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  1. If we were 3-1 up in the 90th minute I still wouldn't believe tonight's the night.
  2. That goes the same for Mr. Hirst as well, in hindsight. Despite a large portion of the fanbase slating the club for not breaking the bank to keep him. If only Chansiri had ignored us when we asked for Rhodes too...
  3. In pre-season the vast majority of predictions seemed to be along the lines of "hope for the playoffs" rather than any real expectation of getting there. So it is interesting to see how those opinions have changed, understandably, because the league clearly isn't great quality from what we've seen so far. I think position and points return wise we're doing well, I'd have snatched your hand off to not be in the bottom half and struggling a couple of months back, but the football has been crap for the most part, so that casts a dark cloud over everything.
  4. It's much, much easier to finish 4th bottom of the Championship than it is to get promoted from League One. This season was never going to be easy.
  5. I didn't like how he tried to get Iorfa sent off today for running into him. Threw his arms up at the referee at least 4 times trying to get him to pull another yellow out for a nothing foul.
  6. People genuinely still think CC underachieved here
  7. It used to be, now it's at the referees discretion. But yeah, it's terrible. I look forward to the day that football is played to the clock, with it being stopped automatically when the ball is out of play. That would likely mean dropping to 30 minute halves (or less) to end up with the same amount of "game" as we currently have, but I'd take that any day to completely obliterate timewasting tactics.
  8. You're allowed to read the other threads on the subject and post in those. Hope this helps!
  9. If it's genuinely true that a lot of the new players really were tempted here because of Darren then sacking him now could be an utter disaster. Morale would drop through the floor. At this point it doesn't seem like it's going to work for him here, but it's still too early to actually sack him considering the above. It needs to be proven beyond doubt that he's taking us backwards, so that the players would have no real ability to question the decision when it comes. Sure, it would be entirely on the players if they stop giving their best if Darren is kicked out, but that doesn't mean that it couldn't happen with a number of them, leaving us in an even bigger mess.
  10. Not sure if you're joking or naive... I don't think the original comment was "celebrating" anything, it just came across as needlessly derogatory.
  11. The question needs more context. If we're talking about the best player who has been at the club in the last 3 years it's obviously Forestieri, there's no other logical answer. But if we're talking about players who have contributed to us the most in the last 3 years, it almost certainly has to be Bannan.
  12. I said in pre-season that if we were above the bottom six at Christmas I'd think Moore had done enough and I'd be happy with the job he's doing. That was before the mad few weeks of incomings while we only had about 11 players on the books, but still. He seems to be the one who has convinced the new players to come here, and I think deserves the opportunity to see if he can get them playing as a unit. So I'll stand by my original view if we achieve the above goal. I'll start to have serious questions if the 2nd half of the campaign doesn't bring more points than the 1st, come the end of the season.
  13. I don't think they're real stadium plans, probably just an art project from a uni student. Only the most tinpot of clubs lacking in any kind of self respect would write something as ridiculous as "Beautiful Down Town Bramall Lane" in huge letters on the back of the stand. On second thoughs, it might be real.
  14. Gregory reminds me of what we got with Lowe. Hopefully he continues to have the same impact because Ryan was a huge influence on our promotion last time out. I'm really surprised to read he only played 26 games though.
  15. They've certainly got plenty of has beans.
  16. You could, but some are obviously better than others... A rocking Hillsborough is a little different to a rocking New York Stadium, etc.
  17. If cancelling the draw and returning everyone's money isn't legal then I'm pretty sure fixing the winner wouldn't be either
  18. An £85m debt would mean they owe a flat £85m. An £85m defecit means they're spending £85m more than they earn in revenue, which means they're taking on £85m of debt year on year.
  19. Isn't congratulating them for doing so well pretty much the opposite of thinking they're world beaters? You seem to be the one expecting us to have done a lot better than we did!
  20. It's exciting having a player of potentially Premier League quality in the side. I wouldn't say we had that before Berahino joined, and when was the last time we could? Even when we were lucky enough to have players like Ross Barkley, Antonio and Martinez at Hillsborough they were all very raw. There's a high chance he'll not reach his previous levels with us, of course, otherwise he wouldn't be in League One. But he's proven that he once had it in him, and there's an actual possibility of Moore pulling it out of him again. He should be in his peak years at his age, and at this level he won't even need to be at his best to look like a world beater. This is the kind of signing that could put thousands on the gate if it works out. I don't think that's an exaggeration, if anything it's an understatement if he contributes towards us challenging at the top end of the division.
  21. I'll take a season of controversy and a final day like this again...
  22. It all starts to make sense. He's just pretending to be utter bobbins until that clause expires so that Liverpool don't buy him back at a reduced fee. Watch out season 2023/24, the reigns will really come off then.
  23. Definitely. I think they both have good ability, but both also have confidence issues.
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