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Community Answers

  1. Scratch that. Just had a proper look at the photo and realised it is in a completely different part of the ground!
  2. Didn't they ban Tango? Could it be to stop his crew gathering there?
  3. I was with you until the underlined bit in bold.
  4. Somehow you have incorrectly spelt numpty wrong twice in the same post calling out someone else's stupidity. Bravo sir.
  5. When they are released can we all make sure to post them on here so no one misses them.
  6. The players aren't even receiving their salaries, no chance they will be getting any bonuses.
  7. Best position is striker apparently.
  8. No worse than Sky Sports playing the Fletcher chant every 5 mins when we are on.
  9. From Real Madrid to real life.
  10. Didn't realise Coke was still playing.
  11. The smile from the manager at the end
  12. RIP @@owlstalkcould this be moved to Matchday? Others may know Ray and have stories to share.
  13. Love Crossley's and Kenny's. I was quite surprised by Marshall's as I didn't realise he was like that and I can understand why his career has turned out the way it has.
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