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  1. 4-5-1 Westwood Hunt Lees Loovens Pudil Wallace Lee Hutchinson Bannan Reach Hooper subs wildsmith palmer van Aken Jones matias joao Fletcher
  2. Club 1867

    No they were always those prices
  3. Wildsmith palmer loovens lees Reach wallace Bannan jones Lee Hooper Joao
  4. The club can help the shop staff by putting out an update on the club website about arrival of kit/prices etc. Rather than just keeping quiet
  5. Lee Bullen for me

    It's a no from me. If Carlos leaves, so does all his backroom staff. start a fresh under a new manager
  6. Team selection for Birmingham

    Wildsmith Hunt Lees Venancio Pudil Lee Jones Bannan Reach Hooper Joao
  7. George Hirst

    I hope they can sort his contract situation out one way or another, it's silly to let a young player lose a year of his career by freezing him out
  8. Any idea on prices or is it still a big secret?
  9. Next season kit

    I bought one, good quality shirt & more clubs should follow suit with their pricing.
  10. The name Wednesday

    Was in Naples a couple weeks ago, none of the locals I spoke to had ever heard of us.
  11. Semedo

    I doubt Semedo would retire at 32 to take up a coaching role. Maybe he'll do what Lee Bullen did, left to continue his playing career for a few more years then come back in a coaching role if the club wanted him.
  12. Personally I would have preferred blue & white stripes for the 150th anniversary but it's the chairman's choice & it will sell well regardless of design as it's celebrating the milestone
  13. John Sheridan

    Chesterfield have never played in the Championship. Sheridan got them promoted to league 1 then relegated the following season
  14. Dem Dinglez ont Sky

    Not on sky, kick off changed due to police advice. Rotherham game on Tuesday night is on Sky
  15. They've thanked him for handing them 3 points.