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  1. What if dad has better things to worry about than a loss making English Championship football club?
  2. ChinaOwl

    Just got back

    What was it on the train you could reach?
  3. ChinaOwl

    Big Sam anyone?

    Why settle for Big Sam when Mourinho will be out of a job shortly?
  4. Abdi would have to drive with the airbag permanently inflated for safety reasons.
  5. For me, it's not how much we spent that is the problem. After the play-off final at Wembley, there was two or three glaring pieces to the jigsaw that needed putting in place. But instead of signing the players we did need, we embarked on a policy of bringing in too many, very average players on high salaries. Most of them were then left out as Carlos continued playing largely the same core of players that got us to Wembley. By having a properly managed transfer policy, we could have solidified the team without spending all of that money.
  6. That is a possibility but that decision would be made by the commercial team at John West, not the PLC board in Thailand.
  7. Because: The Chansiris have no authority to make a spending decision like that without firstly receiving ratification of the board and then the general shareholders. It would have no real value to T.U.G. because it is not a recognisable brand (it is a group of autonomously operated subsidiaries) so would not see a return on investment.
  8. His dad does not own Thai Union Group. It is a publicly listed company of which the Chansiri family collectively own 20.3% of the shares. His father and brother hold salaried positions on the PLC board.
  9. It was worse than that. After the play-off final defeat, it was abundantly clear that the weaknesses were a dominant centre half, strong defensive midfield player and perhaps a bit of pace out wide. Even to this day, none of those have been adequately addressed. Yet millions was spaffed on players that were not really needed and most of them sat in the stands whilst Carlos continued to, by and large, play exactly the same team that got to Wembley. A ludicrous transfer policy.
  10. Aye, as a very last resort. You can't just walk away because you've had enough.
  11. The owner does not appoint liquidators. Creditors petition for administration or liquidation to recover debts. You cannot just decide you have had enough and abandon debts!
  12. He should just have the gonads to make the decisions that are right for the club. If that means selling off some of the fans' favourites, regardless of how unpalatable it is, he needs to do it.
  13. Exactly - therefore whether he stays or goes is not an option for the foreseeable future and would create a far worse situation if he did. Hence there is no justification or rationale for such a poll.
  14. It's not even an option. It is not like sacking a manager and getting another. We are well up s h i t creek without a paddle right now. If he were to go, that s h i t would just get deeper and thicker.
  15. ChinaOwl

    Be careful of fake news!

    Dunno but I have been following tweets from Vital Wednesday and Dom Howson. I cannot vouch for the accuracy but both sources seemed to be reporting pretty similar feedback. I am assuming that most of what was said is true even allowing for a lack of detail or context.