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  1. We had them pencilled in, but turned them down due to going Germany. Same as Chesterfield.
  2. Socialist republic of Yorkshire
  3. There’s quite a few I’d choose over Atty to leave, but if we can get a decent fee for him then I think it’d be daft to turn it down.
  4. I’m not saying it’s our season, but I am saying it’s our season. UP THE RAMPANT OWLS
  5. If this Newcastle takeover goes through, you’d expect to see players like Aarons being made available to leave. I dont think we saw enough of him to really say whether he’d work out as a good signing or not, but he’s exactly the type of player we should be looking at; pacy, creative & an eye for goal. If we could pick him up relatively cheap, or even on loan again, I wouldn’t be against the idea.
  6. Started listening to this last night, and some of the stories he has are hilarious, although I don’t think he understands he’s the joke.
  7. Delivered some quality moments in the past, including QPR a few year ago (0-0) when one of the carriages had a complete power failure leaving everyone in the dark I’m lucky in the sense that I live half way between Sheff and Donny so have both at my disposal, but I’d choose Donny > London over Sheff > London every time. 30/40mins quicker and usually dirt cheap (£9.55 for that 23:33 train back)!
  8. You’ll get the best out of Bannan when he stops trying to do absolutely everything whilst out on the field. Surprised he doesn’t turn up with goalkeeper gloves half the time.
  9. Despite it looking like the weakest Championship in quite a while, I think we are still a long, long way-away from contending near the top. So I’ve obviously put £50 on us winning the league.
  10. We looked at over 100 defenders and ended up with him..
  11. Hoping for a few more KGX 23:33 > DON 01:24 away days next season
  12. That’s amazing mate, thanks for the insight!!
  13. Haha, that’s brilliant. Reyt idea charging to touch the cup, might need to bring that back with FFP Cheers for the info!
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