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  1. As a supporter/paying customer considering whether to renew my season ticket, I think I have a right to know why this decision has been made. Also will it apply to any other players for any other reasons.
  2. As a supporter of nearly 50 years I think I have been more than patient at the near constant failure of a club of this size. We only ever seem to mange 2 0r 3 decent seasons in every 20. All club's supporters moan when things are not going well, You think Arsenal and Chelsea forums are all sweetness right now despite all their success in the last 20 years? I'm angry with things currenty because when Mr Chansiri took over it looked like at long last we had a chance to really progress. I know am like a mardy kid saying "It's not fair - why are we always so crap?" but I look at Wolves and Hudder
  3. Sounds like he really regrets taking the job and has no clue how to handle it. Probably best for all if he walks away today.
  4. That would require him admitting he made a mistake. Not likely to happen.
  5. But we can't move the dead wood if they are still under contract. They won't go. We are stuck with them.
  6. Couple of times tonight he had the chance to run with the ball down the wing as there was acres of space in front of him and each time he checked back and hit a little nothing pass sideways. I booed him both times and make no apologies for it. It's called frustration.
  7. Unfortunately it seems our better academy players get their heads turned by the prospect of earning bigger bucks elsewhere. Our only hope is that we can do what United and Barnsley do and sell them for millions but we don't seem capable of doing that either.
  8. Yes the totally unknown out of work for two years foreign manager experiment we have tried for the last two appointments has not gone as planned. Time to back to British with knowledge and understanding of the lower leagues now,
  9. We only have 2 good seasons in every 20. Going to get relegated and it will take years years to climb back out of league 1. Club is in freefall again
  10. We only have 2 good seasons in every 20. Going to get relegated and it will take years years to climb back out of league 1. Club is in freefall again
  11. I'm embarrassed by that performance. Losing fighting, giving it a go, blood an thunder, up and at 'em style is acceptable. That shower representing Sheffield Wednesday tonight were limp, pathetic, skill-less and clueless.
  12. Jos is dross I'm afraid. I can only hope he really didn't want to progress in the cup to concentrate our efforts in the league but deary me that was truly awful.
  13. Totally agree. We are totally inept through and through. Embarrassed by that performance. Could not string four passes together. Loovens hitting balls into touch when a team mate is 3 yards away. God it's hard being a Wednesdayite.
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