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  1. That was actually one of the most biased refereeing performances I have ever seen in my life. Norwich had the luck, the fans, and the referee.
  2. He blows hot and cold. Thought he could’ve done much better for their first goal but played well v reading. We need 2016 Westwood back!!
  3. Best performance I’ve seen in a long time. Referee screwed us. I’m really happy with their work organization and tactics. Pulis makes monk look like a total waste of space and I didn’t want Pulis but he is different kettle of fish.
  4. That was the worst goalkeeping performance I've ever seen for Wednesday. I blame him for all 3 goals tonight. We could have scraped a 0-0 with a decent keeper against the might toy town :-). Oh what a state we're in.
  5. So Gary I have 2 questions. 1. Why did you waste a substitution by bringing on Palmer only to take him off again at half time? 2. Why did you bring on Pelupessy? I just don’t see where you’re coming from?
  6. Van Akin did have a good game but lost his man completely for their goal. Can’t loose concentration like that in this league.
  7. Lees was brilliant. Luongo also stood out. One of Harris’ better performances. What a kick in the rounduns that was. I really would like to see our players wearing proper long studs in weather like that. These bloody carpet slippers they’re all sporting is a joke when they all look like Bambi on ice.
  8. Absolutely has to be someone with pace that can run in behind. Pace, pace, and pace.
  9. Well personally I like the podcast. I think you all do a great job and I also think it is good to bring attention to prostate cancer as too many people leave their head in the sand and don't get it checked when they should. Keep up the good work. That's just my opinion.
  10. Wow that puts my “problems” into perspective. Seems like you’re taking the right approach though with your sense of humour. Stay strong and please accept my sincere condolences. RIP to both your brother and friend.
  11. I would like to see him axed. I preferred Rowett. At least I know Bullen will try to pick our best team on match day.
  12. Absolutely no way on earth would anyone with eyes and a brain be starting Tom Lees instead of Iorfa with Borner this season. And cutting off your nose to spite your face doesn't help either. Hutch would've been better than Lee and Lees. How the fizz is Dawson not getting dropped? So frustrated with this rounduns.
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