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  1. Pompeyowl

    Next SWFC Manager - Ballotageddon MKII

    No, but a new manager might decide to play the best of the bunch he has, and play them in their best positions. He may also show a bit of what might be required to inspire the players that he has at his disposal to get more out of them. This current manager shows absolutely nothing to make me believe that he is either playing the best that we can, or that we are getting the most out of those that do play. I’m not one to encourage changing manager for the sake of it, but I have never felt either emotionally attached to Jos, nor have I felt at any moment during his stay here that our club was progressing or fulfilling our potential. To me he 100% HAS to go.
  2. Pompeyowl

    Meadowhall Shop

    Not if they selling the same poo that’s in the shop at the ground.
  3. The worst thing about Halloween is trick or treating. I grew up and was told not to speak to strangers. And if they offered you sweets you should see this as a red flag, kick them in the ankle and run. Now people are actively telling their kids to go to a stranger’s front door and BEG them for sweets!! Do you know the best place to take your kids to get a bag full of sweets is? THE flipping SHOP. You cheap twats.
  4. Pompeyowl

    Bohemian rap DC

    Absolutely spot on! 10/10
  5. Pompeyowl

    Just got back...

    You’re not even attempting to stay under cover, are you?!
  6. Pompeyowl

    Lees goal “celebration”

    Last night’s goal was like celebrating a consolation goal when you’re 3-0 down and performing abysmally. I’ve celebrated harder going ahead in friendlies than last night. As for Nuhiu cupping his ear? Why so offended?! It wasn’t exactly deafening in the ground last night. What other point could you possibly think he could have been making other than to make some noise and get behind the boys?
  7. Pompeyowl

    Just got back...

    I’m not saying he played out a God like performance, but he was one of our better players last night, so to rate him a 5 out of 10 is ridiculous.
  8. Pompeyowl

    Just got back...

    Bannan 5?! I smell bacon. Did Fleck get an 11 tonight by any chance?
  9. I love him. Always have. But something seems to be missing this season. He has been dire, and I’ve not seen him perform at all this season so far.
  10. The only stat in either game that matters.
  11. Pompeyowl

    Already a txt from a blunt

    Got to love it when people type ‘anorl’. It gives you immediate indication that you are arguing with an uneducated halfwitt.
  12. I completely agree with the sentiment. He’s a great young keeper, with a really bright future ahead of him, and really does not deserve an ounce of the critisism that he’s receieved. Regarding being the best young keeper since Pressman? I disagree. I personally think that Wildsmith shouldn’t have had the shirt taken off of him, and rate him a little more than Dawson.
  13. Pompeyowl


    It was absolutely disgusting out there. I was pushing arms against the wall pushing back to make room for a pair of women that couldn’t move. Wednesday fans getting attacked by the thugs in the other direction, all while smoke bombs, bangers, and glass bottles were being lobbed at us. Get inside and ask the stewards to make some form of a common sense decission before someone gets really hurt, but their hands are tied by the bill. Credit where it’s due, although the turnstyle issue was an absolute shambles, after the game the had it 100% sewn up.
  14. The end to the materialistic shitshower
  15. Pompeyowl

    I feel sorry for Dawson.

    I disagree regarding Dawson’s performance. I don’t think he had a bad game at all. I also think that, should Westwood have been playing, we’d have been embarrassed regardless. The problem isn’t the goalkeeping situation (for clarity I still think that Wildsmith shouldn’t have been dropped). The problem is that there are ten players in front of the keeper doing little to protect him.