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  1. In this division it would have to be Terry Curran, he did it for us once before in this league.
  2. Heskey Didn't think he was poo when he scored for England against Germay in the 5-1 victory and didn't think he was poo when he was man of the match for Wigan against the blunts when they sent them down.. and there are plenty of premiership managers who also don't think he is not poo as they keep buying and playing him.
  3. I was at the chelsea match in 1967 and to my recollection there was around 18000 of us, also the scorer for chelsea that day was Tommy Baldwin who a couple of years later finished up in prison. I can remember we were mostly under cover in one corner of the ground and during an injury break in the secong half all of the wednesdayites started singing their heads off at which Don Megson turned round with his hands on his hips and stared into the crowd in disbelief. Was also at Leicester for the Arsenal matches and the Crystal Palace match at Villa park. Also don't forget the game at Leeds where we won 3-1 after drawing at home with John Ritchie scoring.
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