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  1. I'm not sure BPF coming in and getting off to a very good start means you were wrong for thinking Dawson and/or Wildsmith are good enough. They still could be. Still, it's nice to have someone in goal who the majority of fans seem to trust, as I'm pretty sure the players can sense nervousness in the crowd, which definitely has an impact on their performance.
  2. Dominate? They had a bit more of the ball without creating hardly anything and got back into it with an own goal. It's easy to say with hindsight (and I'd agree with you) that we should have kept up the pressure in that game, but the fact still stands that Carlos gave us two successful seasons and we've not even come close to touching those heights since. I can't get my head around the people treating it so black and white that promotion=success and anything else is a failure. If we were a Newcastle coming down after decades in the Prem and a budget dwarfing the rest of the league then sure, success for them that year had to be storming the auto spots, but that was never the definition of success for us. We got too big for our boots too quickly and started to think we deserved promotion after one good season. The same thing happened to Derby and we both imploded.
  3. Check the job description for the necessary qualifications and look into picking them up part time.
  4. He's agreed a time-share on Hooper's box.
  5. Oh, hold on a minute, they put the list in reverse order for that "xGA" table for some reason. So being 18th we're actually the 6th best.
  6. Yeah, and it's even worse for us! Our expected goals against is 0.76 per game, also 18th in the division.
  7. Retalliate by walking off the pitch and refusing to play, not by inciting a riot.
  8. If he was some kind of superhuman with perfect throwing aim to target the exact fan who threw it at him in the first place then sure, maybe you'd have a fair argument. But that's not going to happen is it; he's just going to hit some random kid or someone else in the crowd who had nothing to do with it. Then, using that same logic, whoever that random fan was who got hit would be perfectly entitled to throw it back at someone else. That's just going to end up with a whole bunch of people getting a bit mad... which is basically what happened.
  9. I agree with the general opinion that Wing hasn't shown much in the league so far, but he was easily our best player against Hudds so I still think he has it in him to earn his way into a regular starting eleven. The competition will help them all stay on their toes regardless.
  10. It's nice how United fans have already lost the ability to claim "but it's only League One" if we continue to do well this season, since we also performed better against Hudds than they did.
  11. One of the positives of having Chansiri, it's going to take a ridiculous offer for us to let Iorfa go. And looking at the post match celebrations he's certainly still enjoying himself here.
  12. Another vlog here... Not sure about the lass's goalscorer prediction though.
  13. Ramsdale managed it, so anything is possible.
  14. It sounded like Giddings was properly laughing in his face for a good 30 seconds during that call. I've never heard a presenter so blatantly poke fun at a callers opinion like that before, certainly not since the days of Paul Walker doing Football Heaven anyway.
  15. This has been my opinion too, but I held my tongue because I said similar about Harry Maguire back in the day. I genuinely (with no bias) didn't want us to sign him when it was rumoured he might be switching sides for I think about £1.5m when they were in League One. I only ever saw him on the highlights, but he seemed to give a goal away every other game even in this league. Similarly with Ramsdale - I've only seen him in highlights, but I wouldn't want him in our side even if we were being paid to bring him in. Obviously Arsenal's scouts are more on the ball than I am, but still, all that money... Madness. I gather he actually started putting in decent performances for United once he'd built up some confidence. Imagine if he makes an early clanger in an Arsenal shirt, he's going to be burnt at the stake and won't ever recover.
  16. Was just reading the interview with him on the OS... I found it interesting how he didn't merely leave it at "they're going to be a tough side to play against" when asked about Rotherham, he said "they're going to be a tough side to beat". Just a tiny difference, but it shows what kind of mindset the players are in. They're not going to Rotherham for a point.
  17. Johnson doesn't look poor to me, he just hasn't hit the ground running in the same way players like Adeniran have. He looks like he has some ability, and with time to blend in there's potential for a very useful player there. He also looked very committed; he was chasing the Fleetwood players down with high energy right up until the last minute the other night. Not bad for someone apparently lacking match fitness.
  18. There were a lot of yellows, and it definitely wasn't a dirty game - but at the time I think I agreed with pretty much all the cards he gave. They were mostly all for cynical pull-backs when the opposition were getting away from them. The kind of fouls you're guaranteed to get booked for. Only seen it once live on iFollow, but Gregory looked to get away with a potential straight red as well, to be fair.
  19. Saw some people in the matchday thread not happy with it either. I'm not surprised to be fair, it does often look quite dangerous, but if you take a step back and look at the bigger picture I think we created many more attacking situations than we conceded possession in risky areas by passing it out from the back. We're still learning though, hopefully that first 20-25 minutes today is just a glimpse of more to come. It certainly seems worth persevering with to build that understanding.
  20. If we're still top 3 after playing Rotherham and Sunderland in the next couple of weeks then I'll start to believe. We need to see if we can rise to a proper challenge in this division. We always seem to have a knack of playing our best against the top teams in the division however crap we are though, so I've got high hopes. Rotherham will be scrappy and I wouldn't be surprised at all by a defeat, but I can picture us stepping up a level for the Sunderland game and really making a statement.
  21. I noticed the concession pricing was a bit odd for tonight though. Student and Armed Forces prices had no discount on regular adult prices, but were 10 quid cheaper than adults for the Doncaster game. So even though the adult prices were cheaper tonight against Fleetwood with it being a lower priority game, the concession prices were actually 5 or 6 quid more expensive than the Donny game. Seems like a bit of a pricing cockup, though not really sure how many of those tickets we generally sell anyway.
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