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  1. Could he have travelled with the squad down to Gillingham for experience ?
  2. Sell, and invest some of the cash in a new contract for Iofa.
  3. His name was Vic and I think he used to banter with Ron Springett when he walked round the pitch perimeter selling the Star to the terraces.
  4. Didn't Oliver come to us as a Centre Half and was converted to a Centre Forward in the U18's or U21's.
  5. Saw him play for USSR against West Germany at Goodison Park in the 1966 World cup. Beckenbauer stuck one past him from 20/25 yards and that's all I can remember about him, apart from the hype.
  6. It was a very busy, thriving area when I started work at Daniel Doncaster in 1964. There were several large employers on Penistone Road plus all the peripherals that went with them. Also there still a lot of houses on the roads leading off Penistone Road.
  7. There could be as I understand it has a Global Membership base.
  8. Do you mean to that tackle from Bannon where he took the man first because he can only tackle with his left foot ?
  9. I don't know if this has been answered but surely the parent club may need these players if they are still in contract.
  10. I worked on the turnstiles at that time and had a stopper until half time. I got into the North just in time to see Cannoville score their first and left as they scored their fourth. So didn' t see a single Wednesday goal.
  11. Left sided C/B came up through the Northern Intermediate side (U18's).
  12. John, is your lad starting or is he still feeling his way back?
  13. Yes, sad news for anybody who travelled away on the Supporters Club coaches back in the day. Went to many a match with her and other lovely people from about 1964 to 1970 then lost touch after opting to play on a Saturday instead. RIP Rita.
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