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  1. (Gave it a listen, more appealing than most and especially the Wednesday week one. Keep it up lads!!)
  2. Rhodes would have been checking Owlstalk and mistimed the run
  3. if Monk is serious about bleeding youngsters, then we could well see Hunt sooner than later; the lad is an absolute baller!!
  4. That's what i would go for, Lee playing just behind Fletcher gets me all kinds of excited. Maybe you lose some of his vision and reading of the game, but he's certainly more of an offensive player than Bannan.
  5. If we are going to be set up this way going forward, I’d like to see Reach replace Murphy out wide and Lee come in to the middle, I think it’d allow for more fluidity. Especially having Bannan, Lee, Harris & Reach all able to cover one and others position whilst allowing Hutch a degree of cover.
  6. I think going forward we have to have both Harris & Reach as our wingers. Right now Murphy just isn’t doing it & im sick of seeing Reach being wasted through the middle.
  7. My concern is that i don't see Monk being here in the next 18-24 months. We're in one of the most important stages of our club (especially in recent times) as we need a complete overhaul from top to bottom, otherwise i could see us in real trouble. I think the Cowleys would've been allowed more time than Monk to really turn things around (from a fans point of view) and if it starts going south for us in the next few months, i can see it going south pretty fast.
  8. The bloke didn't want to join in the celebration of a last minute winner in a local derby, actively shying away from his team mates and the fans. Atty attacked the ball, which is what you wanna see a striker do. What was he meant to do? Lift Rhodes up in the air and cradle him afterwards? In regards to him not wanting to be here, he acknowledged during and after his loan spell that he ideally he'd like to remain down there full time. And casting aspersions? Quite rich from someone who's using an incident involving Forestieri from 3 years ago!
  9. I'm not saying that i think the prices should be reduced to that, but i don't think anything over £20 would come close to selling out unfortunately.
  10. Don't want to repeat the comment above, but he's employed to play football for us, not be a 'nice' guy
  11. If DC pulled the plug, he's going to want his money back and then some, and after witnessing his recent financial dealings with getting £5m for Joao, I doubt we'd go on the cheap!
  12. Think the bang on the head made him question why the fudge he was playing on the left wing
  13. Bristol City under Jos might well be up there for me. The atmosphere in the away end that day was vitriolic and one of the most volatile i've been a part of. One of the most embarrassing performances i've seen us put in as well, really was like watching men vs. boys. Thank God they kept the bars on the concourse open until 75th/80th minute
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