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  1. beano

    Richard Hawley

    He was still celebrating the next day? Fair play, but I’m glad I managed to continue my celebrations at home rather than still at the ground.
  2. beano

    Nuhiu form under Jos

    Never has a username been so apt.
  3. beano

    Forestieri's goal

    Destined to score today.
  4. beano

    Atdhe’s Shorts

    Pretty sure Fessi borrowed a pair too.
  5. beano

    Kieran Lee and Gary Hooper

    Hoopy McHoopface
  6. beano

    Jacob Butterfield

    Proper dogger.
  7. beano

    BBC pundits tonight

    Such a miserable barstard.
  8. beano

    The championship on ch5

    Irritated me how he pronounced Iwelumo.
  9. beano

    Young George Hirst

    Excellent news if true.
  10. https://twitter.com/JackGrimse/status/967432237590482945 https://twitter.com/JackGrimse/status/967432237590482945
  11. beano

    Safety notice

  12. Looking for a decent boozer in Bristol centre to watch it - can any South West owls point me in the right direction? DM me or tag me please