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  1. Watching on Robins tv, on an android phone and chromecasting to tv. No problem and no charge.
  2. Pink, black, white, brown or yellow........give us a clue........squad number 6,7,4 or 2
  3. If you pay for a service and it isn't provided you are entitled to your money back. The service was access to 23 football matches. If you book a holiday for example or flight, if it was cancelled due to covid, you are entitled to your money back. From the post, I assume Ecclesfield owl would be happy to book many holidays, not go because they were cancelled and not claim his money back because "he'd never expect to see it back anyway" Thats from a grown up.
  4. Obviously we can’t use our season tickets. I certainly can’t because never had one sent. Renewed in February, has anyone had one sent or were we still supposed to use last seasons.
  5. Is it possible to view under 23 fixtures at Middlewood road. For example the Leeds one on Monday? Any advice on cost, parking, is there a covered area.
  6. All opinions matter to the opinionator, Trump has many opinions, some like some dislike. The trip advisor, wifi comments were to embellish the real point. Money is killing the game. The best Wednesday can achieve in what's left of my life is lower premiership status. Grinding out results to get promoted and if we do, grinding out results to stay up. Because it's all about the money. We are now expected to pay big bucks to get DC a taste of premiership money. He was a business man looking for a club, he chose SWFC, Mandaric sold the dream to him. Clever Mr Mandaric, he
  7. Off to Portugal with my refund, free wifi in comfortable bar, in a warm room, with good food watching dingles v owls on tv. Then back to watch cup match on my wifi enabled sky system, trawler net and weird fish.
  8. 51 years of attending Hillsboro. Finally had enough at half time v Burton. All the reasons have been posted previously, but for me, the money the players are paid, not just at SWFC is beyond comprehension. I see no value in it. The fans sit in an old theatre, the entertainment is dire, the facilities are outdated, the food and drinks are overpriced and of poor quality. There is no free wifi. On trip advisor it would be lucky to score 1 star. So glad I got a refund. Enough is Enough, now an armchair owl.
  9. So if the above is correct, which I contest and the current squad fails to achieve under a new coach, I will expect a big clear out. This will incur having to assist some out as they are on far more money than they are worth, losing money on the likes of Rhodes and Abdi transfer fees. Also I would point out, the manager across the city, the Barnsley and Rotherham managers talk regularly about their budgets.
  10. I continually read in a large number of posts the word manager. i do not believe we are looking for a manager but a coach. There is a big difference, especially at SWFC, Carlos was a coach who was just a cog in the machine. Players were bought for him, some he obviously did not want. He never sold one. Managers are given control and a budget, they wheel and deal and get their own team. I think it would be deluded to think this is going to happen in this set up. Unfortunately the club is tightly controlled by Chansiri and final decisions lie with him, he has little know
  11. The club will not be appointing a manager, they will be appointing a coach who has to go with the set up. For example players in/out will not be his decision, although he will have input.
  12. He won't be appointing a new manager. He will be appointing a coach. The difference is the new man will not be in control of who's out, who's in. Carlos never was and nothing will change. It's a one man dictator with some very bad advisors.
  13. From that, I once again perceive it's not his fault. As he says, he's changed nothing in 3 years. I had noticed nothing had changed, except the results. His luck ran out and it's still just as boring, pedantry and certainly not worth the money. Also noticed he wants, by and large, the players back in the team, who have been here a while, because the recent signings aren't good enough. Oh and he isnt,good enough in many aspects.
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