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  1. The f*ck off Wednesday thread

    Wednesday w@nkers.
  2. Staff spend vs turnover

    Would the staff turnover include transfer fees too?
  3. Bannan

    Sooooo, how's he doing?
  4. Carlos To Do A Brian Laws

    Think that is the only way I am gonna enjoy the match.
  5. #19 for Brentford

    Can't read it from the Lepp end either!
  6. David Jones

    All about opinions. Mine is that he frustrates me. It's like he always looks for the backwards/sideways pass, even when there are (sometimes better) options in front of him. When Tom Lees looked to bring the ball out of defence in the second half, Jones took it off him and played it back to Westwood. Not gonna slate him, like I said, he just frustrates me.
  7. #19 for Brentford

    Could you not read the players names on the scoreboard with the new fancy font?
  8. JTSWFC1's Laughing Policeman

    Remember pi**ing myself listening live.
  9. Jacob Butterfield

    That's not a memory, that's a premonition.
  10. Abdi

    No, he hasn't traveled.
  11. Meeting Nuhiu

    David Hirst once blocked my car in. I didn't say owt. Just sat in my car 10 mins til he returned and drove off.
  12. When Kirkland got hit.

    So you'd solve this by putting him in the net?