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  1. In what way have they failed? Huddersfield had 1 point in their first 6 games of the season before the Cowley joined. When Danny Cowley came in he said 'over my dead body are we getting relegated.' They are now mathematically safe from relegation and the fans don't want them to leave.... I disagree about your point about 'career immunity' as I don't think any manager in the land has that!
  2. I was quite vocally in favour of the Cowleys over Monk before we appointed the latter. My reasoning was because Monk seemed like a known quantity of being someone who develops semi-solid teams without really pushing them on, whereas the Cowleys were flying under the radar as potentially something special. I've always thought I'd rather take the risk on the Cowleys and it fail, then take the risk on Monk and it turn out to be exactly what I expected.. To be honest, I still feel the same...
  3. I’ve chosen not to renew next season for the first time in about 17 years... Like many have alluded to, the only enjoyment I get out of it is seeing mates and having drinks at the pub before. I think the realisation has come this season when watching us play and not feeling much emotion even we score/win... the longer term issues at the club have finally superseded my short term desire for results, to a point where I’ve lost interest. Sure, if the price was £250 - £300 I might consider it, but these days I’d rather watch midweek matches on the red button rather than trudge down to Hillsborough, and sometimes I can’t even be bothered to watch on the red button! Finally, I think it’s fair to assume (already) that next season is not going to be a good season... I dont like feeling this way about Wednesday but at the same I think we need space. It’s not me, it’s you.
  4. I was (reluctantly) going to go today, but none of the three mates I go with (all season ticket holders) wanted to go, which is understandable. Glad I didn’t go! For me, it’s not even largely about the style/quality of football, it’s just the way the game itself is, coupled with an experience that is outdated in the modern sporting world. The culture of English football has been completely consumed by money, to the point where you’re either: > a ‘top 5/6 club’ > a team happy to tread water in the Premier League > a club having no choice but to rack-up debt in order to compete I’ve got to the point where I think IF we did get back to the Premier League, is the payoff (aside from financial stability for the club) actually that great as a fan? As for the game day experience, it’s pretty dire isn’t it? I think when you see how a lot of the European clubs do it, coupled with events like the NFL hosting regular games in England, you start to acknowledge how behind we really are in terms of ‘fan experience’. Id be very surprised if I get a season ticket next year as it stands...
  5. I just came on OT just to create the exact same thread for the exact same reasons... at least it shows It wasn’t just me! he was infuriating to watch, mainly because he looked completely disinterested. When he goes home tonight and looks in the mirror, he will see Jay Bothroyd.
  6. I’ve noticed that fans of every club think their team is disliked by either sky, a pundit, a local radio station etc. I'm sure there’s a psychological explanation for it, but I just put it down to the fact that your own team is so important to you, and you surround yourself with a circle that ignites this passion further. You then subconsciously think everyone should share this appreciation/importance of your team, when realistically no one outside of it really cares about your club, including Sky, the media, ex players etc....
  7. Firstly, I’m happy with another win tonight. the game itself reminded me a bit of the Barnsley game in that it was a fairly close contest in the first, but we seemed to step it up in the second half and hassled them a lot more, showing a gulf in class. as some will know, I’ve not been convinced with the idea of sticking with Bully going forwards, and to be honest, I’m still very conflicted. on the one hand, we’ve had noticeable kicks up the arse in the second halves against Barnsley and Luton which shows he is obviously motivating them... the flip-side is that I wonder if we are simply the product of a decent team with a very favourable schedule that is ticking over with Bullen at the helm. i’m still sceptical... I’d still probably take Hughton or the Cowley brothers, but Bullen isn’t doing much wrong at the minute... So I don’t know what to say really? does anyone else feel conflicted? Either way, a great start to the season.
  8. You’re right, I don’t know that. I guess because we haven’t been strongly linked to him other than from that Biggs tweet, I’m assuming we’ve not been pursuing him.
  9. From afar, you could see he had an air of consistency about him... Alfreton - successful (4 trophies) Oxford - promotion Northampton - saved from relegation and then promoted within 2 seasons United took a shot on him, but in reality he had all the markings of a successful manager.
  10. I know I keep banging the drum, but it’s an absolute no-brainer that we should be going all out to get the Cowleys to Hillsborough... it’s actually starting to frustrate me knowing that we’re not pursuing them and that another team will grab them very soon. In football, and in life, you’ve got to grab opportunities, and I can’t think of a manager in the lower leagues since Wilder that is so obviously something special that hasn’t yet been picked-up... And there’s people actually saying that Bullen should be left to tread water week-to-week just because he’s a well-liked man. ”Yes, but today wasn’t Bullen’s fault.” - I’m not talking about today. I’m not talking about the next game (I think we’ll beat Luton with Bullen), I’m taking about 30 games down the road when the bigger picture has unraveled. We’ve had a decent start to the season because we’ve got a decent team (thanks to Bruce’s philosophy), not because of our caretaker manager. Chansiri - go and get the Cowleys before it’s too late.
  11. Because, as much as we all keep saying ‘let’s give Bullen time’, I think we are kidding ourselves. What I mean by that is if Millwall turn us over 3-0 on Saturday, the ‘patience with Bully mantra’ is going to go straight out of the window and this forum will be filled with people saying he was never the long term solution. as well as we have started, I don’t feel this game-to-game mindset is viable over the course of a whole season... And as much as I want Bullen to succeed, I just know what is going to happen (amongst our fans) when our winning form slows down...
  12. I respect your viewpoint, but at the same time, strongly disagree. Not only have Lincoln had two promotions in the last 3 seasons, but they are tipped to challenge for the League One playoffs this season (and have made a good start). I think the narrative of discrediting managers who do well in the lower leagues at smaller clubs is a lazy one (although admittedly we all do it at times). Chris Wilder is a great comparison to Danny Cowley... Wilder was very successful in the lower leagues, constantly bringing success. When Big Sam left Palace he recommended Wilder to the chairman to replace him, but (probably for the same reasons you mention above) it doesn’t appear he was seriously considered. Now his stock couldn’t be much higher... Danny Cowley is a gem in plain sight that we should be going all out for before someone else does. I love Bullen but I’d take Cowley over him any day...
  13. Although I obviously wanted us to win today, I did think that outcome would lead to a thread like this. I understand the viewpoint, but disagree with giving Bully the job. I dont think he’s the answer.
  14. Exactly. I was optimistic going into the season wth Bruce, but now I’m fearful of what will happen to us as a club by not going up... Still bought a season ticket mind!
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