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  1. Sean Clare future in doubt

    I think there is far more chance of Hirst being a let down than a success when he is eventually given the nod to play first team football but the feelings of other squad players shouldn't cloud the managers' feelings if he thinks the time is right.
  2. Sean Clare future in doubt

    I too have no idea how good or indeed bad Hirst will turn out but I would imagine the exact points you have raised must have been an issue at Liverpool when they gave Owen and Fowler their breaks into the first team.
  3. We would be able to do without the ten outfield players if we signed Billy the Fish.
  4. One Win = Mathematical Safety

    In all seriousness, that Barnsley versus Bolton game on Saturday really has all but guaranteed that we will be playing Championship football next season. The quickest, most efficient road to guaranteed safety would be a Barnsley win (though a draw or Bolton win wouldn't be bad results either). If Barnsley win, the very worst case scenario on Saturday evening (even if we get absolutely mullered at Hull) is an eight point gap between us and Bolton. That would mean the last semblance of relegation possibility would be Bolton to win their last three games and us to lose all of our games. Bolton's next game after Barnsley is Wolves who would be looking to seal promotion and the Championship! Of course, all of that can be put to bed anyway by us getting the points we need.
  5. One Win = Mathematical Safety

    Aye, but Barnsley wouldn't be a concern. Burton and Sunderland can't catch us as it stands now. Bolton would be nine points behind us with three games to go and 22+ goals behind in the GD column. Enough, innit?
  6. One Win = Mathematical Safety

    I'd take a Barnsley win and us to draw on Saturday against Hull if it was offered now. By my calculations, that would put us nine points ahead of Bolton with three games left and at least +22 on goal difference. I think we'd struggle to find a way to feck that one up.
  7. hirst to united

    Your post seems to totally discount the possibility that under a different manager and a different set up, things could have been different for the lad. It's water under the bridge now but players can only perform if they are given the opportunity to do so.
  8. Nuhiu: Hero or Villain

    Greavsie always said it's a funny ol' game. Put aside any feelings one way or t'other regarding Nuhiu. It's more wondrous to imagine how Nuhiu, Leon Clarke and Gary Madine collectively become three of the most prolific and feared strikers in the Championship based on goals per time on the pitch.
  9. What is the difference between Christian Titz and other Titz? Shouldn't this be in the "Has religion any part in football" thread?
  10. Clarity please Mr chansiri

    We can only wish and pray.
  11. Clarity please Mr chansiri

    It depends Tinks. Maybe things can be turned around and we go the Premier League. After all, that's everyone's aim!
  12. Clarity please Mr chansiri

    I was told something in Asia by someone who seemed to be a very reliable source but I can't guarantee that. So whilst I harbour a few concerns, I won't discuss them publicly and what's the point anyway? None of us can influence matters and one day we shall find out the story in its entirety.
  13. Clarity please Mr chansiri

    Some of it contravenes international laws and conventions as TUG clearly acknowledge because they have spent a considerable fortune removing the said supply chains, and by bringing in various PR gurus to deal with the fallout. However, that is not football related so it should be left there.
  14. Clarity please Mr chansiri

    Do you think that DC fronted this entirely himself or by means of hedging?
  15. Clarity please Mr chansiri

    Aye, you would have to do your own research into the Thai Fishing Industry, the links to the Chansiris and to Thai Union to fully understand what I am saying. That is stuff that Dejphon's father and brother are implicated with and not particular Dejphon himself (and is well out of the realms of football). Dejphon has his own personal wealth that originated from the flotation of the family business and shares in TUF granted as inheritance.