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  1. To all the newbies. Don't forget to vote in the biscuit competition in the dressing room section before 5 o clock today. Every vote counts!!! (Just make sure you don’t vote for fig rolls)
  2. The week after Portsmouth away we were away at Brighton. I only missed one away game that season (Darlington away in the League Cup). Without a doubt the best season I’ve had following Wednesday. Some of the away followings were immense. Got some great memories of that season.
  3. Yep I was on that one as well. At the time the away end was open and if I remember right the police took us round to stand on the home end as it was covered? At the time there was a rumour that the Portsmouth fans were waiting outside for us so hence why they kept us in. The 6.57 crew were still a thing back then. Don't know if anyone can remember if we did get taken onto their end or if my memories playing tricks? Once we were back on the train we’d only been set off for a few minutes and we stopped again. Seem to think it was because a train in front of u
  4. As I understand, each club in the EFL will be given £800,000. This in an advance as it would normally have been given to the clubs at the end of the season. It’s from the Premier Leagues TV money. I think the concern from the EFL’s point of view is that if the clubs are given this money now and the clubs then use it to carry on paying the players in full then what happens when THAT money is spent? Surely it’s not to much to ask for players (certainly in the Championship) to defer their wages for say 2 months and then reassess the situation then?
  5. The EFL actually say that the money won’t be distributed “while additional clarity is sought on other financial matters, particularly in respect to players wages”. Which I read as, they’re not going to give the money out just so the clubs can carry on paying obscene amounts to the players rather than using it to help with keeping the clubs running / afloat. If that’s the case then I think that’s fair enough.
  6. Yep. Just had a look at the results towards the end of that season. With 2 games to go we were third and end up finishing fourth. The 4 results prior to this last game against Norwich were: 0-4 against Watford 0-0 against Chelsea 2-2 against Rotherham 1-3 against Bolton So we won one (the Norwich game) out of our last 5. So near and yet so far eh?
  7. You’re right. It was the first season of 3 points for a win. Interesting fact. Norwich finished 3rd that season on 71 points and got promoted. We finished 4th on 70. Had it still been 2 points for a win, we’d have been promoted instead of Norwich as we’d have finished on 50 points to their 49.
  8. This has got the potential to be a classic thread.
  9. The laundry lady was Dot Mathieson. She lived on one of the roads off Penistone Road (the houses are no longer there). There were quite a few of the players who used to lodge with her.
  10. The lower case y and upper case t bothers me.
  11. Wednesday v Newcastle, December 1982?
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