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  1. One of the positives of Chansiri's reign is that we know with pretty much certainty that Iorfa won't be leaving in this window without a crazy offer (relative to the position we're in), even being in the last year of his contract. I can't see him even acknowledging offers less than 5m. Whether you'd call that reckless business or not, at least he's likely to be here to help us for the entire season. I can't see him being let go for cheap in January either.
  2. A front three of Gregory down the middle with Windass and Corbeanu on the wings sounds a bit tasty.
  3. It almost helps that Shodipo picked up a minor injury against Hudds, and perhaps Corbeanu is lacking fitness (or whatever his issue is). There's little chance of any discontent building up in those not playing if they're enforced absences, rather than just not being given the initial opportunity to play by Moore. They'll all get their chance in time, but at least right now I can't imagine any of those missing out are particularly annoyed that they aren't involved.
  4. Fleetwood have been narrowly beaten by 3 pretty decent sides so far this season, I'm not expecting a walk-over. Aside from the derby factor making Doncaster step up their game, this could well be a more difficult side to play against. I'll take a win however it comes. I certainly wouldn't be resting anyone in the back 5 just to save them for 'harder' matches. They should only be changed if they actually need the break.
  5. Nice to see his confidence in the team's ability, hopefully it holds when the inevitable rough patch comes around. And that's not being critical, even teams that run away with the league will often lose a few games on the bounce. Fleetwood seem to have gone close in all their games so far this season, and that includes playing against Stoke in the league above and Pompy and Lincoln in ours who are both tipped to do well, so tonight won't be as straight forward as many seem to be expecting. If we make it look easy then I'd be delighted, but I'd snatch your hand off for a scrappy 1-0 right now.
  6. He's had a taste of hanging out with the England squad and clearly doesn't want to be stuck with a no mark club with no chance of making it back for the World Cup. I think he'll be lucky to get his move though. United won't want to lose money on him for a second time, but Arsenal would be mad to offer anything even close to the £20m+ rumoured asking price. He's an unreliable youngster who is equally capable of giving a goal away through a calamatous error as he is making an world class save. It wouldn't be the first time Arsenal pay well over the odds just to make their team worse though.
  7. I rate it 2 hair transplants out of 7.
  8. I noticed that too, but I much prefer the zoomed out look. The cameraman we used to have on the highlights a few years ago always had it zoomed in so far you could only ever see a couple of players in shot at a time and had very little idea of what was going on around the pitch as a whole. Maybe it's not the best for showing highlights on the stadium screen, but assuming we only have one camera recording for both that and the TV/YouTube highlights then I'd rather it be zoomed out than in.
  9. Maybe he wasn't sure if BPF had got a touch on it. No harm in letting the game run, better to be safe and just check what the linesman saw afterwards. Someone mentioned yesterday that we were caught offside from the resultant restart after they put the rebound wide, so it must have been a free kick for the penalty taker touching the ball again rather than a goal kick for it going wide. Unless he just didn't know the offside rules either!
  10. Yeah, my parents when I was about 10 years old and told them I was going to go and throw my bottle of coke at Warnock from the South. In hindsight, maybe I'd have been better off going through with it and taking a 20 year ban from Hillsborough
  11. It sounded like he was praising Bannan for his display of "moral fibre" by staying at Hillsborough to me. He said it was nice to see him celebrating the goal by holding the badge, as he obviously means it unlike the majority of players who do that.
  12. Has anyone said that after yesterday though? I thought he had a below par game against Charlton, but he did really well yesterday. Even though I don't think he's reached the potential he seemed to be growing into a couple of seasons back he can still be a solid defender in this league. He even got forward a fair bit more than usual yesterday and was involved with the buildup for the 2nd goal.
  13. Heard he met up with CoG earlier in the week and caught a bit of the old gangrene. Looking forward to seeing what he can do when his foot's grown back.
  14. To be fair, you did say that having the virus wasn't any worse than losing a game of football. I'm sure you were merely pointing out your own experiences and not claiming other people were making up the risks, but you can see how that might come across as suggesting no one else should be concerned about it. No need for the "you sound like this or that" nonsense though. There's no us vs. them, we all just want to feel safe and be treated fairly.
  15. Totally. All Moore should have needed to do was show them the Wycombe game to convince them to join. Why go to a mid-table Championship nobody when you could be part of another experience like that you'll remember for the rest of your career.
  16. He literally just claimed to be part of the best midfield in the league and that no one can stop us when we get going I like the confidence and I've been impressed with him so far, but there's a long way to go.
  17. Nice to see the number of players we've got forward there. 5 players in their box in that attack and 2 or 3 more just outside.
  18. They put up the wrong number for the injury time in the first half as well. Wonder if it was the same person in control of the screen who couldn't decide what song to play pre-match. Kept changing his mind every 30 seconds.
  19. I had it in my head that he was a decent guy for some reason. I didn't see anything untoward from him during the game but he came across as a bit childish in his post-match interview.
  20. Clean sheets are worth more than the points you get from the game itself. Having a consistently solid defence sends a message to other managers coming to Hillsborough that their best chance of taking anything from the game is to set up defensively themselves, so it puts us in a better position to not lose as many games just from the opposition's mindset.
  21. I'd love to see the rules changed so that a score-draw gave both teams 2 points, keeping the usual 1 point for a 0-0 bore draw. I know that means we'd probably end up in the 4th division soon enough, but still.
  22. Because from that interview it's clear that Sow didn't want to drop to this level when he first heard about our interest, so why would Moore try so hard to convince him to join if he didn't want him here in the first place? Regardless of whoever first introduced him to SWFC (and there's no real reason to suggest it wasn't Moore), Moore definitely wants him so it's not really important either way.
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