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  1. A warm personal welcome to Darren Moore. Unfortunately he gets the same players. The same sick bay. The same out of contract, not interested mob. The same Chairman and the transfer window is shut. I like the forward planning for League 1, we can be the new Doncaster, small budget and kids and free signings. I do hope I am wrong.....but I don’t think so.
  2. Hillsborough was reportedly sold for £60m generating a profit of £38m on the accounts. The accounts we have yet to see. The Bruce money, Joao money minus Patterson etc signings should be a plus. Season ticket money for this season is also on the plus side of accounts. TV money and I follow, shop revenue all pluses. The wage bill has been reduced. So the football club accounts shouldn’t be too bad. The Stadium is owned by a separate company. Something is wrong.....there is a smell of suspicious accounting activity, a man with little personal wealth appear
  3. Lacking...direction. No obvious game plan. Physicality zero. No direction...no passion. Wearing the shirt for the money. Whats needed.....A manager to be given a budget and to be allowed to do what he sees fit. Whats not going to happen.....not the above. The failing.....What every one has noticed from the start......The Chairman being totally out of his depth. What a waste of his family’s hard earned money, if I was his dad....he would be getting his wobbly botty smacked....sent to bed and his spending money stopped. Mandric took him
  4. Pork You should know the answer if you've been following the club, what age were you when Francis was manager?
  5. Which manager since Francis has had more success? I had a corporate day there, he ignored us all, big deal, I was watching Waddle and Walker etc
  6. Been following Luke Shaw for last ten minutes, he is offering nothing and wandering around aimlessly
  7. I had a discussion with Dave Richards around 3 years ago.....it wasn’t Trevor Francis that ruined the club......it was Dave Richards giving in to player power and not supporting him. His record was excellent, the team was full of international players. In his last season the team was overwhelmed with injuries...perhaps some fake and a desire to get rid of him. I don’t think they liked his training methods. They got what they wanted and the club went down hill quickly.
  8. Preston and the bouncy wooden end.....bonfire day. We got off the football special train and we're met by PNE fans wearing clockwork orange costumes. They then turned into Olympic sprinters around 1973 time
  9. A company that he heads bought the ground with borrowed money, Sheffield 3. Debts are secured against the stadium. Fact
  10. I was at Grimsby when all the pubs were shut, around 1985. Most turned round, got pissed elsewhere then arrived back late. Huge melee outside the ground, resulting in the gates crashing open. Everybody flooded in and it was a little full, to say the least.
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54436076
  12. Hang on, what’s the source of this information. Suggest you delve a little deeper. Check where the money came from to buy the stadium. He then uses that asset to borrow against.
  13. Fans are always there....so that’s a definite. unfortunately in these unprecedented times it’s the chairman.....without his money the club would be in dire straights. But as he gets derided the fans want their money back. For status quo to exist every pound handed back....is a pound he has to put in. Thus if he hands 5 million back.....that’s 5 million less to keep the status quo. Why, because he only has limited funds to keep it afloat......because he is already borrowing off Peter to pay Paul.
  14. We have a Chairman who is the 100% owner. Whos money keeps us afloat. Perhaps lacking in a little football knowledge.........but bailing us out and doing his best with decorum. I guess he's open to offers after all the abuse........but no businessman would currently buy the club off him for the going rate. With hindsight he could have been advised better......that's obvious.......but he doesn't deserve the disrespect shown to him.....in my humble opinion.
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