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  1. Referees Biased?

    I’m not a fan of the introduction of technology in the game, as I think this slows the play down and will completely distinguish a whole range of topics of conversation. What really wee wees me off is that the officials are the only ones in the sport that are indespensible. They are immune from criticism. Player plays bobbar - Dropped Manager doesn’t get the results - Sacked Fan gets drunk or airs frustration - Kicked out / banned Player questions the ref over a bobbar decision - Player gets booked / sent off Manager criticises referee - Manager gets fined How do you expect the standard of refereeing to reach any kind of respectable level when they are held on a pedastal? Many people will argue that you shouldn’t rely on a referee to do the right thing in order to get the points, and to a certain extent I would agree. However, many of the games in this league are won and lost by a very slim margin. A team that goes up will often win games that they haven’t played well in. Like yesterday. Those are promotion winning games. And the ref has denied us that win, like refs have denied us many more points this season.
  2. What did you think of that lads?

    I don’t doubt your man’s negotiation skills, but not only has it taken our chairman a third of a season to sell home shirts to fans that have been desperate for them, he’s charging them through the arsehole for the pleasure. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that he would not sell our most consistant performer to another Championship side regardless of how desperate they were for him.
  3. What did you think of that lads?

    For me, him and Hooper have been the most consistent players. Both always giving 100%, even when it seems the rest of the team are having a stroll in the park with the dog.
  4. Rednapp

    “forget rednapp” in a thread titled ‘Rednapp’. Can see why people think you want Redknapp?
  5. What did you think of that lads?

    Fair enough if that’s how you read it. However, this is Owlstalk, so surely I can be forgiven for reading it the way I did?
  6. Rednapp

    Let’s not. He’s a snake, and he will create a hell of a lot more bobbar than good.
  7. What did you think of that lads?

    I’d agree with every point in that post except the penalty. City looked a decent side, and pressured us a lot, pushing us into creating our own problems. I liked the look of their high end pressuring, something I’ve wanted to see us do for a long time. First half we had a spell of about ten minutes where we looked decent, but aside that offered very little. The referee certainly wasn’t bias towards them, and I agree he was all round just bobbar. I was commenting during the game where I thought he’d made the wrong decision in our favour. Despite this, it was us that were on the poor side of the major decisions. Twice in the box where we had no reason to go down, but ended up on the deck after contact was made. One again outside the area where Hooper (?) was battling it out with a defender outside the box, tried staying on his feet, but was brought down. No free kick. And finally the corner given by the lino that was three yards away, over turned by the ref that was nowhere near.
  8. What did you think of that lads?

    “Don’t smoke crack” ”I hope you've got more on the list than Bannan because it’ll be a dull January for you if not.” “You want Bannan?” Not exactly complimentary comments, are they?!
  9. What did you think of that lads?

    I don’t get the negativity towards Bannan. At the moment he’s one of the only players that consistantly performs. He’s an absolute grafter, and I’d be gutted to see him leave. Saying that, unless he’s on the shortlist of a Premier League club I can’t see him going anywhere. Today was a dogshit performance. Zero creativity. Incredibly slow. But we should definitely have had at least one penalty. Yet again, for me the ref has denied us a further two points. The refs in this league are as inconsistant us us.
  10. Where other than UK have you watched us?

    Watched us play Port Vale in Barcelona. Think we drew 1-1. Were 1-0 down at half time, was bladdered and nearly fell over the balcony when we equalised.
  11. Dartboard Targets

    Don't be selfish! They come as a package. None of them are getting left out.
  12. Dartboard Targets

    James Blunt Justin Bieber David Cameron Maggie Thatcher Father Christmas