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  1. Should have been a penalty to Rochdale
  2. Boycott is an exception, but he’s offset by Swann.
  3. Ive always found he talks over and interrupts the proper pundits like Souness. The worst person for seeking approval is Andy flipping Townsend, who does it after every sentence, Clive.
  4. BT have terrible pundits, whichever sport they’re showing- football, rugby, or cricket. But as awful as the football pundits are, they’re not as bad as Jamie Redknapp on Sky. My dog manages more insightful barks than his comments.
  5. Outstanding last night, and by far the best performance I’ve ever seen from him. I’m not sure about his decision making at times and that’s why he’ll never be consistent and worth anything like £20m, but when he gets it right like last night, he will be a match winner.
  6. League one

    I got 45/1 on us going down from Ladbrokes after Carlos went. We’re now 16/1.
  7. 9 years ago to the Day!

    I was right at the front of the South at the beam back at Hillsborough, with a cameraman sat just the other side of the wall from me. I made it on to Sky’s football league programme and the official DVD that was given away with STs the following year
  8. It’s not just since they’ve been in the PL. I had some dodgy Manc ask me the same question about Swansea 10 years ago.
  9. Morgan Fox and the FA Cup

    Becuase football in general is run by absolute thundercunts, and in England specifically by people who only care about the top 6 or so teams in the PL. To allow the FA Cup winner/runner up to have a CL place would destroy their little cabal of extremely rich clubs that need to get richer.
  10. Relegation or a trophy?

    I can’t believe anyone would really choose the Championship over the FA Cup. Wigan were relegated from the PL and won the FA Cup that year; they were relegated from the Championship shortly afterwards. I bet there aren’t many Wigan fans who would give up the FA Cup win and the european tour for another season of avoiding relegation from the PL.
  11. I went in before the Carlisle match. I really like it, but it’s not going to last long outside of match days if there isn’t some serious promotional work from the club. It’s already dropped from open 12-11 every day to 4-11 on weekdays and 12-11 at weekends. As it’s tucked down under the South, it’s not obvious to anyone going past. There needs to be signage on Parkside Road, Leppings Lane and Penistone Road, and they need to be leafleting all the houses and businesses on surrounding roads. There’s a local monthly magazine full of adverts that goes through everyone’s letterbox round there- they need a double page spread in there and also maybe in the Sixer. I really want it to be a success as I’m renovating a house near the stadium- when I’ve finished it and moved in, I would happily go there as my local. Sadly I don’t think it will last that long.
  12. Flags at front of kop

    I really do not like them.
  13. He got muscles

    Bulk up?! Any bigger and he would look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 80s. For any readers of this forum not familiar with classic 80s action films, this picture is from Predator.
  14. Ian Toothill

    What was that?