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  1. With no fee to pay Barca, for that £20m they apparently considered spending on Ramsdale they might have actually been able to tempt Messi over on a deal until January.
  2. Another interview; another claim that Moore's not signing these players put to bed.
  3. A goal rich performance from the cup kings tonight. They're back in business.
  4. I'm sorry to say that I might be partly to blame for that, on the BBC website site at least. Back in the day they used to have our two sides listed as 'Sheffield Utd' and 'Sheff Wednesday' on the league tables, which always annoyed my OCD. I emailed them to ask to keep the names consistent, but rather than just add the full Sheffield to our name they shortened United's Sheffield and our Wednesday
  5. A more fitting example might be when we had a penalty awarded at Man City which was then overruled by VAR. It's akin to trialing something like additional referees stood behind the goal lines again, but only picking a couple of the 'top' teams who can benefit from it each week. It should be the same rules for everyone in a single competition.
  6. Well, while neither is exactly a good situation, I'd rather wait a month or two for my wages if it helped the company employing me stay afloat, rather than waiting up to 7 years for money I was entitled to that my employer had no intention of ever paying until the authorities got involved.
  7. That header by Wing(?) from the middle of the box that looped up into the air and down into the keeper's hands, I imagine.
  8. He was my standout too, glimpses of class from way above this level. Early days, but he's the one I've got my eyes on so far.
  9. Weird how we got about 5 replays of that but nothing for the Patterson incident despite the cameras having nothing else to show for 10 minutes. [edit] Seems like this is already being discussed above!
  10. I'm talking over two seasons he's been declining, in my opinion. Like I say, hopefully against weaker opposition in this league he'll be enough for where we want to be finishing, but he was very disappointing again today. Fingers crossed it was just a one-off 90 minutes and he'll boss it next week. I don't see Moore dropping him. Personally I was quite impressed with Brown (aside from him not staying on side). If he's decent enough in defence I'd be playing him at LB with another winger ahead of him. To be fair to Palmer he is better on the right, but Hunt's way ahead of him on that side.
  11. I don't usually like singling out players in a negative way, but because you've said that I have to say that I thought Palmer was really really poor today. Won nothing in the air, gave away a few stupid free kicks when he was never going to win the ball and offered nothing going forwards. Was the same last week against Huddersfield. He was really impressive in the Championship a couple of seasons ago, so I thought this step down would give him an opportunity to regain some form, but he's getting worse. Hopefully against weaker opposition he'll be good enough, I've not completely written him off.
  12. Jokanovic seems to have a look of "what the hell am I doing here" on his face every time I see him in a United tracksuit.
  13. If Charlton are supposed to be one of the strongest challengers I'm very happy with that performance and result. They defintely showed more than us, but we look competitive and with that being our first game with that many changes to the side we're only going to get better. Very positive hopes for the season looking at that.
  14. I have to keep reminding myself that it's not Izzy Brown, thank god.
  15. I'd love to see shorter halves with the clock stopped while the ball's out of play. Time-wasting is by far the most annoying thing in the game I can think of and referees/leagues don't seem willing to do anything about it. Teams "seeing out" the last 20 minutes (or 70 minutes if you're Charlton) isn't fun for either set of fans, besides the inherent humour in getting away with blatant gamesmanship sometimes.
  16. I'll be happy if we're in the top half after 8 games, never mind top 3. If we're in the top half come new year I'd really feel confident about making a good challenge for the playoffs before the season end. I expect us to improve game by game once DM figures out what works and what doesn't with all the new players coming in.
  17. Someone had a bit too much fun with the clarity slider in Lightroom.
  18. Nice to see so many different formations and line-ups that all look interesting in their own way. Lots of good options to choose from. I can't wait for the Doncaster thread when everyone picks the exact same team because it's universally decided that all the players in the Charlton game were useless and need dropping
  19. He did, but it was definitely more of a 'get in front and hold on for however long is left' approach, rather than relentless attack. Not sure people would be happy with that all season, even if it's effective.
  20. I agree, but probably best to keep quiet and delay how long it takes for people to start getting on his back...
  21. I didn't watch him in Cyprus so I have no idea what happened over there. I've watched him in the English Championship though, and he'd improve us in the English Championship. I mean, it's not like we have to worry about him having lost his pace since he was here
  22. When people questioned his involvement when we had ambitions to challenge for the Premier League, fair enough, there's a debate to be had there. But anyone who even has to think for a second whether we'd take him back now must not be witnessing the same reality as me. There's no debate that he'd improve the side, even if he only came on for the last 10 minutes every few games he'd be worth having around for the impact he makes from the bench. There's no surprise we failed to come from behind in a single game last season. I highly doubt we'd even be in League One if he was still in the squad, and I don't think that's a very controversial opinion.
  23. Stevie May's highlights reel was genuinely terrible. I remember being amazed at the fuss being made about it when half his goals were mis-hit shots that bobbled in off the goalkeeper's backside. The defending on show was hilarious. To be fair, the defending isn't much better in Kamberi's highlights either, but at least he knows how to cleanly kick a football towards the goal.
  24. Do we know if international clearance is likely to come through in time for Kamberi? I thought it hadn't yet.
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