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  1. One of my favourites. Simple, beautiful, and the material (as gay as it sounds) was a lot more comfortable than the poo they make shirts from these days.
  2. Got to agree with the majority on here, I reckon it’ll be Sunderland, Burton and one of Reading or Dingles. I hope Burton stay up. It’d be good to see us get a win on that ground at some point. It’s depressing that we’ve only taken a point out of two visits there. Although, it’s cheap and easy to get to, and a pretty decent away day. Reading can fizz off, as it’s top of the aids chart for away days. It’s a close call as to which away day sucks the most donkey testicles - Reading or Stevenage.
  3. Sit in the home end. Simple.
  4. Tell you who we miss

    How have you spelt ‘Owen’ so wrong?!
  5. Your support

    I’m unsure. That was before my first season ticket, so only recall the games that were called off despite the pitch being playable. I watched that one at my mum’s house in Portsmouth that year. I recall they completely filled that end, so they couldn’t have had trouble getting down.
  6. Your support

    I don’t think we would. It wasn’t too long ago that we didn’t have a home game for about two months because two or three home games were cancelled because of the ice. Weather was nowhere near as bad as it has been rececntly, just a bit icy on the roads etc and the games were called off gor the safety of all fans. Trains weren’t cancelled at all, so plenty of opportunity for fans to get there etc, but the club were concerned for the fans. I certainly wouldn’t argue with the rest of it. City are a much better team than us currently, although I’d think it would be a bit more competetive if we didn’t have all the injuries. Again I agree with regards the posters. Very dignified, classy people. I also hope they go up. I think more than anything I’m disappointed (a MASSIVE understatement) because I couldn’t get there, and had non refundable hotels booked etc. Had looked forward to City away all season, and couldn’t physically get there.
  7. Your support

    They can’t, you’re right. However, clubs would usually delay kick off when there’s disruptions to trains / motorways etc. Everything else in the city was shut down, but Bristol City wouldn’t postpone the game despite not only a large portion of away fans, but home fans too not being physically able to get there. Very poor decission in my opinion, and smacks of desperation to take advantage of the injury crisis we find ourselves in.
  8. Your support

    So many of us didn’t make it due to all the train cancellations. Me and two mates have planned an over nighter for this fixture since the fixture list came out. Not a single train that would have got me into Bristol today. Disappointed just doesn’t come near to explaining my feelings on the game still being played despite all the warnings from the bill and shopping centres being shut etc. Absolutely gutted. I would imagine that end would have been near on full if it weren’t for the cancellations.
  9. Not worthy of the name !

    Wow! What a gesture! THAT’S where we excell. And that’s the definition of WAWAW.
  10. So you were both Frigates and Destroyers?
  11. In the group that I go regularly with home and away we have ex matelot (me), ex pongo, and an ex trolley dolly. Plenty of forces banter between us.
  12. I’m an ex Stoker also. Both parents in the mob in the 80s, where they met. What ships did you serve on?
  13. He said Ex Services (ie millitary), not ex hotel tester.
  14. One thing in common...

    What the fizz are you on about?