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  1. Hypothetically. What if it’s Westwood who doesn’t want to play? Far fetched but wouldn’t that make more sense? Just putting it out there.
  2. He’s found some old pop bottles to take back to the corner shop?
  3. alleycat

    There’s 3 10mill bids on the table..

    He won’t be the only one who goes this transfer window and anyone who thinks we’ll bring anyone in to replace them is mistaken. The money will be used to pay the operating costs.
  4. alleycat


    Said the other day in a different thread that it wouldn’t surprise me if DC announced at the fans forum that he’s looking for / found a buyer for the club. There’s no way tomorrow’s forum is just a question and answer session, the timings all wrong. The silence coming from the club at the moment is deafening. Got a feeling that something big is going to come out tomorrow evening.
  5. alleycat

    Mclaren holds talks

    If (IF) he’s appointed then just as worrying is how in the space of less than four days Chansiri, or his advisors have come to the conclusion that he’s the best man for the job without, it seems, even drawing up a shortlist. We are one of the biggest draws (if not THE biggest) outside of the Premier League to any manager. DC needs to take a deep breath, let Bullen take the reins for the next couple of games and think about this some more. To me this would either be a panic appointment or we really are that close to FFP (or skint) that we aren’t in a position to go after anyone currently in employment. There’s no way on earth Steve McLaren is the best Sheffield Wednesday can come up with.
  6. alleycat

    Mclaren holds talks

    If this happens (and I’m starting to fear the worst because managers don’t leave one job if they haven’t got another lined up) then you have to ask who the flip is advising Chansiri. We’ve just won 3-0 away at Forest. We’ve got a steady guy in caretaker charge. The games are coming thick and fast at the moment. What’s the flipping rush? Didn’t DC tell Bullen he had it till at least New Years Day? flippingMcLaren!! I worry for for our club at the moment.
  7. This. A million times over. Looks like CC has truly had DC's pants down which makes DC's statement even more baffling. In hindsight it looks like DC has either been done up like a kipper or has been very naïve (or both) Be interesting to see if he releases another in light of CC's appointment at Swansea.
  8. WTF has Mr Farrell done to pgmetcalf? Christmas Day best wishes thread and he spends it negging all his posts. Sad
  9. Well done @Karl Fantastic looking kit. A very deserved winner.
  10. Big ugly fuucker. Built like a brick sh'ite house?
  11. What did the guy who sits across the gangway say to you when you told him?
  12. I don't think Neil's too far off tbh. What about the from the top of Sheffield City College on Granville Road?