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  1. I have a couple of Sheffield F.C. shirts. Also considering getting the Hallam Home shirt this season as I like the design
  2. Wouldn’t be ideal as he’ll have missed pre season training & will spend half the season playing catch up with his fitness. I think if he wanted to stay he’d have signed months ago
  3. I think It’ll be time for another price increase. £64.99 Adults £44.99 Kids
  4. Commentator said it was his first goal since October so he clearly doesn’t perform to the level he played tonight on a regular basis
  5. To be fair our 150th Anniversary has been as poor as carlsberg lager tastes
  6. We put our own fans in lower tier & blades fans in the upper at hillsborough this season so no difference.
  7. I think Carlos will be here until the end of the season regardless of the result on Friday night
  8. Boro - Draw Forest- Draw Brentford- Lose Burton- Win FA Cup Tie - Win Blades- Lose
  9. All players should be picked based on form. This comment by Carlos regarding Nuhiu seems silly, he’s always looking to blame someone.
  10. He must be bad if he can’t get in the team ahead of Van Aken. van aken is one of the worst defenders I’ve ever seen at hillsborough. He makes Ashley Westwood & Danny Maddix Look good
  11. Suprised they have him one, seeing as they make him train on his own.
  12. Sheridan’s goal v Man Utd in 91 league cup final. Probably the only time I’ll ever see us win a trophy
  13. He’s not going to achieve those standards this season unfortunately
  14. Been offered a free ticket so I’m now going. was going to give it a miss & save the money for the Bristol City game
  15. I don’t think we’ve got the money to sack him & all his Portuguese backroom staff. Think he’ll see the season out regardless of results
  16. I picked 1 off the shelf for my daughter that was perfect, they then gave me a new 1 in plastic, took it home and it had got 3 white marks on it and poor stitching around collar. So I need to take it back for an exchange
  17. Just been to get my daughter one. When you take the shirt to the till they give you a different one in a sealed packet. took it home and it’s got two white marks on it! Got to take it back now to exchange
  18. 4-5-1 Westwood Hunt Lees Loovens Pudil Wallace Lee Hutchinson Bannan Reach Hooper subs wildsmith palmer van Aken Jones matias joao Fletcher
  19. No they were always those prices
  20. Wildsmith palmer loovens lees Reach wallace Bannan jones Lee Hooper Joao
  21. The club can help the shop staff by putting out an update on the club website about arrival of kit/prices etc. Rather than just keeping quiet
  22. It's a no from me. If Carlos leaves, so does all his backroom staff. start a fresh under a new manager
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