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  1. As most of you going have probably already figured out, the trains on Saturday are practically non-existent due to another strike (there’s only one train that will get you in before kick-off), so I’m looking at alternatives. It’s frazzling me head What’s my best bet; change at Leeds?
  2. Figured out what was wrong. The internet browser on my TV automatically searches in ‘mobile view’ when accessing websites. Went in to Settings > Desktop Mode & would you know it, it’s only gone and bloody worked. Up the Owls!! P.S Bannan wharra goyallll!
  3. Havent got sky sports, that’s why I’m using iFollow pal. Thanks for the above tho- will try that.
  4. I know it’s been asked quite a few times now and I’ve seen a few people do this, but how do I get the game from iFollow on to my TV? Tried for the Brentford game on Sunday, but it wasn’t allowing it to stream from the internet browser on the TV. I have an amazon fire stick too and used the ‘Silk’ browser, but that wouldn’t allow it to stream from the browser either, so had to settle with watching from the app on my phone. Any other suggestions?
  5. I’ve been watching the first half through the app on me phone, and I’ve tried getting the game on the TV but it’s saying it can’t be streamed through a browser. Any suggestions?
  6. Trying the same for me dad, I’ve been watching the game on me phone and now I’ve gone to put it on the TV, it’s saying that it can’t be streamed on the browser. Is there another way?
  7. Even with the team we’ve got now, I don’t see any reason why we can’t win all 5. I’m not saying we’re going too, but it’s not as if we’re away at the big teams in this division. Couldnt ask for for a better start to the season I don’t think, few wins and it’ll dispel a lot of the negativity.
  8. He’s great at picking out the programmes bloke in the south stand. I don’t think either of our ‘Keepers are great with the ball at their feet or distribution.
  9. As everyone seems to have accepted we are selling Westwood, it leaves us in a precariousness position. Wildsmith? Looked great as a bit part player and the understudy to Westwood 2 seasons ago, showing his class reflexes and a great shot stopper. Last season when he had a long run of games unfortunately spotlighted his weaknesses and tendency to be prone to the odd mistake. Dawson? I’d lean more towards him, but that’s only because he hasn’t been as vulnerable to critic as we he only played the odd game last season as Wildsmiths number 2. He’s got a bigger frame and seems to command the box more. Either way, if Westwood is sold, it leaves us with two keepers who have an incredibly bright future. Whoever is number one out of them two; it’ll make or break them.
  10. So I signed up to this at the start of last season paying on a monthly (4wk) basis, can anyone tell me if I need to renew? Or will it just continue as normal. Also, I know I’m asking things that’s could possibly be googled, but does anyone have a contact number/email for them? I changed address a few months ago.
  11. Don’t suppose anyone knows of any spares? After two. Me and a mate were using STs in the 460 bracket and still missed out
  12. If everything you’ve said above is correct.. I’ve had my head in the sand for the past season and not realised the severity of the situation we’re in and I think a few are in the same blast as me.
  13. The job I’ve had for the past 6 years means I don’t get every Saturday free, one in three to be exact, so I like others used the membership as a way of still putting money in to the club despite not being able to attend on a regular basis. Still paying upwards of £30 a ticket despite having the £5 discount. And I still felt like it was value for money. But I can’t back or defend £90. I’m in a lucky position where the cost isn’t an issue, being in my mid-20’s and working full- time, £90 out of me wage wouldn’t alter my month- I just can’t justify the price hike without any added incentives on match day prices from previous years.
  14. It’s the 5th of a price of a season ticket, yet you’d have to attend 18 of the 23 home games to make the cost worth it. Absolutely derisory.
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