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  1. Mandaric selling to a wealthy investor... the rise and fall of Portsmouth Football Club.
  2. To the Llera/Viera song Maghoma woooah, Maghoma wooooah He comes from the Congo He likes to score a goal / He's gonna score a goal Maghoma woooah ...etc
  3. Indeed I did and that is the fella. I was in on my own for most of the time, so he may have been telling anyone who would listen!
  4. Never post on here, but thought I would share this info. The guy who cuts my hair also cuts Corrys and apparenlty we are considering signing Cameron Jerome. Not sure how reliable the info is, or if Corry should be discussing it in public, but there you go! edit He also said that Blackburn were interested and were favourites, but I think this was before Henning Berg was appointed.
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