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  1. Ranger scored the last goal we scored in L1. Tracey scored the free kick at Brentford. Both played a part. Back on topic - can see both sides of the coin, but results are what matter surely. I also like that we've generally looked solid and really organised at the back bar a few errors. He's done a cracking job and we look miles better than I expected in truth. Thrown in the deep end and has coped really well when it could easily have been an utter poo show. Makes me think the players clearly respect him, which is seemingly half the battle in football today (see Paul Pogba...) My concern is what happens if we lose a couple of games. Fan base looks ripe to implode again and it will only be our collective loss if it does. (Also, for those after a big name, go have a word with a couple of Derby fans after losing at home tonight with cocu at the helm. Bet their spitting feathers!)
  2. Would obviously love him to score a hatful but cannot see it happening. Lost whatever 'it' was that he had in earlier years. Nuhiu is absolutely a better option
  3. Brilliant news if true. Was our best player for second half of last season. A bit harsh on borner but we needed two cbs in this summer. A CM, a LB and a winger on loan and we're good to go. All aboarddddddd!!
  4. If I remember rightly I could get VPN to work if I used Firefox rather than CHROME, Ie, etc. Get it to work and it's a fantastic service. Fail and its the most infuriating thing in the world
  5. Sorry that's what I meant. As in July 2020
  6. But doesn't the 16/17 year now no longer count at the end of this year? Cos its over a rolling 3 year period?
  7. Jos. What a cheeky monkey
  8. please someone put up a link to a stream. can't get ifollow to flipping work
  9. is "watch live" showing for people?
  10. yes if you're overseas. Cant ever get vpn to work with it if you're in UK these days. Can anyone else?
  11. vipbox not working as said above. SOMEONE PERISCOPE FROM IFOLLOW PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE
  12. think he's watching on ifollow. can see logo in the top left
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