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  1. Team for Villa

    Problem here as Nielsen is out for a couple of weeks.
  2. Young George Hirst

    At the game again today.
  3. Young George Hirst

    It does seem odd that he has opted to miss a whole season - he will, by the end of his career, most likely be a multi-millionaire. All this does is harm his development. Bad advise indeed.
  4. People sat near you at matches

    Think I must be sat close to you then!
  5. Why would you play back up players when 1st team players are available?
  6. VIDEO - how is this a sending off?

    One thing from yesterday’s debarcle was that Birmingham obviously won the game at a canter but did not take the wee wee out of us, thought they showed us some respect.
  7. George Hirst

    Good question, I’m never that sure and never really understood existentialism
  8. George Hirst

    Yes, definitely - there must be others on this site who can verify this. It was discussed by the people sat around me.
  9. George Hirst

    She was talking to him and Neil Thomson at the Reading game - all in the Directors box. All seemed very jolly.
  10. Official January Transfer Rumours Thread..

    Perhaps she’s just in control.
  11. David Hirst resigns from Sheffield Wednesday

    Also, GH was sitting in the Directors box with Neil Thomson looking very happy and chatting with KM.
  12. Flags at front of kop

    They are to waved when we score - that’s why we’ve not seen them before.
  13. Lee Bullen

    Bullen stood up and stepped into the breach, don’t understand the comments on here.
  14. David Pleat

    But the club was all the better for him being there - it was fun at least.
  15. David Pleat

    True, but none did sa much damage.