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  1. Of course there are better managers than Laws otherwise he would not have been stuck at Sflaphorpe and Grimsby for God knows how long. It depends on the situation - what league we are in, who the owners are and what the finances are like. I'm all for getting off Laws' back now but the situation needs review at the end of the season.
  2. One interesting name that never seems to get mentioned is Peter Reid. He's not exactly Mr Charisma but he has experience of this league and took Sunderland up with over 100 points and goals. He hasn't really been out of the game that long either and kept Sunderland up comfortably in their first season back in the Premiership.
  3. I am sorry but this continues to baffle me! Stuurock had players like Bougherra, Brunt, Whelan, Maclean, Simek etc. We now know these players alone have a combined transfer value of between eight and twelve million quid but still Sturrock couldn't drag them out of the bottom three. The Colchester game was an abysmal performance after a number of sloppy performances. Macauley with absolutely no managerial experience took the same players further. Laws has had to sell most of them to balance the books with nothing in return but he still does no worse than Sturrock did with all of them!
  4. Geldof and Bono "Grandad Aid - **** the LA" concert in aid of justice for the righteous and truly committed!
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