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  1. The potential revenue numbers aren’t even that great. If you averaged a package at £2000 then for every 1000 sold it would only bring in £2million. As well as being a crazy idea it’s a drop in the ocean given our current predicament. Bewildering.
  2. Maybe he realised at the forum that the strength of feeling against Jos was so strong that it could well impact on season ticket sales?
  3. Read all the thread and the posts calling him a liar. Thought for a second you were intimating I was one of them. Glad we cleared that one up.
  4. Chansiri could slaughter puppies in the centre circle at half time on Saturday and there’d still be some people queuing up on the touch line to nosh him off as he walked off the pitch. ”There are non so blind as those who cannot see”
  5. He won’t sack Jos but doesn’t seem to have a problem throwing him under the bus.
  6. So why the questionnaire asking if we wanted to pay more for better players or lower prices for academy etc?
  7. Have you ever gone into the dressing room at half time when we’ve been drawing 0-0 at home and told Stuart Gray the manager what formation to play in the second half?
  8. Charlie Williamson (Gary Bannisters twin) Dave Rushbury Jeff Johnson Andy McCulloch Pavel Srnicek
  9. Think it was the match that spawned the phrase “Hooliganism is not Wednesdayism”
  10. Awesome game. Awesome season. Only match I missed that season was Darlington away in the League Cup. Some of the away followings we took that season had to be seen to be believed (the days of terracing) Seem to remember there being way more than 7000 Owls there.
  11. Iain Hesford. I remember when we signed him in the summer of 1983 I thought “wow” we’ve signed England’s U21 keeper. Was at the Vetch Field for the first game of the 83/84 season and the team ran out and everyone was like “who the fks that in the goalies kit? It was Martin Hodge. The rest is history. What a season that was!! Hesford ended up never playing a game for us. Just looked at his Wiki and he died in 2014 from a suspected heart attack. R.I.P Iain.
  12. Also remember he got quite a few “Wednesday” watches for doing the Development fund thing. Seem to remember they were either silver or gold (or maybe a mixture). He gave them away.
  13. My bad. We beat them 3-0 in 71/72. The 2-1 loss was in 70/71
  14. Mine was Shrewsbury in 1976. We lost 1-0 Me dad used to sell tickets for the Development fund and used to get a couple of tickets for doing it. For some reason we stood on the Lep. Must have been where the tickets were for I presume.
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