning of the end of huge stadiums. In 50/60 years time we all might as well be playing at grounds the size of Sheffield FC. I'm good, but far too modest to call myself world class. Cheers though.
  16. Wasn't there a keeper a few years back, after Fessi? Possibly West Ham?
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