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  1. SWFC Chairman

    Aye, Chansiri is Wednesday through and through but you can't be because you live in Leeds.
  2. SWFC Chairman

    Therein lies a subliminal question regarding Doyen involvement at the club.
  3. SWFC Chairman

    Welcome to the world of investment! No gain without risk and all that cr@p.
  4. SWFC Chairman

    "Your flouncing is over, it's time to log off"
  5. SWFC Chairman

    I am still trying to figure out what value they add to the club that could not have been done to a higher standard using traditional methods based on the manager/head coach (along with a team of scouts) identifying the transfer targets then the club closing out the deals. Why does there have to be middle men involved? Given the state of the transfer dealings that the club have been involved in, the only conclusion I can come to is Doyen are screwing us over.
  6. SWFC Chairman

    I understand that there are no other options, let alone better options, than Dejphon Chansiri but he is an investor. He did not take on the project based on some alteristic premise to help the fans. He made his investment with a view to making a return on capital. Therefore, when he does make mistakes, it is fair game that he should cop the criticism. If he cannot accept the criticism, then it would have been well advisable to steer clear of football investment.
  7. SWFC Chairman

    As I don't know the ins and outs of the Doyen relationship, I will take yours and his word on it. That doesn't mean people should accept everything thrown at them without question.
  8. SWFC Chairman

    I know - some people can only measure things in pound signs. It might be wise to revert to the old adage "There's no such thing as a free meal".
  9. SWFC Chairman

    Are we loaded with debt to Doyen? Some have suggested that they have funded transfers in terms of a loan with interest.
  10. SWFC Chairman

    Questioning motives or methodology doesn't necessarily make you a "hater". The worst possible scenario is going along with everything that is thrown at you without question. That is the dangerous option.
  11. Mr Farrell must be No.1 candidate for The Professional Outers Association Outer of the Year Award.
  12. New Manager & Doyen

    I have to admit, the thought had crossed my mind.
  13. Let's just be kind and say someone "introduced" Carlos as a favour.
  14. Aye, a guy from Thailand with no previous connections to football somehow knew of a coach in Portugal that people in the media and the game in general openly admitted they had no clue to Carvalhal's identity.
  15. This is modern day football...

    Perhaps it does. I can't imagine for one second that Chansiri knew of Carvalhal. It certainly stinks of third party involvement and that alone is a symptom of the modern day game. I have never believed that Carvalhal was appointed because "he was the right man for the job". He was appointed because of vested financial interest in doing so. And I suspect that the same vested interests are the very reason that he is hanging around.