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  1. Maybe we're mis-reading it, and he's actually re-signed with us under a new contract. Welcome back to the club Steve, and good luck!
  2. "Clemence said: "It makes your Saturday evenings a lot better when you don't lose too often!" On our way then.... (jokes)
  3. We’ve only just entered July and have done more business that usual by this time (albeit they’ve not been officially announced yet). there will undoubtedly be more incomings before the season starts - chill.
  4. Some people are missing the point of this thread. Jos failed at Wednesday, but let’s not pretend he was operating in easy circumstances. I’m not defending him, but some of the comments are un-called for and if you feel genuine anger towards him then following Wednesday isn’t good for your heart.
  5. > Came to the club under difficult circumstances with the team was in freefall. > Steadied the ship, turning Nuhui into a goal machine in the process. > Didn't have any money to spend other than 500k - a completely different reality to Carlos’. > Introduced youngsters into the first team - something we’re not used to seeing Obviously things haven’t worked out, but some of the petty name-calling has been unfair e.g. ‘Jos the dross’. All the best Jos.
  6. ...and the same goes for most clubs in the country I suppose. the problem with the product is that it’s fully reliant on what happens on the pitch... it’s boom or bust. You probably either go straight to the ground, or perhaps the pub, and then ground. When you get there, you take your seat, watch the game, and go home. It’s an out-dated model, especially when you consider how they do things in places like Germany. I went to watch Hamburg the other week. The game itself was poor with few chances, but I came away having enjoyed the experience. the Hamburg experience: €20 ticket: > match ticket includes free public transport to the stadium > live bands outside the stadium, food tents serving really nice food and drink > inside the stadium, many other various food stalls covering different cuisines and served really efficiently by trained staff > beer available to take to your seats > Many fans in their seats 30 mins before kickoff because there’s entertainment within the stadium including a guy on a big cherry picker warming up the ultras in the safe standing zone in the equivalent of our Kop > as kickoff arrives, the away fans light about 20 red flares, hold them for a few minutes, and then respectfully drop them at the front of the away end to be disposed of by staff, rather than chucking them at their own fans or into the home areas (that one isn’t really on Wednesday, but it was worth mentioning as it showed a difference in culture) > fans singing most of the game, wearing their team’s colours, beer-in-hand, probably feeling a deep connection and inclusion with their club. The Wednesday experience: Approx £28 (or whatever the average Kop season ticket price per game works out at) > get to seat as close to kickoff as possible, just wanting them to ‘get on with it’ > watch the game whilst experiencing a tepid atmosphere > go home the Wednesday model is okay if the team is playing well, but out of the 14 years I’ve had a season ticket, there’s been maybe 4 seasons that were memorable... I feel there’s no connection between the club and fans. I feel like a consumer paying for an (over-priced) product, rather than a football fan feeling a part of a Wednesday family. I want to go to Hillsborough feeling I’ve had an experience, not just watching a 90 minute match. I want my money to go to the club for food and drink, rather than spending it in the pub and Subway. I want to hand over my money each year feeling proud to support the club, rather than wondering how my contribution will help stave off financial fair play for a bit longer... Don’t get me wrong, we all want to see Wednesday do well over anything else. That is the priority. But, as the years go by, It’s fair to ask yourself what return you actually get on going to Hillsborough, both financially, and enjoyment wise. To summarize the above, my point is that if the actual experience of going to Hillsborough was more enjoyable, then it’d be easier to stomach seasons like this where the football is crap, and thus, justify the expensive cost of attending.
  7. I think there’s two ways of looking at it. you can either (rightly) say he doesn’t command his area well and is suspect with crosses, concluding that he perhaps isn’t ready for the first team. or you can acknowledge he is a youngster learning more and more every game, and be patient with him as he develops. for me personally, I think we should be playing Westwood with Wildsmith as backup and Dawson on loan, but I will support the lad and am sure he will improve with more games.
  8. Let’s be honest, relegated teams use parachute payments to add to their transfer budget. That isn’t any excuse for our FFP woes, however.
  9. It’s great that people are reacting to my unpopular opinion - that’s what this thread is for. However, I’d also like to hear some of yours.
  10. Throw a SWFC opinion out there that you think most would disagree with or may be slightly controversial. upset that stripes have come back? Think Dave Allen was a decent chairman? This is the place to get it off your chest. I will begin: I think United will finish above us again this season. I think Wilder is a Premier League manager. Hope I’m wrong. (Yes, indirectly that is Wednesday related)
  11. As someone above alluded to, Staton was a regular on here back in the day. Definite Owl. He posted some very funny stories as well, but that’s all in the past.
  12. There's some major flouncing going on. Chansiri really can't win can he? He gets a load of abuse after our two best seasons in nearly twenty years. He's obviously personally hurt by this abuse after dedicating himself to the SWFC project and injecting millions into it, so - rightly or wrongly - offers a conditional refund to those that want out. People say the terms of the refund are disgusting because he's not just handing them back their £500-£600, and is taking away their 'loyalty' rights.. What do you expect? I applaud Chansiri. Yes, maybe he shouldn't have offered the refund, but people have still had to physically apply for it...Probably under the mind-set of 'ooh I'll get my £500 back and then put it towards next year's season ticket'.
