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  1. Hi all, Apologies if I have missed this in an earlier thread, but does anyone know where/how to get the 2018/19 fixtures downloaded / synced up with an iPhone calendar? I think there was a thread about this last year, but cant see it this time round... Thanks everyone! WAWAW
  2. I genuinely think it's nerves and anxiety that get the better of us and cause us to bicker amomgst ourselves, from time to time. We all love Wednesday, and deep down no-one is disagreeing with each other. Imagine supporing anyone else. Go on. See? UTO ...Wednesday till I die
  3. not presently. but that player is still in there.
  4. Absolutely. We have amazing support. Occasionally some of us get nervous and say daft things. There's few things in life better than being a Wednesday fan. WAWAW
  5. Mate - there are loads of us. We need to sort this out. Got a good 20 of us together for the brighton away play off semi a couple of years ago in the Railway - west didsbury
  6. Ha ha. I'm old enough to be - thats for sure. Dont know why. Maybe just that so few players come through the ranks and get a proper first team run for us, its a novelty... ....If only I had a son playing for Wednesday :)
  7. thing about rhodes, you can see the confidence draining from him as the game goes on. remember that player who scored 4 against us for udders. he's still in there somewhere
  8. Did a good job tonight. First time ive seen him properly. On first impressions alone, I'd pick him over Joost
  9. Loovens has contributed a huge amount and has been central in returning the (sort of) 'feel good factor' of the last few seasons. However I think he's done all he can for us. We need to replace him.
  10. fair do's :) dont agree about Ross Wallace though...sometimes you need a little terrier with attitude/(ego). We need him. Adam Reach improves with every game in a Wednesday shirt. The last player to do that, in my opinion was/is Kieran Lee. Lee went from wtf fringe player to our most important player. reach can potentially go further. i think :) WAWAW
  11. what a game to make your debut; albeit a run out. why have I got a funny feeling about this lad? Fingers crossed..WAWAW SalfordOwl
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