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  1. 93 semi, as I was in the gulf serving on HMS Coventry, listening to updates on world service was hard. Got a right shouting at when I ran down the main passage, screaming when Brighty scored!
  2. I went to this as I was based in Faslane at the time, was just after we won. promotion in 05, so 9 years ago, it was in July and freezing! 3 of their fans kept singing about the Arse beating us in 93, throbbing match.
  3. Similar answer that Dave Richards, Dave Allen and MM have given....cheers for that
  4. Yes, for currentt serving personnel, but not for time served vetrans.
  5. Concessions still doesn't include HM Veterans who have served 22 years + in the forces, I have campaigned for years for this, many clubs do it, but Wednesday won't
  6. A certain lower league team are closer to relegation in their league, yet people are talking about them being in the play offs and not mentioning relegation, yet we seem to be worried still?? we'll be reyt, even Wednesday couldn't capitulate now......could we?
  7. I always remember my Grandad (1902-1993) telling me about this game, he was on the kop in the middle and the only time he saw the ball was when it was in the air......he walked it to and from Atercliffe because the trams were either too full or not running, or something
  8. sure it was Bywater's interview when he signed, then the red 1/8 of Sheffield tried to take the p*ss with it, but it backfired and we all (well nearly all) embraced it
  9. Milan is unique as he's the only major city in Europe not to have a river running through it, or is that Madrid
  10. Probably not the best player but one of the best names was Lindsay McKeown :) I Remember Graeme Hedley on loan for a month from Middlesborough wasn't too bad, or was that in the early 80's?
  11. If Cantona would've signed, would Waddle have played for us?
  12. You've not spent thousands of pounds since '63, you've spent lots of pounds, shillings and pence !
  13. Had a VIP thingy in the 'Lineker' suite, was diagonal to our fans......so proud and so immense in how they (we) sung and bounced all match.....when we scored it looked amazing, first time I've seen owls go mad away like that, as I'm normally in there.....fantastic and well done to all
  14. Spora Luxemburg? Can't remember any fans cheering when they equalized
  15. Wednesday 6 Derby 1, February 2013. Executive box freebee to boot.......
  16. Trouble is though.......a season is not 10 matches long
  17. Hope they show Pat Jennings getting snow balled, I was only 10 at the time and I remember it being hilarious......wouldn't allow it to be played today
  18. Wednesday v Arsenal on itv4 tomorrow (13th Jan) 7:40 am , heard it may snow
  19. Franz Carr (on loan). Sibon and De Bilde, utter poo Didn't we start losing games and get related when Carr went back?? Thought he was ok...........Beswetherick got to be the worse EVER
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