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  1. Sheffield Wednesday v Bournemouth | Extended highlights | 2020/21 Watch video here Sheffield Wednesday v Bournemouth | Extended highlights | 2020/21
  2. Sheffield Wednesday v Bournemouth | Extended highlights | 2020/21 Watch video here Sheffield Wednesday v Bournemouth | Extended highlights | 2020/21
  3. Took my lad and nephew on Stadium tour before Villa game - great value and well worth it. Bloke running them has so much knowledge of the club and history. Booked online, tickets available from ticket website.
  4. Some great goals mentioned already, but Siggi Jonsson at Norwich also deserves including.
  5. Try The Wellington in Cromer, they have more than 1 screen & screen football.
  6. Looks like I've had same problems as everyone else, in a queue since 9:00 & finally got tickets. Still plenty left on Kop.
  7. This for me to, will always remember this game pretty much down to Gazza's brilliance that day.
  8. What a great away day that was. Didn't buy a ticket in advance, turned up paid on the gate and they squeezed you in.
  9. Was there too, one of the best Wednesday goals I've seen. Also seem to remember this being one of Pressman's first games and him making a great penalty save?
  10. Agree service provided to strikers needs to improve all round. It's not solely down to wingers though, Mings is a full back & Whittingham is more a midfielder than winger.
  11. Makes great reading that and honest comments from an opposition manager for a change. Team look together and playing with confidence - credit SG.
  12. Half an hour of Blackburn away in 92-93 was probably the best spell of football I can remember from any team.
  13. This. I was firmly in the 'never want to leave Hillsborough' camp as I love the place But having visited the Emirates to see a Muse concert last week my opinions have changed, and Highbury was as much an iconic stadium as Hillsborough is. Space on concourses, more catering & merchandising etc. means bigger revenue. If the opportunity ever arises, we have to move with the times. It could be a legacy for next 100 odd years if done in the right style for us (no bowl type things).
  14. Me + 1, really looking forward to this one, got a good feeling we'll get a result.
  15. Roger Wylde for me, then Terry Curran came along before Gary Bannister.
  16. MK looked poor tues night & don't think they'll last the pace, so i'll go for them to win. Let's get ahead of Huddersfield
  17. Always thought they're all Owls, one who left was a Pig. Good tune as well!
  18. There are quite a few Owls around Norfolk. My family are all wednesdayites, Sheffield born but exiled in Norfolk, living in Sheringham, Norwich & Wymondham (Rick you may spot him around town, he has Owl stickers in his car window). I also know of a few more, there's another lad up here in Sheringham (season ticket holder) & also another Norwich family I know who are also season ticket holders, credit to them for making that commitment. I also see Owl stickers in cars around Norfolk & Norwich quite often. With other commitments I struggle to get to too many games, managed about
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