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  1. What if Cowley didn’t want to work with a director of football? You make it sound so easy, for somebody with absolutely zero experience of running a football club. You’re the problem.
  2. The biggest problem at Wednesday is not the chairman, or the manager, or the players. It’s you.
  3. That’s true. But he should be given a chance now in this set up. We’ve got everything for him to fire. If he doesn’t then yes that’s it, but he has proven he can be a goal scorer at this level. Probably the best there is played the right way. Up to him to take it if he gets a chance and I think he probably will.
  4. Yes but in two seasons of playing with us we played sideways across the back 4 and in one month we didn’t have a shot on goal and created 0 chances. We have NEVER played him in a team set up that suits him. Ever. We have now got wingers. Actual wingers. And we might even put crosses in the box, like we did pre season when he notched 3 times.
  5. This. He carried us for 5 months last season. He’s a good player who just needs a rest.
  6. If I remember rightly, after he got it in the face, he headed the resulting corner to the halfway line before collapsing in a heap semi unconscious.
  7. According to Howson Forestieri’s mystery knee injury was ACL surgery so he was never in a million years going to be back for January. So it was either a blatant lie or the medical team don’t actually know what an ACL is. Either way it’s a disgrace.
  8. For now yes. Can’t deny that we need tightening up. The goals conceded against Burton were up there with the worst goals I have ever seen us concede and I’ve seen us concede some embarrassing goals. They were bad due to shape, attitude and application throughout the entire team. The first one, one of eight players could have prevented it so as a team we need to address it. It wont be hard to make us more creative without sacrificing being more organised, purely because, by the sound of things, we might occasionally pass it forwards, and we might occasionally put the ball in the box, and we might occasionally do it before we’ve allowed all eleven of theirs to have a gentle stroll back to their box. Nobody gives a poo about negative football if you win. They do if you’ve triangled everybody to sleep for 90 minutes and then lost.
  9. So a new manager who met the players on Monday wouldn’t allow himself as long as possible to form an opinion on the players? Be surprIsed if he’s finished picking it by Friday morning.
  10. Exactly that. What needs to happen is: 1) Get the ball past the half way line in less than 25 passes 2) Do not give the opposition time to regain shape before we decide to go at them. 3) Get some pace for the counter 4) Get two wingers who can beat a man and hit the box That's it. Brian Laws knew it, Sturrock knew it, Megson knew it. And none of them have written a book about the transitions from defence to attack. Not everything in life has to be so complicated. Just let them play football.
  11. At this point in time, with the injuries we have, Abdi is probably more likely to be the answer to our problems although he does have that annoying tendency to pass the ball to the strikers which must be stamped out of his game.
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