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  1. Quality

    To be fair, free kick was given after 3.5 mins of extra time (was timing on my phone). Or did you mean, where did he get 4 mins from?
  2. Quality

    Properly deserved all three points today. Was a great team performance. Cardiff have had our pants down. Carlos got it spot on.
  3. has everyone just got the 'listen now' link rather than 'watch now' on iFollow?
  4. jack hunt

    Been terrific. Totally committed and has improved a lot since joining us. Hard pressed to think of a better RB in the league st the moment. Hope he can recover from whatever knock Carlos spoke about yesterday again before Sat!
  5. Great win :)

    Exactly. His touch to beat the defender was delightful, as was the dink. Left two of their players buried in the back of the net, next to the ball... ;)
  6. Player ratings

    Lees was great tonight. Also thought fletcher won loads first half.
  7. Opportunity for George Hirst

    Pffffft. Clearly we should decide if our players are any good by comparing them to multiple champions league winners. Cant you see how productive that is?!
  8. Forestieri to Fulham 12m

    Fans like you do my head in. Believe that our achievements over the last two years were complete failures, utterly disregarding the enormous leap forward that we have made. Impatiently throwing their toys out of the pram. Over and over again.
  9. Forestieri to Fulham 12m

    Unbelievably, both the best manager and the best player we've had in the last 15 years are being hounded out of the club by its own fans, following our best two finishes in 15 years. 5 games into a new season - and we've only lost one game. Mindblowing. We'll all be sorry if you get what you currently wish for.
  10. Burton v Owls live overseas

    ok that doesnt work. anyone actually got it up#/#???
  11. Burton v Owls live overseas

  12. you sound like an actual moron. I'm genuinely pleased you don't agree with me.
  13. Ill try one last time... what part of my above post (detailing how the playoffs went) do you disagree with? Of course the result was a disaster. No one is arguing against that. The point we're discussing (or trying to) is the tactics used in pursuit of victory...
  14. Bizarre. Assume, seeing as you didn't actually respond to the main content, that you agree? Or are you just lost for words again...
  15. By far the best post I've read on here in a long time. Very eloquently put and entirely echoing my thoughts. Keep the faith!