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  1. Looks like an advert for the latest season of Love Island.
  2. You should try The Magic Sponge too!
  3. According to Dean Windass, Alen Boksic was on £100k a week!
  4. Funny you mention him... https://twitter.com/talkingbawscom/status/1130425513015676930
  5. Not sure that would be completely accurate.
  6. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2019/may/owls-release-six/
  7. Now the same price as last year's gear. Surely that should be reduced down concurrently?
  8. Depends how much you are looking to spend on each Mr Pulis...
  9. The cards get wiped but the suspension doesn't.
  10. What's the highest number of cards a player has had in a season? Surely Hutch has collected more than that before?
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