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  1. The championship on ch5

    Irritated me how he pronounced Iwelumo.
  2. Young George

    Excellent news if true.
  3. https://twitter.com/JackGrimse/status/967432237590482945 https://twitter.com/JackGrimse/status/967432237590482945
  4. Safety notice

  5. Looking for a decent boozer in Bristol centre to watch it - can any South West owls point me in the right direction? DM me or tag me please
  6. Some things cannot be unseen.
  7. Find someone who looks at you the way Wallace looks at Santa's hat.
  8. Still waiting for the punchline.
  9. Last throw of the dice with the favourites.
  10. Carlos vs Stuart Gray

    I'd be more interested in seeing how CCs last 67 games compare with Gray's reign. Pretty confident that the average goals per game would drop to a level not too dissimilar.
  11. The f*ck off Wednesday thread

    Wednesday w@nkers.
  12. Staff spend vs turnover

    Would the staff turnover include transfer fees too?