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  1. Just had a quick look and the creditors falling due within a year is circa £12.8million £511,000 of this is for corporation tax. The rest (around £12.3 million is other creditors) As these accounts are for the period prior to taking the loan(s) out, who are the other creditors who Sheffield 3 owe the 12.3 million to? So did the first year of incorporation see the company rack up liabilities of nearly £13 million?
  2. Stuart Gray wouldn’t touch the job with a barge pole while DC’s still here.
  3. Been in the club next to the ground (The Tropicana). Was disappointed to find out the drinks weren't free.
  4. That season was the first one where it became 3 points for a win. Had it still been 2 points for a win we'd have actually gone up. Typical Wednesday! Was at that Bolton game. If memory serves me correctly there was a floodlight pylon in the middle of the terrace we were on. Somebody (I want to think it was Sammy) spent most of the game quite a way up it leading the chants.
  5. That Portsmouth away game that’s been mentioned a few times. After the game the police kept us in while (I think) they cleared the home fans away. My memory might be playing tricks but I’m sure the police took us round to the home end (which was covered). Anyone remember that? The train was so late back because a train in front had broken down so we had to wait for it to be moved. The “dambusters” game. We went in a minibus and parked near Old Trafford cricket ground. Me and me mate were one of the first out of the gate after the game and didn’t see a bit of trouble. Wasn’t till we got back home that we heard about what had gone off. Didn’t only so many Wednesday fans get out of the ground and then the coppers shut that big wooden gate leaving the ones who were outside exposed to a kicking? Was at quite a lot of the games that have been mentioned on this thread. Chelsea away in the 80’s was always interesting. Coaches dropping off then having to run the gauntlet over that crossroads and then walk round the back of their stand to get to the away terrace. Early to mid 90’s used to go on Croftys coach which was always a good laugh and some interesting nights out on the way back. We seemed to always end up in Bedford when we’d played down south. Those halcyon days when we were at Wembley every other week we used to park up in Stanmore, have a few beers then get on the tube to Neesden, drink there then back on the tube to Wembley. One of the games against Arsenal, Ricky was in our carriage and it kicked off with the Arsenal fans. Think we were all still at it going up Wembley way. Funnily enough it’s the places you wouldn’t expect where I’ve seen some of the worst. Port Vale, Preston, Swansea (outside The Vetch) to name a few. Seem to think there was always trouble at Villa as well.
  6. Was a couple of years above me at Chaucer.
  7. Some real passion by both sets of fans with the anthems there. Real shame that Wembley isn’t full as the atmosphere would be electric.
  8. Don't know how far on the auditors are with the accounts but it’s got to be doubtful that we’re a going concern.
  9. Having a piss at Upton Park late 80’s or early 90’s. Looked up at the bloke next to me at the urinal and it was Clive Betts having a slash.
  10. Tony Pulis' post-match reaction | Owls v Barnsley Watch video here Tony Pulis' post-match reaction | Owls v Barnsley
  11. Chey Dunkley on his return to action and Barnsley defeat Watch video here Chey Dunkley on his return to action and Barnsley defeat
  12. To all the newbies. Don't forget to vote in the biscuit competition in the dressing room section before 5 o clock today. Every vote counts!!! (Just make sure you don’t vote for fig rolls)
  13. The week after Portsmouth away we were away at Brighton. I only missed one away game that season (Darlington away in the League Cup). Without a doubt the best season I’ve had following Wednesday. Some of the away followings were immense. Got some great memories of that season.
  14. Yep I was on that one as well. At the time the away end was open and if I remember right the police took us round to stand on the home end as it was covered? At the time there was a rumour that the Portsmouth fans were waiting outside for us so hence why they kept us in. The 6.57 crew were still a thing back then. Don't know if anyone can remember if we did get taken onto their end or if my memories playing tricks? Once we were back on the train we’d only been set off for a few minutes and we stopped again. Seem to think it was because a train in front of us had broken down and some passengers had gotten off and started walking. Grandad is right, everyone got their money back. You had to take your ticket to the office at Hillsborough. Mine was drenched and like tissue paper by then so didn’t bother going for my money back.
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