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  1. Perhaps the delay in the delivery of the shirt was deliberate by the club, to give people chance to save up what will possibly be more than the GDP of some countries to purchase one.
  2. Rubbish I was there. Once again, we made a terrible team look good, apart from a brief spell after half time. How many times have we done that this season?! That performance was inept, against a side who hadn’t scored in 8 and had lost all of those. Now it’s got to the point where fans were chanting “Carlos out”, hopefully it won’t be long.
  3. 10:40 train to Manchester A couple of sherbets Train to Horwich Parkway Match Train to Manchester A couple of sherbets Train to Sheffield
  4. Battered us?

    The played us off the park. Then if one compares their squad of journeymen with what we’ve spent, it looks even worse. we had 20 good minutes at the start of the second half, just as we did against QPR and Sunderland, but they could have been out of sight before halftime.
  5. Added time tonight

    This kind of crap could be prevented with the simple decision to stop the clock in the stadium when the referee stops his clock. Even better, take the timing away from the referee. Other sports do it and it works well, but football is run by incompetent luddites.
  6. Pub before derby

    Yes, go here. Don't go near The Shakey, The Riverside, The Hillsborough Tap or The Rawson Spring. Central Hillsborough is flipping dreadful. Alternative go early to the stadium; the new Thornbridge beers are top notch.
  7. Thornbridge beer on the bars tomorrow

    Oh dear, they weren't the sharpest last year.
  8. Thornbridge beer on the bars tomorrow

    Same as last season? Are the same 3 staff behind the bar there as last season too?
  9. Thornbridge beer on the bars tomorrow

    Both Foster's and John Smith's are crimes against beer.
  10. Thornbridge beer on the bars tomorrow

    I had a pint of the Owls on the North. I liked it, but I would have preferred to try the real ale. Got to the ground a bit late so didn't have time to find it- does anyone know which bars on the North are selling it? Although the Owls beer was good, as usual the service was flipping dreadful- one girl on her own on the cashless till by gangway T, she was slow and her colleagues actually pulling the beer were even slower.
  11. Yellow and Black 92-93 away shirt

    I got one, size L, off eBay in excellent condition in about 2008. Cost me £20.
  12. Places you've not sat and why

    Never been on the Kop- I don't like sitting on the ends. However I have sat on the lower Lepp once in the early 90s because we got free tickets through Cubs for an evening match against Ipswich. Also never been in the NW corner. I've got a ST in the North; this is the 3rd different seat I've had but they've always been on there.
  13. Fulham had fergie time

    Why not just stop the clock when play stops, then the match will actually finish on 90:00? Problems/controversies ended overnight.
  14. North Stand Concourses

    There are so many breweries at Kelham Island and further around Sheffield that could supply the club too. Even the Wisewood Inn at Loxley is in the process of building their own brewery downstairs, with the first ales expected to be ready by October.
  15. North Stand Concourses

    I'm very disappointed that the real ale has gone. The pale ale was nothing special but the bitter was cracking. We left the Barrack Tavern early on Saturday to have a pint in the ground (which we did regularly last season once they started selling the real ale). Instead we ended up with a bottle of warm Heineken for £4 each. Last night we didnt bother wasting our time and stayed in the Barrack Tavern until the last possible minute.