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  1. Clarity please Mr chansiri

    We can only wish and pray.
  2. Clarity please Mr chansiri

    It depends Tinks. Maybe things can be turned around and we go the Premier League. After all, that's everyone's aim!
  3. Clarity please Mr chansiri

    I was told something in Asia by someone who seemed to be a very reliable source but I can't guarantee that. So whilst I harbour a few concerns, I won't discuss them publicly and what's the point anyway? None of us can influence matters and one day we shall find out the story in its entirety.
  4. Clarity please Mr chansiri

    Some of it contravenes international laws and conventions as TUG clearly acknowledge because they have spent a considerable fortune removing the said supply chains, and by bringing in various PR gurus to deal with the fallout. However, that is not football related so it should be left there.
  5. Clarity please Mr chansiri

    Do you think that DC fronted this entirely himself or by means of hedging?
  6. Clarity please Mr chansiri

    Aye, you would have to do your own research into the Thai Fishing Industry, the links to the Chansiris and to Thai Union to fully understand what I am saying. That is stuff that Dejphon's father and brother are implicated with and not particular Dejphon himself (and is well out of the realms of football). Dejphon has his own personal wealth that originated from the flotation of the family business and shares in TUF granted as inheritance.
  7. Clarity please Mr chansiri

    Dejphon's father is not a business genius. He is someone that made a fortune exploiting dodgy supply chains. However, none of DC's family will bail him out. It's Dejphon's baby, this!
  8. Jos hoping to welcome back

    Are you confident we'll get any whether he plays or not?
  9. Unqualified Medical Staff

    Six hundred quid doesn't sound that expensive to me. The going rate for interim managers carrying out mid level roles is about the same. Even minor surgery carried out by private healthcare providers runs into several thousand pounds.
  10. Brian Laws

    Never afraid to say it as it is, including the time his employers felt it a good idea to sue fans. A man of principles, one might say!
  11. Almen Abdi

    Yeah, he signed for us.
  12. Wadsley Bridge Railway Station

    Yeah, of course. Wadsley Bridge just stuck in my mind because I was recently reading an account of Anne Williams and her son Kevin that actually travelled on that train on that day. It was quite poignant but you are right, there was no real need to bring it up in the context of this thread.
  13. Wadsley Bridge Railway Station

    Tragically yes. I say tragically because it was the destination for a football special from Liverpool on that fateful day back in 1989. RIP.
  14. Cotton wool won't save him. Steve Evans will eat that as well.
  15. Kim Jong'Un decided that forced labour camps,starvation, electric shocks to the genitals and solitary confinement wasn't severe enough so he has stated to send folk to watch Sheffield Wednesday instead. Amnesty International are on the case.