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  1. Cheers. Last night, one of my mates who used to live in London recommended there or ther Porter House too.
  2. I’m in London tomorrow for work and staying at Covent Garden. Anyone recommend any good pubs to watch the match please? I don’t think the bar in the Travelodge will have the best atmosphere.
  3. Loxley Owl

    The Wednesday Tap tonight

    New Barrack Tavern for me
  4. Loxley Owl

    Classic #SWFC. Classic Stripes

    Not keen on blue shorts.
  5. Loxley Owl

    What do YOU call Hillsborough?

    Depending on the context and audience, I use “Hillsborough”, “the Wednesday ground” and “the stadium” interchangeably.
  6. Loxley Owl

    Bench seating

    I’ve been to a few matches where it’s been so boring, I’ve actually fallen asleep in my seat. Padded benches would be great for poo games like that, particularly after a couple of pre-kickoff ales.
  7. Loxley Owl

    The Wednesday Tap

    That’s exactly my point. I’ve been renovating a house in the area and I’ll be moving in very soon. When I do, the Wednesday Tap and the Park Hotel will be my locals. I would much rather go to the Tap for a pint and/or to watch an away match ok Sky- I love Thornbridge beer. However, my fear is that it will be gone before I get chance to enjoy it.
  8. Loxley Owl

    The Wednesday Tap

    Why is the club still not pushing the Wednesday Tap to local residents? There’s not even a sign on Parkside Road telling people where it is- if it was advertised and they had the right licence, they could sell loads of beer to people in the park during the summer. I went in the other Saturday and we were literally the only people there apart from the staff. It’s amateur from the club. Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to crate the Wednesday Tap, but it feels like no one is willing to put the effort in to make it a success. It shouldn’t take much as the nearest decent pubs to the stadium are the New Barrack Tavern and the Horse & Jockey, both quite a walk away.
  9. Loxley Owl

    What price would you pay?

    I think there would have been less moaning about the poo football last season if it had been winning poo football- we only made the playoffs with that late run but looked like we were going to miss out for a long time. If we had been serious contenders for the automatic spots no one would have really complained at the time.
  10. Good video. Awful music.
  11. Loxley Owl

    Jay Bothroyd

    As much as Bothroyd still makes me angry, I think that’s slightly unfair Bothroyd undoubtedly was a talented player and had done well in the past at Cardiff (I can’t remember if that was for Jones but it would make sense). The Wednesday fans’ reaction was very positive when he signed. In theory, it could have been a good signing. Sadly, he turned out to be crap and a massive bell end.
  12. Loxley Owl

    Rate the season

    2/10- Disaster. The aim at the start was automatic promotion; we only confirmed safety the other week. The only things making it as high as 2/10 are: Leeds double Reach’s wondergoals at Villa and Forest Reach’s general high standard throughout the season Nuhiu’s wondergoal against Preston Nuhiu’s emergence as a prolific striker over the last couple of months Joao’s improvement over the last couple of months Youngsters breaking into the team and looking like they should be there The Wednesday Pale Ale I was going to include the return of players like Forestieri and Bannan, but I’ve decided them being missing most of the season is one of the reasons why the score is so low. We already knew they were top players and their absence through injury has contributed to the disaster. Their recent return has limited the damage rather than been a highlight.
  13. Loxley Owl

    Goodbye, my friend

    Sadly I don’t have a filter. I just missed it because I stayed clear of the match day section when we were terrible. If you know how to activate such a filter on my iPhone, please let me know!
  14. Loxley Owl

    Goodbye, my friend

    Somehow (thankfully) I missed this batshit crazy thread in December. Jesus H. Christ
  15. Loxley Owl

    The ref playing no stoppage time

    They are allowed a conversion attempt. The match finishes immediately after the conversion is taken and scored/missed.