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  1. Does the Almighty hate us?.......no way.......the sky is blue, the clouds are white, that means God's a wednesdayite
  2. If this happened with PL2 and both Sheffield clubs were involved, would Wilder pay his players 40K a week I wonder? what would he have to moan about then???????
  3. Just out of interest, does the red button work if you have sky sports on virgin media?
  4. Partick Thistle under Paul Sturrock just after we got promoted via play offs, it was July and genuinely felt like January, think it was 0-0, truly awful game
  5. Kevin keegan circa 1983 varadi scored twice for us in a 4-2 win, but keegan was immese
  6. OK so they are not English, but Barcelona done ok with stripes
  7. 1. Mick Lyons 2. Paul Warhurst 3. Jay (not) Bothered
  8. They are the only club in Briton to have a letter in their name that nobody else has - fact
  9. We abandoned stripes in the 60s too, and spunked 10s of pounds on players
  10. 22 years in the senior service, left 2009, wrote to each chairman for discount on season tickets whist I served, but they all refused. Year I left the club offered Armed Forces concession season tickets and continue to do so (and rightly so). I have asked this week if ex-forces on a pension can qualify, a resounding NO! ............used to it though, don't get many things for serving our country.
  11. Think they stay in the Alara on Penistone road
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