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  1. That sums it up, brilliant.
  2. All on my Farthers’side going back numerous generations, now the baton passed onto my son and grandson.
  3. So this “derisory” offer to G Hirst

    I know but sometimes with all the made up stories and negativity on here that just gets accepted and then to get pulled up commenting on some ridiculous post about giving your ST away, oh well!
  4. So this “derisory” offer to G Hirst

    Fair enough but if you comment on my post you had better comment on all the others as well or as not one of the clique on here am I an easier target? You tell me.
  5. Ask The Chairman Part 13 - GEORGE HIRST

    you can’t really think that - been said many times in this thread that football is a business and if GH did make the first team and did well, became a real tangible asset rather than a potential one and you think his contract wouldn’t change? Ridiculous assumption just to make a negative point.
  6. So this “derisory” offer to G Hirst

    And I thought your lot we doing quite well, seems odd to give your ST away with Leon scoring for fun!
  7. George Hirst Saga..

    Or, I’m not playing unless you give me what I want.

    Don’t know how you can say this, you don’t know how it works, the only views on micro management comes from owlstalk from people who don’t know either. IMO he doesn’t have the time to micro manage nor I think the inclination..
  9. Just Got Back

    Did he?
  10. Slowest team in the Championship ?

    Take luck out of and it would have ended 5-3. Never seen a game where luck, good or bad never came into it.
  11. Lee Clark

    Assume you’re joking.
  12. Most worrying comments from Carlos yesterday?

    It is quite clear that CC means we don’t have to sell if we don’t want to. Putting any other spin on it make a point is ridiculous. It’s the the same as criticising the club (quite rightly though) about the lack of cover at centre half and criticising the club again when cover is brought in for not playing one of them - who has to get past Tom Lees to get a game!
  13. Sheffield Wednesday Steering Meeting

    Just in case I’ve missed something it appears that the fans were not blamed and the Hirst affair wasn’t mentioned. Is that correct or just the wrong spin to work an agenda the facts didn’t fit?
  14. Sheffield Wednesday Steering Meeting

    Very easy to make a statement like this. You have back it up with how you would go about it, what are your plans, how you would finance it and how you would progess to that PL. Can’t make that comment in the board room without a plan else you wouldn’t be there for to long.
  15. Sheffield Wednesday announce record shirt sales

    What can you say - sick of all the trolls on here.