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  1. It took over 5 hours for anyone to realise this ridiculousness! Breadcake- Nothing else, EVER!
  2. https://www.expressandstar.com/sport/football/wolverhampton-wanderers-fc/2018/07/27/revealed-steve-davis-managing-wolves-outcasts/ Wonder if any of these are interesting us? Surely someone like Iorfa should be?
  3. I hope that’s Chris Brunt’s younger brother, by that I mean 13 years younger!
  4. We’ve had Paddy and pu55y tonight so who else?
  5. Hopefully Jos will get him scoring, If anyone is mad enough to offer £8m+ though in the form he’s in then we should be selling
  6. Both good goals, the other one was a cross, voted
  7. Sold Connor Washington for £2.7m (Just checked google) can’t see us being able to afford the sort of money they get for their players, not under the current restraints anyway
  8. It's gazza's fault for scoring against Scotland in Euro 96 Pet Man
  9. Me too, still annoys me that they outline tiempo writing with a thin gold line! Had to borrow some puma evospeeds during a friendly the other week, not only where they pink they feel like i played in plastic bags, so much pain! All gimmicks and all crap.
  10. Read he had scored something like 70 in 95 games for Chelsea's youth team, frightening at any level.
  11. Was desperate for us to sign him when he was on loan, just seems to have faded away as time has gone on. Back up for left back-yeah Shouldnt really get in the team as a winger now we've signed Reach Absolutely nothing against the guy
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