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  1. Loxley Owl

    Mobile Data / WiFi in the ground

    I’m also on EE and the signal is rubbish where I sit on the North. Whatsapp is about the only thing I can use to send and receive messages in the stadium.
  2. My suggestion may be too late for this meeting but take it to the next one: Get rid of those flipping awful “dancers” at half time and the “music” they “dance” to. That poo gives people ear and eye cancer.
  3. Loxley Owl

    Surely not...

    Your pig “mate” is a flipping cheeky monkey. Just like all flipping pigs. It was clear the boos were aimed at the officials.
  4. Yes. As poo as it gets, I’m naturally tight. As I’ve paid a lot of money for my ST, I want to get my money’s worth. I’ll only not go when I’ve got another commitment. The only match I missed last year was Wolves in December because it clashed with my work Christmas party. In the end, that was poo too.
  5. Loxley Owl

    Fernando Forestieri

    I said exactly the same thing to my mate during the match. Anything we did that looked remotely threatening seemed to involve him somewhere.
  6. Bath is a Rugby Union town; we’d be fine against them. It’s the league rubbish where we struggle.
  7. Loxley Owl

    #SWFC Megastore Improving

    I bought a signed print of Goo’s A-Z of Sheffield for Our Kid for Christmas. His stuff is top notch.
  8. Loxley Owl

    Hope this fella's going toneet

    Honestly, I was hoping it would be "Two-seater Bentleys" man
  9. For a criminal conviction, the police have to prove there was an offence “beyond all reasonable doubt”. I understand the burden of proof on the FA in a disciplinary is lower, requiring only “on the balance of probabilities”. What I suspect will happen is much the same as with John Terry- Forestieri will avoid a criminal conviction but receive a lengthy ban from the FA.
  10. Loxley Owl

    Wigan tickets?

    We are doing the same. We also did it for Bolton last year. I just wish we had missed the Bolton bit out and stayed in Manchester, because that was one of the worst matches I’ve ever seen.
  11. Loxley Owl

    Wigan tickets?

    Just bought two.
  12. Loxley Owl

    Charlie Browns

    I agree, I’m about to move very close to it and intend on making it my local. But because the club have made such a half-arsed attempt at publicising it outside of match days, no other bugger goes in it.
  13. Loxley Owl

    Charlie Browns

    Officially the Wednesday Tap is open every day as a pub but no bugger goes in because it’s not advertised to local residents, nor is it signposted from Parkside Road so it’s a right job to find and won’t attract any passing trade. Saying all the good pubs in the area is not entirely accurate (depending on how far one defines “area”)- the New Barrack Tavern is also in Penistone Road and is open every day as a proper pub.
  14. Cheers. Last night, one of my mates who used to live in London recommended there or ther Porter House too.
  15. I’m in London tomorrow for work and staying at Covent Garden. Anyone recommend any good pubs to watch the match please? I don’t think the bar in the Travelodge will have the best atmosphere.