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  1. Middlesborough concede almost next to nowt. We are missing the two key players that might be able to create something against a team like that (Forestieri and Matias). When I heard they were both injured, a feared the worst from this fixture and that is sadly how it turned out.
  2. ChinaOwl

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    I guess mine would also be the Sheridan goal at Wembley for obvious reasons but a mention for Tudgay at the Stain is warranted (if not just for the reaction of some of the Blunts behind the goal).
  3. ChinaOwl

    Sheffield, city of students

    A lot of the Chinese students that are flooding cities like Sheffield and Manchester are the sons and daughters of China's new "nouveau riche" generation. They are incredibly cash rich families. Whilst such students neither require nor particularly want preferential treatment, I would be doing all that I could to attract them to games at Hillsborough and keep them away from rival clubs. They could be themselves or know somebody connected with millionaire or billionaire owned businesses in China. The club's medium and long term commercial strategy should include connecting with such people for investment or commercial deals. It is also not beyond the realms of possibility that one of the Chinese students in Sheffield could turn out to be the son or daughter of the club's next billionaire owner. I would hope that the club would have the foresight to get these people involved in some way even if it is just stadium tours, mascot deals or kick around sessions at the club's facilities.
  4. ChinaOwl

    Jos v Carlos - 38 games in

    So Jos with mainly walking wounded and academy lads is nearly as good as Carlos with millions to spend. Astonishing!
  5. ChinaOwl

    Gary Hooper

    Does he put the ball on Lee's head to tee off?
  6. Why didn't Gary Madine think about this?
  7. ChinaOwl

    I wonder if DC...

    Maybe Dejphon listened to the wrong guys?
  8. ChinaOwl

    A dose of reality

    Aye, telling the fan base that if we don't go up this year, we would be in big trouble REALLY filled everyone with false hope.
  9. ChinaOwl

    It's Jos Working Out So Well...

    He'd still be fitter than some of our squad.
  10. Do they have the squad depth to maintain it though? A couple of injuries to key players and no doubt they will lose momentum (again).
  11. Using the term "Fortress Hillsborough" is pushing things a bit too far. Yes, we are unbeaten but "Lucky Hillsborough" may have been as much to do with it.
  12. ChinaOwl

    From the Bristol City forum

    One of these? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MIM-104_Patriot
  13. ChinaOwl

    When and how do we......Go for it?

    I would say ....... first target, get 50 odd points as soon as possible. Once over that hurdle, relegation should be out of the window. After that? There's only one thing left worth doing ..... just go for it because you get nowt in the Championship for finishing 7th to 21st.
  14. ChinaOwl

    New song for Adam reach!!

    "When he's 30 yards out, there's never a doubt, Adam Reach, Adam Reach".
  15. ChinaOwl

    The streets of San Francisco

    Al Capone's watching the match in his cell. He has a few Budweisers ready in the fridge. I am sure he wouldn't mind a couple of dudes joining him. Just tell your mate to head over to the rock.