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  1. Mason Greenwood's name getting dragged through the mud but it has been confirmed not to be him.
  2. By all accounts he likes to drive forward but has poor vision.
  3. Check out Look North with the scoop. Unless they have only just got around to reporting from when this actually happened last year.
  4. I'd be happy if he went to either of those clubs with the disruptive tendencies he had. Was it Wilder that signed Lavery to try to spite us?
  5. David Bates Wednesday Legend David Bates Wednesday Record Apps - 1 Goals - 0 Thank you and good luck David Bates.
  6. I don't know about that, I'd hazard a guess that the Wembley pitch is a tad better quality than the Stevenage pitch. Stevenage is basically London too.
  7. O'Connell was injured, not sure about Fleck.
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