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  1. I think the camps are split between those who aren't too fussed about what kit we wear and those who are passionate about stripes. I'm in the latter camp. To see the likes of Newcastle, Huddersfield and Wigan coming to Hillsborough and wearing stripes just doesn't feel right. Given the top 3 teams in our division all have broad stripes then clearly it's not a question of the players finding it easier to pick out bold colours as opposed to stripes. I hated the new club badge but it has grown on me but I've got an irrational disapproval of anyone I see in this abomination of a new kit simply because it justifies and supports the change. If we go back to stripes then the not bothered camp still won't be too bothered but the passionate stripes group will be overjoyed. Why would DC want to wee wee off a significant section of the supporters by continuing with kits that do not represent us. If I was at the meeting this would be my one and only question.
  2. Was looking at the 1966 cup final picture last night of Don Megson and Brian Labone shaking hands. Your third picture. Two things struck me 1) they are shaking left handed and 2) Labone's thumb makes it look like a masonic shake. A whole new conspiracy theory begins.........
  3. He was in the South Stand. Kop end.
  4. The ball bounced before the line. That's a sign as to how softly he hit it. Most keepers would fancy their chances of saving a shot from 18 yards that will bounce before the line. Direction was perfect just didn't put enough on it.
  5. I go and watch Rovers whenever Wednesday don't have a game (quite often thanks to Sky). Taylor has been a big part of Rovers getting two consecutive promotions out of the conference and then League 2. Can't argue with his goal scoring record but he's not a player you notice much until he scores. No real pace, not great in the air, can't create a goal himself but he has knack of being in the right place at the right time and puts away a good percentage of anything coming his way. In my view not in the same league as Hooper in terms of technical ability, hold up play and vision. He's not a 20 year old diamond who we can shine up. I think he would struggle at Championship level.
  6. Team sheet says under 21s not Under 23s. Think you are allowed 3 over-age players. Semedo, Hooper and Sasso.
  7. Why does he take such an age to take them? Often will have a swig from his bottle, rub his gloves on his towel, try to locate the ball, take it to the opposite side of his goalmouth, make a mark for his run up, take slow steps backward, stand an age and point at various players then kick it to their defence who have all had ample time to pick up their men and regain their positions. Most annoying is when a bit of positive atmosphere is building up and he almost waits as long as he can until silence has descended. I reckon he takes at least 30 seconds longer than actually needed (and we see how quickly he can take them if we have 30 seconds to go and losing). Assuming he takes 10 goal kicks a game that's 5 minutes I spend watching this routine. That's a whole match a season at home. A guaranteed clean sheet for 90 minutes I suppose. Westwood is possibly the best keeper we have had in my half a century of watching the Owls and I wouldn't swap him for anyone but am I the only person who gets infuriated by these game killing tactics?
  8. Except Weatherall never played in a first team game for us.
  9. I assume the agent everyone wants sacking is the same one who helped broker a deal for his move from Watford to us. If FF is unhappy, for whatever the reason, then his agent is only trying to achieve what his client wishes. If he advised FF not to get on the bus then he's played a trump card very early in the negotiations.
  10. BTW tickets say Sheffield Wednesday or Brighton so must have been printed at least a week ago.
  11. Bought Wednesday, email re dispatch Friday, arrived Saturday and signed for.
  12. Why do commentators keep saying Burnley need to win? A draw and they are up.
  13. Strange how Lewis Mcgugan not even in the picture yet would have been all of our first name on team sheet in August. I think Wallace will be on bench but wonder if Carlos will turn to Mathias ahead of Wallace if we are chasing a game? Think both may start against Wolves so will be interesting to compare.
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