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  1. Like he said. I pissed about for ages on my iPhone to get nowhere. Eventually gave up and tried my laptop, and was done in 2 minutes.
  2. You bought half season tickets? I feel for you. At least those of us with full tickets saw us doing ok before Christmas. If you only had a half, all you’ve seen is us being hopeless and then the last 5 games being cancelled for fans.
  3. All the clubs signed up to this farce; not one made a public statement against it. The clubs are as much to blame as the league.
  4. “Think the worst”? Players apparently aren’t being paid. We’re in the middle of a hearing which could see us relegated for financial mismanagement. I could go on. There are plenty of reasons to question what’s going on and what the hell he is doing to the club.
  5. I can't get it to go through. I've entered all the extra details it requires, and it just keeps giving me an error message.
  6. I’ve tried most of the Maiden beers. Got a couple of Troopers in the fridge now but I’ve never tried or even seen that one. Where did you get it? Hallowed, the Belgian one, is my favourite of theirs.
  7. This was a risk faced by all clubs with players on expiring contracts. Continuing the season beyond the end date of 30 June when players can leave before the season is finished completely undermines the integrity of the competition. The season should have been abandoned or at least decided on PPG like Leagues 1 and 2. However, we've now got another example of why continuing behind closed doors is a sham. "Football's back" has been the cry of the masses. All the clubs with their TV money and everyone who has supported this farce by accepting iFollow is responsible for this.
  8. Getting rid of the bar in the portakabin at the Leppings Lane end of the North Stand that sold actual hand pulled ale. Granted of the 3 women that usually worked there, literally only one could use the hand pull and the other two had to ask her to pull their orders too, but it was decent beer.
  9. If we get busted and go down, this is 100% Chansiri’s fault and he should get out of the club ASAP. Even if we manage to avoid punishment, his reckless management of our club has put us in a financially precarious position where we don’t even own our own stadium, and he should look to move on anyway. Literally all that’s improved from his time here is the scoreboard and the pitch. Whatever the outcome of the case, it will take years for us to recover from what he’s done here and be in a position to mount a serious challenge for promotion, When it couldn’t be a worse time for us with United doing well in the Premier League.
  10. So? Journalists want to get paid for their work. For that to happen, the media platform that they work for has to charge. If it was a physical newspaper, you’d expect to pay for a copy to read it. This is no different. Pay for it or don’t read it.
  11. It isn’t now as it’s only just being introduced. By the time we can go back, it will be the new normal. Joining in with this “bit of harmless fun”, signing up to iFollow, and listening to fake crowd noise is turkeys voting for ******** Christmas.
  12. I disagree. Fans who attend already get shafted by awful kick off times due to TV, but until now there has at least been fans in the stadia when the matches have been shown. This period from now until we’re allowed back has given TV, the leagues and the clubs the opportunity to prove they can run without us in attendance. When we can return, it will be too late. By then, TV, the leagues and the clubs will have carte blanche to move matches at will to whatever antisocial time they want to maximise tv audiences and tv revenue, and the expense of the actual fans.
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