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  1. There would be quite a few on Owlstalk that would be defending Jeffrey Epstein even now had he bankrolled the club back to the Premier League. That's the sad reality behind the fake outrage.
  2. It depends more on whether or not Chansiri has changed. If Chansiri now realises it is better to recruit the right man to run the football side of the club and leaves him to doing things his way without any form of hindrance, then relegation was a price well worth paying. If Chansiri goes back to his (alleged) interference and micromanagement, it probably will not be long before Moore departs and things turn pear shaped yet again.
  3. Dejphon plans for self sufficiency at Sheffield Wednesday. Richard Briers and Felicity Kendal appointed as advisors.
  4. I don't want to sound too much like an old cynic but Dejphon and his plans rarely reach the desired outcome.
  5. I reckon Lombardo will be digging through Bannan's kit bag looking for the hair restorer.
  6. His brother, Sickasa, is reyt good. He often gets a mention in interviews from other players and managers.
  7. No, he's Young Bailey, Old Bailey's son.
  8. Yeah, look at all the benefits we got out of the sale, the big name signings, how it elevated our standing in the league!
  9. Just what is needed. Another DA at the club.
  10. How would you know? Once (or if) Paixao finally departs, he will simply become the new target for Chansiri blame deflection.
  11. I am part of a consortium based in China. All of our consortium are part of the food and fisheries industry. We bought them though an agent in Hong Kong many years ago (before Chansiri had anything to do with Wednesday). My shares are a twentieth of not very much. I'll never get rich from them but it does give me access to various news dispatches and other investor benefits.
  12. It does - as a wholly owned subsidiary of Thai Union Group.
  13. No idea what the kid did but this sure trumps grounding him for a week.
  14. He is obviously "part of the fabric" but what part of the fabric is he and what makes him so indispensable?
  15. Go on then because I've often wondered. What is his actual roll at the club and why is he such an indispensable part of the furniture when all of the other key backroom staff come and go at such an alarming rate?
  16. Can the supporters that are still owed a refund on season tickets file for administration?
  17. Dad and brother will bail us out: "Collect ten labels from John West tuna special edition cans for your chance to be entered in a draw for playing contracts at Sheffield Wednesday".
  18. I may be way off the mark with that post but I am not so sure you are right about Paixao. He comes across as cunning, underhand, dishonest and without ethics or morals in my mind but those type are rarely incompetent.
  19. Tin foil hat territory I know, but I have long since wondered if the end game Amadeu Paixao was playing for is the bottom to fall out of the club and for him and his cronies to firstly milk Chansiri dry before picking up the club from the administrators at a fraction of its true worth. I can envisage ways that someone of Paixao's ilk could easily engineer a path to his desired outcome.
  20. We will need some new "walk out music" for this. How about Last Post or summat?
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