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  1. victory opening game of the season against central coast, defenetly a bit more of a rivalry for us wednesday fans with central coast's connection to the blades. Will be giving it to them for a good 90minutes at least
  2. he is currently in training camp with the young socceroos. He must be catching someone's eye for them to bring him back for that
  3. i'd love an international season ticket, that allows people from overseas to book in for one or two games a season (maybe at a slight discount), includes access to wednesday world and if you spend over X amount of money in the online shop postage is free. at the end of the day i reckon this would earn the club a little bit extra without having to do a lot of work
  4. Melbourne Victory OLE! now just need to win the treble
  5. the exchange rate and shipping are the only minuses of being an aussie
  6. yeah i did, that sending off was ridiculos. Mitchel langerak is god!
  7. anyone been getting down to any victory games this season? team is looking fantastic
  8. Asian Champions League tonight, 7.30 at telstra dome
  9. http://www.footballfedvic.com.au/ that's the state's governing body for football, they should have a club directory in there and just look for who is closest, but i would get on it quick as the games start in 2 weeks
  10. our football. They are currently in the asian champions league, next game is 9/04 at telstra dome against Gama Osaka http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melbourne_Victory there's some info about that club
  11. cool, you should get on down to the melbourne victory game on wednesday night
  12. Born and raised in melbourne (australia) was in england staying with mum's friend in sheffield and her son was a big owls fan. So while we were staying there he was watching a game so i decided to watch it with him and then when we left he gave me one of his owl shirts that was too small since then i have been a wednesday fan. But have only ever been a passive football fan untill a few years ago when the new australian league was started and i decided i'd give it a look, one game and i was hooked. As i've watched more and got more involved in football culture i got more intrested in the english leagues. I tried to support a team in the premiership so i could watch them every week but it just didn't feel right, the only team i ever really cared about was sheffield so now i'm back supporting them again
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