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  1. ChinaOwl

    Safe Standing at Hillsborough

    Why? Surely that is just making a political statement. What has happened in the past should be eliminated from the decision altogether. Many factors in football have changed since the 1980's not least of which has been the removal of fences and pens. There is a case for trialling the so called safe standing principle but it might be better to begin at a ground with a smaller capacity and smaller attendances to see it in practice in this country then decide on the positives and negatives.
  2. ChinaOwl

    Ideas/ opinions please

    Put Lee Sharpe in each of the six pockets then call the table Roland.
  3. Other side of the Humber Estuary?
  4. Aye, his real name is probably Pilcuz or summat but the fans at Sturm Graz call him Pete.
  5. As far as I am aware, DC is a deeply superstitious person. Having seen first hand how East Asian people react to superstitions,(e,g. not having a fourth floor in a building because the word for four sounds like the word for death), I can perhaps see a reason why he may prefer his name not to be attached to the stadium itself.
  6. ChinaOwl


    Hate or just didn't rate? To be fair to Guru, there is a clear difference.
  7. ChinaOwl

    Home Friendly vs Villareal

    I've read somewhere that Villarreal is one of the most misspelt places in the world.
  8. ChinaOwl

    Our fire sale

    It is indeed - especially when your size is similar to that of Steve Evans.
  9. ChinaOwl

    Our fire sale

    And cuckoo clocks.
  10. ChinaOwl

    Our fire sale

    Aye, we can forget automatic promotion if we sold Big Guns.
  11. 7.5 million for both of them. They must think we're Aston Villa or summat?
  12. These two weeks will be the only two weeks during the season he's fit and available for selection.
  13. Feck knows really. Perhaps when their agent tells them there's an offer from St. Andrew's, they're expecting a round of golf.