  13. This thread is brilliant. Carlos when things were going well = best manager we’ve had in years who’s taking us to the Premier League sooner rather than later. Carlos when things went bad = useless, worst manager in years. A snake. Good luck to Swansea - they’ll need it! so much bitterness towards a man who did his best. Granted, after 2 good seasons it ended badly, but hey, that’s football. Chill out. No need for the pitchforks.
  14. I do despair for not only the OP, but the 30+ people who have plussed the post... I can’t imagine what state of mind I would need to be in to not only get offended at another fan posting on a different forum, but then feel the need to create a thread about it on here. surely if you visited a Swansea forum, you had some interest in seeing what they were saying about Carlos’ appointment. This might explain why some owls have posted, as - like you - they were curious, and whilst there, felt they would give their fans an opinion on Carlos. You’re attacking a group of people who were in a similar mindset to you, the only difference is you didn’t post on the forum. if I started a thread stating that anyone who’s been on Swansea’s forums today is sad and should forget about Carlos now, would you not feel a little perplexed and wonder what my problem is and why I care?
  15. Yes I'm not saying they shouldn't start and that the positive opinions aren't valid, it's just frustrating when one performance (whether good or bad) determines people's opinions of a player'a overall ability.
  16. It gets me how flippant fans can be. Two players who get nothing but abuse, and now suddenly Rhodes should replace Fletcher, and Fox should be playing a lot more regularly. it's not that I don't want us to be positive about our players, I just know that when they both have a bad game against Villa they'll be slated again.
  17. It annoys me when people discredit managers/players based on them leaving on a low. Yes, we were a shambles in the Championship under DJ, but you're seriously making out that it was Antonio alone who set us on that amazing run in league one? the fact of the matter is that DJ got us to where Megson could not whilst playing great football.
  18. The reason I put 'Greece' in brackets is because I can imagine the jokes from Owlstalk if I hadn't (I know this site too well). I'm in Rhodes (Greece!) on holiday and wondered if anyone knew of a sports bar that will be showing the game tomorrow? Also, if anyone else is also here, hit me up. the hotel lobby seemed a bit bemused about the idea and so I hope Owlstalk is of more value. That is all - thanks!
  19. Not sure where 'gosh' came from, I was just in a good flow and it felt right at the time! On a side note, I used to love Beano!
  20. Hello all. With the new season upon us, I wanted to jump in because I feel some of our fanbase are heading into the new season with a negative mindset at a time where everyone should be excited and ready for another go at promotion. I will keep the following points brief as many - myself included - will be fed up of hearing about some of these... In no particular order: The kit really doesn't matter. I mean yes, okay, it perhaps shows a disorganisation from a commercial perspective, and we will have lost some revenue, but it's hardly worth getting worked up about. It will be sorted soon and everyone will rave about how nice it looks and all will be forgotten. Move on. Team strengthening. Yes, we need a few CBs (it seems we are close to one, who imo would be a good signing). However, aside from this I don't see why people are fretting at the lack of signings this summer. Can you remember our run of form the second half of last year? It wasn't pretty to watch, but it landed us comfortably in the playoff spots and we were one of THE form teams. George Boyd is a great addition, and I really don't think we need many more. We have a very capable, experienced, and familiar team as it is. On a similar note, we seem to not be good at getting business done fast, but when you look at the calibre of player we are in for, it's not going to be easy. Let the guys in charge worry about it and trust they have the same ambitions that we as fans do - to have a positive season. Football is back! Aren't you sick of wondering what your existence is all for on a Saturday morning every week? Gosh, even when we were going into a season with Stevie May and Nuhiu upfront together, I was still excited for the Wednesday family to come together, to have a few drinks in the pub with the lads before the games, and see what the season brought. The flouncing after the Rangers game was pathetic. It's our only loss this pre-season, and while it was poor (from what I heard!), it came a week in time for a good kick up the arse. We now know we can't be complacent against Preston. In life, seek and you will find. I.e. if you focus on the negatives such as the lack of kit, the need for a CB or two etc you will feel negativity... Whereas if you think 'wow, we have Fessi, Rhodes, Fletcher, Tom Lees, Westwood, etc. We are considered one of the strongest teams in the league. We are not a selling club. We have a great fanbase. We have a great chariman. We have a good manager, then you will feel positive and take the season as it comes. There's no point stressing out about things we can't control. Just support the team and if things aren't going well, trust that Chansiri - who has a lot of money riding on this project - will make it right. Enjoy the new season fellow Wednesdayites - it will be another roller coaster ride, I'm sure!
  21. Yes, I was one of those who created a version of this when we signed him. it went: Super Trooper, We've got Gary Hooper, Always on the run, Scoring goals for fun, feeling like we're number one.
  22. Some proper flouncing on here. Dont mind Warnock personally, but that's irrelevant to the flouncing of others.
  23. It's disappointing to see the amount of comments citing him earning a good wage as a reason why he shouldn't be entitled to a testimonial. I don't see how this is relevant at all? some of the comments seem bitter towards him as if it's his fault he's paid well to sit on the bench. I'm not saying he should have one, but money shouldn't come into it either way.
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