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  1. best starting XI in the recent years?? Looked balanced, two top strikers, pacy wingers, best keeper in years....thoughts?
  2. I'm now looking for a shirt aged 3-4 but the megastore sizes come under junior xs, junior s, junior m etc. Does anyone which size would be best for an aged 3-4?? Cheers in advance guys
  3. Does anyone know which shirt size would be best for an average sized 2 year old?? I think the sizes range from XS to large so any help would be much appreciated as can't get into the megastore to see the sizes for myself. Much appreciated.
  4. Great to see him back..............need him fit for the rest of season to have any chance of going up automatically IMO
  5. Saw a wednesday mug on the shop website that i was going to buy as a gift for someone but now they all seem to have gone. Any explanations or ideas where i can get another one from?
  6. Dunno about the rest og the ground but i went to wash my hands after going to the bog at half time and there want any water coming out of the taps . Silly buggers were putting soap on their hands but then couldnt wash it off
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