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  1. ChinaOwl

    Daniel James

    I bet Daniel James was Carlos' boyhood hero.
  2. ChinaOwl

    Great pic...

    I would too the way that the Sri Lankans were chasing down South Africa. Top knock from the guy that ended 150 odd not out.
  3. ChinaOwl

    glad lorfa

    Or Sheffield United ......... "Clad all over".
  4. ChinaOwl

    glad lorfa

    He eats Hannibal Lecter Na, nah nah nah, na nah nah na.
  5. ChinaOwl

    The shadow of The Blades

    High Green Rovers?
  6. ChinaOwl

    Team for Swansea

    Do you have any straws nearby to grab?
  7. ChinaOwl

    Daniel James

    Apparently he's quick and comes from Wales - Football's answer to Terry Griffiths?
  8. ChinaOwl

    The shadow of The Blades

    To be honest, it shows how badly run as a club that they have been. Wilder is their special one but McCabe and Co., almost stumbled on him by accident after spewing tens of millions through a series less than impressive appointments followed by sackings. In the end, the Wilder appointment was a no brainer. A Blunt through and through with a more than half decent track record as a manager. He has almost single handed put the club back on course by bringing in the right coaching staff then embarking on an almost flawless team building exercise disproving that money is needed to do it. It would appear from the outside looking in that McCabe and the other cohorts in the boardroom have done more to hinder the progress made by Wilder than aid it. For example, you would think after Wilder has done so much for that club, the loyalty would stretch a little further than giving him what seems a relatively small proportion of the Brooks' transfer fee for a couple of low budget signings, freebies and loans. Wilder to his credit is just getting on with things and proving something is possible that most of our fan base concluded was impossible. Can Chansiri learn something from Wilder's apparent success? Maybe that it's not about how much is spent but what the money is spent on. Instead of throwing money around scatter gun style, target players that actually want to be at the club and are functional within its setup. We will see in due course whether the recruitment of Bruce flatters to deceive. We have had managers in the past that have been every bit as influential for us as Wilder has been at United. We have had the likes of Charlton, Wilkinson and Atkinson that have built competitive squads. I guess we can just now sit back and see if Bruce becomes the latest in that list.
  9. ChinaOwl

    The shadow of The Blades

    Yeah, OK fine, I agree to disagree. I would rather concentrate on our own prospects and get on with sorting our own s h i t out. Clubs with parachute payments are a reality in the Championship and I wouldn't fear the Blunts any more than any relegated club from that perspective.
  10. ChinaOwl

    The shadow of The Blades

    Wolves, Bournemouth and Brighton started in the same position to ourselves. They got the external investment and benefited from it. That is what we should be trying to emulate though each have put themselves in a perilous financial position doing so. Burnley, OK they seem to have bouncebackability on the back of a very astute coach in Dyche though I suspect the next time they get relegated, and it will happen eventually, they may find getting back next time less than straightforward.
  11. ChinaOwl

    The shadow of The Blades

    Obviously, I cannot say with any degree of certainty but I suspect Huddersfield will eventually drop into League One before they mount another Premier League promotion push. Clubs like Newcastle get the bouncebackability. Stoke and WBA are showing that having the PL money is not everything.
  12. ChinaOwl

    The shadow of The Blades

    I know that but I used them as an example of the PL money myth. Clubs get all of this money for being there but then it has to be factored in the associated losses. The Blunts have been in the PL more recently than us but, in the end, that counted for nothing from a financial perspective. We should concentrate on what we can control. Learn from them and mount a promotion challenge on a realistic, sustainable budget.
  13. ChinaOwl

    The shadow of The Blades

    I think (as would most people) that we will start next season in the same league as Huddersfield. Despite them have the so called Premier League riches at their disposal, would you have particular fear about playing them? I have come to terms with the idea of Leeds and Blunts going up together because it means we will not have to play them. I would rather get our own s h i t together for next season, get the deadwood off the books and have another go at promotion without having to play derby games. They are a distraction and nerve wracking affairs and I for one couldn't care less if we can avoid them.
  14. ChinaOwl

    The shadow of The Blades

    Wilder is practising the interviews in advance: "I know we have just lost 5-0 at home to City but, for the first ten minutes, we held their £500,000 per week footballers to 0-0".
  15. ChinaOwl

    Dawson for loan to Fulham?

    Aye, that was my first reaction but isn't there an exception for emergency loan of keepers for injury cover? I might be mistaken but I thought such loans were still allowed outside the window in such circumstances. That said, the OP is unsubstantiated conjecture and I will ignore it on that basis alone.