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  1. What is this? People agreeing to disagree and being considerate of other people’s opinions makes me sick. Where’s the name calling? The vitriol? The banishing of a member from the forum and every time something stupid is said they’re asked if there ‘blank’ in disguise? This is NOT the Owlstalk I fell in love with!!
  2. I don’t think there’s much excising the miss, it was a one on one and if he didn’t feel comfortable he had Harris to the left of him to lay it off too for an open goal. But if we are talking about chances, Birmingham could have been 3/4 goals to the good at half time; they missed some shockers. Obviously wouldn’t have complained had we got the three points, but I think on the balance of a play a draw was the correct result in the end.
  3. I idolised him whilst he was with us. So much so that me cousin got a signed photo of him framed for Christmas one year. Always thought he got more stick than he deserved. But I was also 12 at the time.
  4. Recalled. Thrown in to the Everton side due to injury and made an absolute howler against Man United on his debut if memory serves me right.
  5. Why don’t we all lump together? At 20,000 of us it’s only £5,000 each.
  6. I’d normally agree, especially at home, that you start two strikers, but the thought of seeing Winnall & Rhodes jog about for 90mins is already making me cry. I don’t know if maybe you start just the one of them, because as much as I love Atty he’s more of an impact sub than a starter, but that then at least allows Harris & Murphy more of a chance to get involved going forward. Then you also allow Bannan more fluidity in the middle as you can have Hutch/Lee cover for him and he can dictate play.
  7. Sadly I think it just goes to show that the Championship is still a ‘anyone can beat anyone on their day’ league. But as someone’s already pointed out, we’ve lost 5 of our last 6 league games & it goes to show how much we’ve dropped. If we win these next 4 I still wouldn’t back us to mount any sort of push, as we just don’t have the players that are consistent in their ability. It’s so frustrating as well, because the league again this season is so, so poor.
  8. I mean yeah.. that’s certainly relevant
  9. So is it a case of a straight loan swap, with Windass coming to us and Rhodes going to Wigan? Surely Wigan aren’t that stupid?
  10. I know Dom is leaving The Star but I didn’t think he was signing for us- surely things aren’t that bad!?
  11. He can’t hack any form of pressure or criticism. He’s from the same school of CC when it comes to anybody questioning him- you aren’t allowed to. I have no doubt that he has the best intentions with our football club and I do truly believe he is a good guy, but fornicate me I wouldn’t trust him to run my bath, nevermind a football club.
  12. Losing Bruce has absolutely killed any hope we had of our fortunes changing for the better in the foreseeable. It wasn’t just his managerial record, but it was his connections, his backroom staff, his experience. I fear we’ve got some dark times ahead before we see any form of light again. Other than winning the FA Cup, of course.
  13. He’s done okay. I don’t think there’s any doubt that he’s dropped off lately, and as a previous poster said, it was always gonna be difficult filling the shoes of Hector, but I think he’s done more good than bad. My worry is his positioning. You see him constantly chase a forward/midfielder and leave us exposed at the back, but I think that’s just the type of defender he is and if we had a CDM who controlled the middle of the park, maybe he wouldn’t have to do that as much. I’d personally say a greater concern is that if Tom Lees’ form. Over the past 18 months he seems to have regressed, or maybe just not adapted to the modern day game.
  14. It’s being shown on iFollow outside the UK, you’ll just need to use a VPN or speak with an IPTV provider
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