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  1. The Slug Bartosz Ślusarski Nuhiu before Nuhiu
  2. Think he meant Borukov. Wasn't Hammoud Egyptian?
  3. I though it looked a penalty. I was more surprised we got a goal kick from it though after it cannoned off Iorfa who made a great block.
  4. Some terrible decisions throughout the game. Very poor officiating.
  5. Good move. He goes and does well, he rebuilds his confidence and comes back as decent cover. OR He goes and does well, he rebuilds his confidence and we sell him and recoup some of our outlay. OR He goes and does not well, he doesn't rebuild his confidence and we have saved some wages. Good move.
  6. I saw a car on Friday with the reg plate V8 OWLS down here in the South West, right after I'd been offered a job. A great start to my weekend.
  7. Been cashless a couple of seasons now hasn't it?
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