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  1. Jordan Thorniley

    I think that Thorniley is a RB/CH, at least RB is where he played for U23's. I'm fairly sure he started for Accrington at RB and was then moved to LB. But I could be wrong.
  2. Yes, I was there. After comfortably holding them for nearly all the match we were beaten by a soft shot which RS meant to push round the post but only succeeded in diverting it into the corner of the net. We were gutted.
  3. Loan Watch

    It's the one his Old Man was strapped to.
  4. North Stand Cusions

    I suggested to the Supporters Club committee that they made them boomerang shape but they would not listen.
  5. North Stand Cusions

    I used to sell them for the Supporters club, so no they weren't free and they were thrown on the pitch for various reasons especially bad reffing. Collecting them after was a pain especially the wet and muddy ones that had been thrown on the pitch.
  6. Alan Finney

    Alan Finney was great player and along with Derek Wilkinson was an hero of mine while I was still at junior school. They used to torment the life out of their respective full backs and then switch wings to inflict even more pain.
  7. If you're not bouncing

    I'd rather have been in the top tier than have that lot land on me.
  8. Chairmanship message

    Friday night will have taken a hell of a lot more out of them than it did us. They will have lot more questions to answer than us.
  9. Brighton following

    It's the ones who didn't come who should be ashamed.
  10. Fans on Lower Lep

    I was there and I am a turnstile operator. Usually they stick us in the uncovered seats in the NW corner for games like this with instructions not to stand up or cheer when we score so as not to antagonise the away support.
  11. Good luck

    Thought that their fans, who did turn up, supported the team very well and we deserve more credit for making Cardiff look very ordinary.
  12. Rest most of the 1st team V Wolves?

    Look at again after Monday's games.
  13. Full Backs

    I concede that for the Rotherham goal there were several ifs and buts in the build up but Hunt's defending at the far post was poor. I think Palmer would have attacked the ball rather do whatever it was that Hunt was trying to do.