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  1. Anybody else breaking into a UB40 tune?
  2. Ginger, passionate and loves Wednesday........2 out of 3 ain't bad
  3. 90 clubs it could happen at, Liverpool fans never stand up on their 'kop' ever.....
  4. Ha, we've had a clean sheet.......we will win by a lot on sat.........
  5. I've just found a packet of Hedgehog flavour Tudor crisps circa 1985, i will attempt to try as the op says at HT this Saturday....will post the result (either from the Hallamshire or NG) :)
  6. So you're satisfied with our tatics / formation / attitude of certain players / managers excuses ?
  7. 93 semi, was on HMS Coventry in the Gulf, only 2nd half was on world service, extra time wasn't, so I listened to the 'economic farming problems in outer mongolia' when they switched to Wembley........Mr. Bright had me (& one other) running down 2 deck.....the 1st lieutenant wasn't impressed.......like we were bothered! Great run ashore in the dry state of Kuwait followed!
  8. Wouldn't we have been 8 points behind u*ited if they would have beaten us in february? Yes we would,.......but they didn't did they?, its now Oct.....we will.be ok, ok?
  9. Defence will get sorted, we will get better, we will be ok.....nobody got relegated on Oct 2nd.......even those 5 points and 2 games in hand adrift (even in march) ok?
  10. Oh shut up, have a sense of humour and stop taking life so seriously.........just accept we are MASSIVELY MASSIVE
  11. Young lad at work just said to me how bad we are as a team, awful, he said and we can't get any worse!!! oh deary lord!
  12. It was policed fairly poorly, the stewards looked a little frantic and it didn't help with 40% or so of turnstiles not being open, however, the fans i saw were all calm and just chuntering and not panicinig, by not pushing etc.
  13. think we only played on wednesdays since Francis or atkinson era (until King PS) - certainly under Big Jack ang Sgt Wilko we played on a Tuesday
  14. If we would have signed EC, then we wouldn't have signed Waddle. FACT
  15. Can't believe that your still harping on about that cheating t*sser
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