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  1. Memory plays strange tricks but pretty sure I saw Larry May head the ball over the North Stand. Twice. One a defensive effort the other from one of our corners. AnyOne out there to back this up? He was an extraordinary talented player to be fair.
  2. Result doesn't really have too many consequences, unless Shrewsbury draw man utd at home.......
  3. Jenks was a larger than life character and a Massive Wednesday Fan. Went to matches with him as a young boy. We'd stand on the Kop together - cost us a bob in those days! And we spent most of the match either chasing or being chased by the away fans... Our dad's decided it had become too dangerous for young lads to be in such a hostile situation (we were only about 12 years old) and they boughtus season tickets for the newly opened West stand which we had for many years. We then graduated to being part of the EBRA and had many happy and hair raising times following our beloved Owls through the 70s and 80s. Happy times and privileged that I could share them with Jenks. ....RIP Jenks and thoughts and condolences to your family x
  4. You on something D? Apart from natural high.Or reference to The upcoming month?
  5. There must be advantages in terms of maintenance and cost, once it's installed, and it may give us an edge over teams who have to play on it.
  6. Just watching the Everton game and must say I'm impressed by the pitch. Both teams look very comfortable on it and it looks to be a massive improvement on the pitches used by QPR and Oldham back in the day. Should it be an option considered by us? Thoughts please....
  7. Just wondered if he is still in management,seems to have disappeared off the radar . Anyone know what he's doing? Sure he could do a job for us . Come on Milan give him a call.....
  8. Would love to see Donovan and Gallagher up top -season ticket sales would go through the roof....
  9. Already done - sun is shining birds are singing am i going to enjoy today....In Fact best cure for a hangover is....
  10. Been following Wednesday for more years than I care to remember - Yesteday was special, fans were magnificent,team professional and assured - hangover MASSIVE! Well done to everyone who made it possible.
  11. I've tried too - absolutely hopeless - can somebody at the club sort this out and make it a bit more efficient and user friendly... Awaits official reply....
  12. Paid £50 to see the derby game at bramall lane when we drew 1-1 and TC scored that wonder goal. Might not sound much now but that was back in 1980 and almost a months wages for me then- worth every penny!
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