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  1. Apart from anything else, him playing stops absolutely everything going through Bannan. Those three in midfield is perfectly balanced and probably better than most midfields at Championship level. Just need to keep them all fit and I think that alone will be the difference between us going up and not.
  2. 1. I remember a game when we were at our most "average", possibly under Turner, I think maybe against Portsmouth but could be wrong. Our entire back 4 were stood in their half and tried to play offside, they went and scored and then we went and protested at the linesman, only for half the stand to tell them they were in their half. 2. Adam Proudlock being injured, and being out on Ecclesall Road drunk. Lifting up skirts with his crutches.
  3. First time we’ve looked solid all season. Says it all really.
  4. This. The football was turgid, and with the same group of players, Jones came in, played wingers instead of James O'Connor and took the shackles off and we finally showed our quality on the front foot. Same needs to happen now. No reason why Moore can't do this but he needs to not do what Monk and Jos did and be too pig headed to change it. The formation and the system doesn't suit our players. In time it might but now it doesn't. We need to assert ourselves quickly, and get running at teams to stop them having the time to get 11 behind the ball. We've got the players to do it now. In fact it's embarrassing how many players we've got capable of doing it now given we're not. Note: Wilder started at United with a flat back 4. They were bottom of the league. Changed the system to 3 at the back and walked through two divisions. Ironically not changing his system through stubbornness and vanity in the prem cost him his job and sent them on a spiral. Moore could quite easily be better than Wilder. The fact that he can spot and attract talent to play below the level they should be playing at can't be underestimated. This season we seemed to sign every player we went after. There have been numerous summers when we've been after loads of players who have gone to other clubs, and we've ended up with a Van Aken, a George Boyd, or a Joey Pelupessy.
  5. Yes Ian because Josh Windass was only invented in August. Little bit pedantic don’t you think.
  6. Based on what we’ve seen so far, when everyone is fit our best front three is Windass, Gregory and Paterson. Reason being all three are strikers, and they might actually get close to the box. Saturday (and other games) Gregory was totally isolated with absolutely no support. We’ve got nobody close enough to feed off the scraps. Paterson looked better down the right than anybody else has this season. Anybody who says otherwise hasn’t seen the games.
  7. This really. Fine margins when you’ve got strength in depth and he could have had a hat trick against Morecambe and didn’t.
  8. Issue is we’re rigid in one system. Need to be able to change it to two up top and 4 strikers (including Paterson who isn’t one) isn’t enough. Defence has won us games so far. Not strikers. Morecambe game we were crying out to be able to change it and throw the lot at it. Didn’t have enough answers to the questions. Need a striker who is a bit more mobile at least until Windass is back.
  9. He used to live near me and used to go in my local. He once came in with Des Walker as we were sliding out of the prem. Both pretty obnoxious to be honest as much as I loved Des Walker was telling anybody who would listen that he wasn’t going to play in the championship. Sonner was saying neither am I and making out that he was a future Ballon D’or winner. ********.
  10. Grow up mate. Get yourself a girlfriend.
  11. Definitely deserves a mention. Quietly going about his job and doing it very well.
  12. What if Cowley didn’t want to work with a director of football? You make it sound so easy, for somebody with absolutely zero experience of running a football club. You’re the problem.
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