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  1. FIFA 18

    Jones only 3 points below Westwood?! Ok.
  2. Leeds : next home game

    I doubt it will be anywhere close to that. After the poor flippers had to pay £50 odd to sit on the South Stand and watch yesterday's bobbar shower of a horror show I'd be surprised if many at all get off the sofa to see a Leeds side that's on a tear come to Hillsborough and potentially heap on the misery.
  3. Wearing team colours Sunday!

    Anyone that does that deserves a shoeing from both sets of fans.
  4. Wearing team colours Sunday!

    Yeah. Easter Sunday.
  5. I may have only just got in from the night before, so will be straight to the pub to drink enough to forget the nerves.
  6. Another Van Aken song thread

    Been trying to figure out which advert this was from ever since he signed.
  7. We are Sheffield Wednesday

    How old is that video?! Was expecting the video to end with a shot of us going bat bobbar mental after a goal.
  8. Spooky Coincidences

    Likewise! Where you been at?! You never come for a drink anymore.
  9. Spooky Coincidences

    What? That we're without our Bjellend?
  10. Smart designs. Top job.
  11. I'll be there. As a season ticket holder, price has nothing to do with me, but I find it hilarious how much they're crying about it. I think they'll win it. I don't think Carlos can get us as motivated for a derby as Wilder will. I can't see Carlos getting fired, regardless of the result.
  12. Jack and Jill went down the hill to fetch a new shirt from t'shop No chance mate, the shirts are late Get last season's for £55 a pop
  13. David Jones today

    Are you kidding? He's absolutely dog bobbar! Today wasn't as bad as Sunderland, but he offers so little it's unblievable. Can't pass for bobbar, and he was pulling out of challenges that were probably 60/40 in his favour today.
  14. Comparison Charts Game 4

    You don't think we'll get any points in the next 42 games?! I disagree, but opinions vary.