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  1. Absolutely not. I am vehemently opposed to behind closed doors games, so I will not contribute one single penny to facilitate this farce.
  2. If clubs cared about their fans, they would vehemently oppose this nonsense of a return to football behind closed doors. Yet all we hear is how they’re all meet to return to training and to compete the season. No fans = no football. I want my money back.
  3. I like the home shirt but nowhere near enough to spend £60 on it.
  4. It doesn’t matter what the risk is to you though. With drinking (and to a lesser extent smoking) you only put yourself at risk. With this, you put anyone and everyone you come into contact with at risk, and they can pass it on too without even realising.
  5. I’ve just placed an order. How do I go about getting it signed please?
  6. I want a refund for any games I can’t go to this season and any games I can’t go to next season. I also want a refund on the flights I’ve booked that are about to be cancelled. It’s no different. Watching on Ifollow is the equivalent of the airline giving me some time on an electric sun bed.
  7. What a stupid decision to make now. It is clearly going to be months before the football can resume. They should be looking at this when things look like they may be returning to normal, not after 1 postponed match. Right now even if the rest of the season was binned immediately, I strongly doubt next season would be able to begin in August.
  8. I live in the “Leppings Lane Triangle”. I have an ST and I’m not inconvenienced by match days but that’s because I’m in the NBT for 12:30 on a Saturday and down at Kelham until 8:30 on a Saturday evening. But, this season has been a shitshow for anyone living here who doesn’t go to the match. Our roads bizarrely are not resident parking only, and both ends are blocked off before kick off and after the final whistle for quite a while so we’re prisoners on our own road. No one moved here unaware that match days will be busy. There may have been the odd one who complained before this season but most just accepted it was an inconvenience. However the drastic and draconian changes imposed upon us this season without warning are what’s pissed people off.
  9. We are, at least semi-officially. We’re essentially past the “contain” phase of the disease, where the aim was to prevent the spread of it. We’re now approaching full “delay”, where it’s accepted the disease will spread, but the aim is to delay it until the summer months when the impact on anyone contracting it will be reduced.
  10. We left at 3-0. Been on the ale at Kelham for a while now. Far better than watching the rest of that.
  11. The way we played against Huddersfield was a flipping embarassment, especially in the away leg when we went to defend for 90 minutes. He should never have been given a new contract after that shitshow. A flipping charlatan.
  12. I live on Fielding. It was touch and go last night- moved all my stuff upstairs and my cellar started to flood, but this morning it’s started to reduce. The river still looks bloody awful at Owlerton and through Kelham when I cycled to work this morning so it wouldn’t surprise me if the match was still called off due to the risk to supporters. There’s very little rain forecast for today and tomorrow so hopefully the river level will drop and everything will be ok.
  13. This morning I was firmly in the rugby camp. I’m not going to Blackburn today but if Wednesday are as bad as England were this morning and the cricket team were in the Ashes, I’ll start watching flipping tennis. Before anyone says anything, pyjama cricket doesn’t count and can fizz off.
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