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  1. You’re right, xG only counts the likelihood of scoring shots so those scenarios would make it daft. I think the volume of those kinds of situations over the course of the game would rarely be so high to completely invalidate the model though. It works the other way round too, Gregory’s goal against Rotherham probably had a high xG due to how close he was to the goal / the fact he was one on one with the keeper. All of that hides the fact that 99% of the time the chance doesn’t happen because the keeper holds on to the ball. The point is that it gives a better idea of the way a match went than the score on its own, or things like shots etc but it shouldn’t be used on its own.
  2. Last season the most he won was 3 tackles in 3 matches (Barnsley x2, and QPR away) and averaged 0.78 tackles per 90
  3. Reach never won more than 4 tackles in a game for us and averaged 0.71 tackles per 90 mins.
  4. It’s the fact that we’ve conceded a penalty in half the games we’ve played and penalties are scored 80% of the time. Strip that away and we’re comfortably the best defence in the league so far (assuming we stop giving penalties away)
  5. Fantastic business. Well done everyone at the club that made it happen.
  6. A penalty is 0.8 xG and we’ve faced 2 this season so our non penalty xGA is 0.36 - best in the league as far as I can work out. Basically the standard of chances teams are creating against us would see us concede one every 3 games at the moment.
  7. His name fits perfectly into the first line of the chorus of Rio by Duran Duran. That’s going to be my only contribution as I obviously can’t think of enough words to fill the rest of it……. His name is Dennis, Dennis Adeniran You’ve come to watch him cos he’s the best in the land You’ll see him smiling because he’s a Wednesday fan Oh Dennis, Dennis, Dennis Adeniran
  8. The Pound would have to be bloody strong against the Euro
  9. According to the Athletic he was told he could leave this window. He’s probably been starting because there was no one else for the spot
  10. Getting a fee for someone we signed for nothing after they were without a club for 6 months and who has done nothing of note in his time here is incredible business
  11. Since we’re only allowed to be positive now, do we have to be upset that a player that’s started 3 from 4 in our heroic and indomitable team is leaving? Or would being upset be too negative and imply we’re questioning the managers judgment? Or would being happy that he’s going imply he’s not good enough, which would be negative since he’s started 3 from 4 in our heroic and indomitable team?
  12. All good points and fair enough. Didn’t mean to be negative at all - I think what we’ve achieved over the summer and up to now in the season is miracle work. I’m just impatient for us to take the next step - but whichever way we look at it time is going to be the most important ingredient.
  13. I hope we win every game 1-0 between now and the rest of the season… and if we do I want to be on here talking about what we can do to score twice next week. You run a football forum, let people talk about football.
  14. You’re right, maybe teams are loading the right because that’s where we’re more dangerous… that’s exactly what I think is happening and unfortunately we haven’t been able to exploit the man advantage elsewhere as much as maybe we could. A bit more attacking balance on the left side might give us more chance of doing that. Whether that’s a different fullback or different winger, the point is that we aren’t looking like as much of a threat down the left as we could and I think that once we sort that we’ll be able to take advantage dominance like we had early against Fleetwood. I said Palmer wasn’t an attacking fullback and is on his wrong foot and that Johnson doesn’t seem to have clicked yet and might need a different kind of fullback to get more out of him. I’m not really sure how that’s particularly controversial to be honest. It’s early days, the first 11 today won’t be the same as it is in May and I don’t think there’s any harm in having a critical eye while acknowledging that it’s a new team with loads of moving parts coming together.
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