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  1. I'd have to agree about Albion fans being the best of the bunch round here, although I do hate the way they call it 'the olbion'. I keep that to myself though as I'm slap bang in the middle of Albion country!
  2. I've also met a handful when I've been in Merry Hill with my blue and white on
  3. I think there's an Owl in or near Cradley Heath too, remember being on the train home from B'ham to Stourbridge one saturday last season (pronounced Starebridge in a BC accent!) and seeing a chap get off the train at Cradley with a megastore bag and the days programme peeking out of the top of it. Had a brief chat with him after the initial mutual surprise of there being another Owl 110 miles away from Sheffield but didn't ask him where he lived.
  4. Bay. Hah. Yeah, I've heard that now and again.
  5. "Ow bist?", surely! Cradley Heath, man. I lived there for 2 years. That place is the epicentre of the Black Country.
  6. This bloke in the Brentford stand to our left was having the craic with us and pulled a teapot pose out of the blue for some reason, so we all gave it back, then up pops the camera, so we held the pose.
  7. Huckerby scored for Norwich that day.
  8. Pretty impossible to get through on the phone at the moment to do this.
  9. Brilliant then, thanks Caz for the speedy reply.
  10. I tried to buy online last night but the delivery option had been removed. I'm 110 mile away and in this weather with Sheffield pretty much under lockdown I'm not going to drive all the way up. Is there any way I can POTG or buy in advance and collect at the ground? Thanks.
  11. Yep, Robinson and Carter, we won 1-0 and Burton scored.
  12. I do like your one word capitalised outburst at the end of each post. SUCCINCT.
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