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  1. Do us a favour. DON’T put the Green and White one forward. Your work is splendid, but Green and White kits are awful. That orange one is absolutely beautiful though.
  2. I’d rather they dominate play for 90 minutes, have a couple of goals disallowed, and then we beat them with a final minute goal that was put in off of someone’s hand. Ultimate shithousery would be the perfect way.
  3. ‘Chant’. For that reason alone, I’m out.
  4. And simliar numbers to Barnsley I should imagine?
  5. I don’t think any of the officials had a bad game yesterday. I recall a challenge on Reach in the first half. He was through on goal before being take down by a defender. It was an incredible challenge where by he legitimately got the ball against the odds. No penalty. And rightly so. The the Kop burst into a rendition of ‘We only get poo refs’. It’s all about perspective. I personally didn’t feel as though there were many decisions that I could disagree with.
  6. Stopped reading when you said P&S. What the fizz is P&S?
  7. Today it was full of Kop dwellers. Ordinarily the plastic seating is worthless around that end of the North.
  8. We should clump together for a massive flag with something along the lines of “Sky TV and SYP are flipping poo. Football is for the fans”. Let the entire world see and know it.
  9. One yes, the other sat near the front.
  10. For the Kopites that bleet on about opening the Kop in order to create ‘a better atmosphere’..... Do you remember the Chesterfield league Cup game where there was not a single song sang all evening? Or what about when 900 Carlisle fans came and outsang the Kop? Those were the only two games that I’ve been on the Kop for a long time, and I could not wait for the next league game to get back on the North.
  11. But you think having a practically empty Kop would create a better atmosphere?
  12. I genuinely didn’t think the ref had that bad a game until the Megan Fox booking. The booking appeared to be a clear five from where I was stood. Then there was the supposed foul that Barry Bannan conceded despite being tugged all over by two opposing players. Before this I don’t think the ref played much of a part in the game at all, but these two decissions particularly made it difficult to review his performance positively.
  13. He plays for someone else, and has done for a LONG time now. He’s not celebrated in front of the Hillsborough crowd before, but he supposedly got a 95th minute equaliser on Boxing Day during a promotion pushing season. I’d be celebrating as well. Stop eating those sour grapes and move on.
  14. Mods. Please show a little mercy for the OP and delete this thread.
  15. No, it’s all fixtures. No idea why the home fixtures got knocked off, but just repeat what you did originally and it adds all home games to your calendar.
  16. Yeah, noticed this problem a couple of weeks ago. Had to go back on Stanza and sort it again. All is ggod now.
  17. Some would also say that it’s relevant, and doing it any other time would be odd.
  18. No, but a new manager might decide to play the best of the bunch he has, and play them in their best positions. He may also show a bit of what might be required to inspire the players that he has at his disposal to get more out of them. This current manager shows absolutely nothing to make me believe that he is either playing the best that we can, or that we are getting the most out of those that do play. I’m not one to encourage changing manager for the sake of it, but I have never felt either emotionally attached to Jos, nor have I felt at any moment during his stay here that our club was progressing or fulfilling our potential. To me he 100% HAS to go.
  19. Not if they selling the same poo that’s in the shop at the ground.
  20. The worst thing about Halloween is trick or treating. I grew up and was told not to speak to strangers. And if they offered you sweets you should see this as a red flag, kick them in the ankle and run. Now people are actively telling their kids to go to a stranger’s front door and BEG them for sweets!! Do you know the best place to take your kids to get a bag full of sweets is? THE flipping SHOP. You cheap twats.
  21. You’re not even attempting to stay under cover, are you?!
  22. Last night’s goal was like celebrating a consolation goal when you’re 3-0 down and performing abysmally. I’ve celebrated harder going ahead in friendlies than last night. As for Nuhiu cupping his ear? Why so offended?! It wasn’t exactly deafening in the ground last night. What other point could you possibly think he could have been making other than to make some noise and get behind the boys?
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