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  1. As per the title Please drop me a DM if would like them available at Face Value.
  2. The single most important point - I've attended Steering Groups, Fans Forums and in days gone by Shareholders meetings and sadly the vast majority attend to do no more than listen, they add nothing other than a nod or clap. So I 100% endorse this.
  3. I might be able to shed some light on this for you; I'm not a religious person save to say that Wednesday is my religion and Hillsborough is my church and all that but....... My Dad was the first SWFC Club Chaplain, he was approached by the club in 1978 as when at Leeds, Jack Charlton had seen the benefits that having someone who was around the club perhaps one day a week from a Pastoral Care perspective could bring. He was an outlet for players, managers, staff both at Middlewood Road and at the Club could speak with confide with and like many organisations, SWFC embraced this. Dad was Chaplain to Steel Works and South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue and did the same for their staff members by having a presence in their workplace. Our inferior neighbours across the city also had a Chaplain whom was a close colleague of Dad's and family friends and it was such good planning that we were invited to their house for a party on the evening of 26th December 1979 - Priceless!! When Howard Wilkinson got married, he was asked to conduct the ceremony as he also did when Steve Ellis the Club Photographer got married (I remember the brief confusion I used to generate by telling people that my Dad Married Howard Wilkinson). I also remember having watched Wednesday away in the Milk Cup at Stoke, they hadn't been very good and Dad passed comment, I still recall the response that Howard (whom became a family friend) gave "I don't tell you about the Bible, so don't tell me about football!!!!) His pastoral role perhaps came to the forefront, in 1989, when he assisted by Social Services setting up the Counselling and support that was offered to the Club and all associated with the Hillsborough disaster.
  4. I'm out there are the moment and I don't know if you are out on the stag do with Steve Jerrison but I've lined up a venue for you the Geordie Viking off the old town square - owner is called Carlos which has to be an omen and he is opening early for you to watch the game and will allocate the lounge with its 3 tv's for you
  5. I have one £32.50 ticket available at face value. PM me if you require pick up from S10 or can send on reciept of monies by Pay by mobile or Bank Transfer by next day special delivery.
  6. I've known a Steve for many years and loved him to bits - he had the most infectious of personalities he has had some really tough times but never ever let it show in public, even during his long and arduous fight with Cancer, as he devoted his life to coaching youngsters in the basics of football, worked with disability teams, offenders and anyone and everyone who shared his love of football - he set my son on the road to playing from the age of 5 and he's now helping coach at Tricky Wingers during his School holidays Mel Sterland tells some fantastic stories about him and they would make you roar with laughter if you heard some of them as they all summed up his beautiful character. - I asked Wednesdayite to fund Steve when he first finished at SWFC community scheme (he had a mortgage to pay) and also sugggested he start hosting football parties and he was forever grateful to me but there was need as I will forever be equally as grateful to Steve for the support and friendship he gave me and my son over the years and most of all for being himself a true gentleman. I last spoke to Steve 3 weeks ago over the phone from his hospital bed in the Northern General and in the space of 20 mins he made me laugh, smile and cry as we talked about things but mostly Wednesday related - I will miss you my friend as you quite simply were a diamond. Steve had a catch phrase of "see you at the far post" and I sincerely hope I do again one day at that goalpost in heaven - my thoughts are very much with Grace & Helen as they begin to come to terms with their inevitable but nonetheless heartbreaking loss - RIP Addo fly safe my friend
  7. Only Ian & Lord Hattersley know how much money they have put into the club, so your statement is unfair. I do know that Ian pays for his own tickets home and away as for Lord Hattersley............................
  8. I could add something that Bernard has done in front of senior management at the club that in it's own right deserves him getting a ban. Perhaps they have built a dossier on him.
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