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  1. Pompeyowl

    Forest Away

    Some bloke holding his back and running through the crowd?
  2. Pompeyowl

    Atomic Kitten

    Heard a version of it at Lincoln on Friday. Just couldn’t bring myself to join in.
  3. Pompeyowl

    #SWFC Kit Sizing

    Have you ever wrapped yourself in cling film?
  4. Pompeyowl

    Lincoln City vs #SWFC - SOLD OUT

    I’m pretty certain that originally Mansfield was meant to go on sale on Monday the 2nd, which is why I was shocked to see that they were on sale today.
  5. Pompeyowl

    Lincoln City vs #SWFC - SOLD OUT

    Thanks for your sarcastic reply. It made me check, and I realised that they brought the tickets forward bu a week, so managed to get a ticket before they sold out. Genuinely, thanks for that, I may have missed out otherwise.
  6. Pompeyowl

    Lincoln City vs #SWFC - SOLD OUT

    Last time I looked, yes.
  7. Pompeyowl

    Lincoln City vs #SWFC - SOLD OUT

    Got lucky with this one. Both Lincoln and Mansfield showed as Sold Out online at 0900 this morning. Luckily tried again at 0917, and managed to get a ticket. Although Mansfield is still Sold Out a week before they go on sale to any fans. What an effort!
  8. Pompeyowl

    Bell of the Year - The Final!

    I was expecting the “Reight ‘ard” ‘Ull fan that spent all game gobbing off, but vanished before the final whistle to be an option.
  9. Pompeyowl

    SWFC graffiti

    Didn’t someone paint ‘Wednesday’ on the Sty some years back, which they ‘cleaned up’ by painting over the letters, meaning it was still visible?
  10. Pompeyowl

    Anyone disagreeing?

    Two pages and nobody’s made the obvious “Who’s Adam Resch? Is he better than Adam Reach?” comment as yet.
  11. Pompeyowl

    Foxs' head

    Thought this was going to be a thread about a boozer.
  12. I don’t understand why people go to games / gigs etc and watch it through their phones. You never get the full enjoyment out of the event.
  13. Didn’t they go down to 10 men after we scored our third?
  14. Pompeyowl

    Today's match on TV

    I hear Sky Sports 6 is really popular with Owlstalkers.