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  1. beano

    Swansea Away Bridge Closure

    Bit of a mission for us in the South West though
  2. beano


  3. beano

    Live stream

    You babe.
  4. beano

    Live stream

    This link worked for anyone?
  5. Love the look on Bully's face as he walks off, shaking his head in disbelief
  6. Happy to see Van Aken in there.
  7. beano

    Charlie Browns

    Wednesday already have a boozer.
  8. beano

    Richard Hawley

    He was still celebrating the next day? Fair play, but I’m glad I managed to continue my celebrations at home rather than still at the ground.
  9. beano

    Nuhiu form under Jos

    Never has a username been so apt.
  10. beano

    Forestieri's goal

    Destined to score today.
  11. beano

    Atdhe’s Shorts

    Pretty sure Fessi borrowed a pair too.
  12. beano

    Kieran Lee and Gary Hooper

    Hoopy McHoopface