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  1. Lovely timing for me , will be my 1st game in 8 years! Not an ideal time but......
  2. Anything for us guys overseas...wont let Sky clips play.....please!!
  3. Terrible news. Love to the family..too young. Travel safe youngster WAWAW
  4. Sat in my 'man cave' in Cape Town...Beers are flowing, bloody nervous. Wish I could be there!!
  5. So so tempted to book a flight and try somehow find a ticket!! Have a feeling it will be a day to remember
  6. Thanks mate. Didn't get to see any of that last night our coverage finished at the final whistle almost
  7. Seriously contemplating turning it over....can't take it. Bloody Hell!!!
  8. Anyone got anything for us overseas??
  9. One of best performances..Gazza just before 90 World Cup think it was....outstanding player. Best player seen Waddle Hirst Nilson Old school Dalglish Beardsley Owen
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