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  1. Play offs in the first season was an excellent achievement. Last season we played dreadful football and only made the playoffs because we had a late run of good results and Leeds collapsed. This season we were supposed to be aiming for automatic promotion. The standard of the league is dire and we should be challenging. Instead, the football is even worse than last season and we are already 10 points short of the playoffs. We’re only 11 points above relegation and every team below us except Milwall has already taken points off us.
  2. Not using ST next Friday

    It’s my work Christmas party next week. I’ve given my season ticket to a mate for the evening and I pity him going to watch that poo .
  3. It's usually one that sell lots of different beers from one brewery- sometimes it's owned by that brewery.
  4. This free delivery option sounds good. Where did you find that?
  5. The only good thing the club had managed this season so far is the Thornbridge beer. This looks really promising and I’d like to try it on Saturday. I just hope they’ve got better (and significantly quicker) bar staff than those who serve the real ale from the portakabin at the Lepp end of the North.
  6. FAO Season Ticket Holders

    I have a ST on the North. I’m still going, but I’m going to miss the Wolves match as it’s been moved for TV and now clashes with my work Christmas party. I’m a little bit relieved that I’m going to miss us getting whupped, although I’m sure the couple of Blades I work with will be delighted to tell me how many we’re losing by throughout the evening. If I didn’t have a ST, there is no way I would pay up to £45 for my seat to watch this bobbar at the moment.
  7. Rednapp

    Awful- yes. Redknapp- roger off.
  8. I was literally falling asleep at the end of the first half. It was only because the whistle went and everyone stood up around me that I returned to full conciousness. If there had been more than 1 minute of stoppage time, I'd have been snoring on someone's shoulder.
  9. When Leon Clarke is scores 4 goals in one game rather than just 4 goals in one season, it’s clear that the planets have aligned for them. They’re going to stay in the top 2 and go up; the only things that could stop them is Wilder leaving (unlikely), or an injury crisis (I don’t know enough about their reserves, but not long ago I would have said their first XI is crap and they don’t stand a chance). We will continue to to be mediocre with the odd decent result or two, and we’ll be mid table.
  10. Promotion?! Unless something dramatically changes, we’re going flipping down. We’ve pissed away points against bobbar teams. We’ve barely scored any against anyone else. As things stand, we’re in serious flipping trouble.
  11. Yeah that’s the one. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll give them a look.
  12. Ill be honest, I couldn’t remember the dates and had to google them. But I did know that Nero was a Julio-Claudian emperor, Vespasian was the first Flavian emperor and he began the construction. Also the statue to which you refer was later remodelled as Apollo, and then other emperors. If you’re interested in Ancient Rome, there’s an execellent free podcast called The History Of Rome, which covers the Roman Empire from the mythical formation by Romulus and Remus, right to the collapse of the Western Empire under Romulus Augustulus.
  13. Nero died in 68AD. The construction of the Colosseum (The Flavian Amphitheater) didn’t begin until 72AD under Vespasian.
  14. Perhaps the delay in the delivery of the shirt was deliberate by the club, to give people chance to save up what will possibly be more than the GDP of some countries to purchase one.
  15. Rubbish I was there. Once again, we made a terrible team look good, apart from a brief spell after half time. How many times have we done that this season?! That performance was inept, against a side who hadn’t scored in 8 and had lost all of those. Now it’s got to the point where fans were chanting “Carlos out”, hopefully it won’t be long.