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  1. He was the only disappointment for me today. Awful performance from a >10M quid player.
  2. I'm not sure it would have stood in the VAR prem as Smith pushed Iorfa in the back with both hands.
  3. Millwall's defence was absolutely solid. Cooper was immense. They did a proper job on us and just sat back and parked the bus after the sending off. We would have never scored today if we played all day. They had the crowd behind em and also the referee was very biased. Sending off was only from linesman's input. They cheated, wasted time as you would expect. Millwall away represents a very unique test in this league. Nowhere else like it. Disappointed we let Smith have a free header and it called out for Nuhiu. Rhodes looked like a big girl's blouse against these big lads, totally ineffective. Murphy looked a little off it too. Take it as a learning experience I think.
  4. Put link here to make it easy to find. Delete if posted elsewhere. https://www.southyorks.police.uk/media/4337/crowd-risk-analysis-hillsborough-stadium-south-yorks-police.pdf
  5. Joao had the best 15 minutes I've ever seen.
  6. That's funny I did not know that. When I saw them on TV I thought it actually was Jordan Rhodes. That explains it.
  7. Probably the fastest he moved all day then. Needed extra time to take the osmium out of his boots!!
  8. That may be true as I watched it on IFollow and you don't get as good an insight into the off ball work going on. Even more so with our bad quality single camera view.
  9. Was just an off topic observation about today's game.
  10. Sorry I don't see it at all. I thought pelupessy was one of our poorest players again. Offers nothing going forward. Only positive I could see was he made a few good deliveries from set pieces. No way would we have won today if Forestieri didn't come on to really change how the game was going.
  11. It is on my last damn nerve. Missing loads of stuff!!!
  12. I've probably missed 10 minutes in total today because of it freezing. Terrible today. Worst I've seen it in over a year.
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