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  1. I wish they'd all fizz off. Bullen, Monk, players and chansiri.
  2. Seems like he can't play with Borner for whatever reason. We have to stick with Borner Iorfa partnership at centre back. I'd rather see banjo playing than Lees at CB right now. Liability. Lees and Dawson need to take a kicking and passing class.
  3. Agree. Seems like our short fast passing has gone to poo.
  4. He's playing in the wrong position. His corners are woeful. Gives ball away far too often. Needs a general big boss type sat behind him to allow him to take off the shackles. He's not a good defensive midfield option at all. Still one of our most gifted players being used in totally the wrong way.
  5. He should be working on his kicking night and day. It's been his obvious weakness for over 2 years now.
  6. He was absolutely shocking today. How many times have other teams scored from our corner this season? Bannan should not be taking corners. He's proven he can't do it. Worse goal I've seen us concede in a long time. Got to give another keeper a chance after today. Why didn't he just put his laces through it?
  7. Made a big impact for me. Couldn't be arsed watching until he came on because I knew he was the only player that has the ability to make a difference and make something out of nothing.
  8. Thank god I've got some Dragon's Milk in the fridge. Felt Westwood's positioning was all wrong for the first goal but Iorfa and Nuhiu conspired against him allowing their tallest player a free header behind their backs! I'd give man of match to Fletcher. Worst player I've ever seen award and for showing up wearing clogs goes to Pelupessy.
  9. He was the only disappointment for me today. Awful performance from a >10M quid player.
  10. I'm not sure it would have stood in the VAR prem as Smith pushed Iorfa in the back with both hands.
  11. Millwall's defence was absolutely solid. Cooper was immense. They did a proper job on us and just sat back and parked the bus after the sending off. We would have never scored today if we played all day. They had the crowd behind em and also the referee was very biased. Sending off was only from linesman's input. They cheated, wasted time as you would expect. Millwall away represents a very unique test in this league. Nowhere else like it. Disappointed we let Smith have a free header and it called out for Nuhiu. Rhodes looked like a big girl's blouse against these big lads, totally ineffective. Murphy looked a little off it too. Take it as a learning experience I think.
  12. Put link here to make it easy to find. Delete if posted elsewhere. https://www.southyorks.police.uk/media/4337/crowd-risk-analysis-hillsborough-stadium-south-yorks-police.pdf
  13. Joao had the best 15 minutes I've ever seen.
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