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  1. Thanks for that. So I suppose if DC were to sell up it’d be relatively straightforward from a point of view that the buyer would be buying everything from one person still.
  2. I might have missed as I haven’t been on here much lately but have we found out who owns the ground yet? I seem to remember at the time the accounts were published we were waiting for further details / more paperwork to be filed or something. Any ideas @MK Owl ?
  3. Genuine question. Can you provide us with a link to this? Interested in which meeting was held without the club knowing. TIA
  4. I’ve thought this for a while.
  5. Stood next to Clive Betts while we both had a piss in the bogs at Upton Park many years ago.
  6. There were quite a few games when away fans had it. Can remember Newcastle packing it a couple of times in the early eighties
  7. In that case the club should suggest a cap on away fans of 1000, propose it to SAG and gauge their reaction. As I’ve said in a previous post, if the club make workable suggestions and the prohibition notice stays in place then there’s more to this this than meets the eye it would seem.
  8. The other option is as other people have suggested. Give away fans a section of the lower South at the Lep end, say 500/750 seats. SYP then make it a bubble trip for all away fans attending Hillsborough. They have to be booked on a coach, stop at a rendezvous point to pick up their tickets and the coaches are then escorted in and are made to park on Parkside Road. Behind the South stand is fenced off so that away fans have to come into the ground from Parkside Road over the bridge and make their way back to the coaches the same way. Doing this means there is zero chance of any interaction between home and away fans. The downside is is that home fans on the South would need to exit via Penistone Road. TBH there are a few potential solutions to the issue. If the club suggest them and they are knocked back then yes, it smacks of a vendetta against us.
  9. It seems the root cause of the prohibition notice is due to the forecourt at the back of the Lep not being large enough to hold back away fans safely (when the away end is “full”) Therefore, as they have to be let out at the final whistle the authorities don’t want home fans to exit via the Leppings Lane end of the ground to avoid any confrontations. In which case, surely the short term solution is for Wednesday to restrict the away allocation to however many fans the forecourt CAN accommodate safely. The away fans can then be held back and we can start exiting via Leppings Lane. The club need to ascertain from SAG or SYP or the authors of the report exactly what that number is. I realise that the EFL may have something to say as there are “minimum”away allocations but the club just need to cite the report for justification.
  10. Saw him supporting Neil Sedaka at the Top Rank in ‘78.
  11. Saw the thread title and thought it was the name of the latest obscure manager linked with the job.
  12. For clarity as I think people are over thinking this. The statement says "former" staff so 100% they're no longer employees. (regardless of how they left) so that puts to bed the theory that DC didn't accept their resignations. Even if (and he won't) Bruce decided to claim constructive dismissal it 100% doesn't stop us getting another manager or head coach or whatever title the club want to give him. The issue will be around the other Steves
  13. The statement says former staff so I think we can take it that they are no longer employed by SWFC. Whether Bruce claims for constructive dismissal or not (and he won't, as it's not) has absolutely no relevance to whether we can employ a new manager or not. We can.
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