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  1. To be fair to DC, he was well ahead of the game when it comes to COVID lockdowns. All of D-Taxi's drivers were furloughed ages before anyone else.
  2. Dejphon thinks there's a business idea in there somewhere. D-Pressing, your local ironing specialists!
  3. The relationship as I now see it: The club are only responsible for maintaining rental payments. HK entity responsible for ground maintenance. What happens if the club cannot maintain rental payments? Eviction or repossession?
  4. What has the revenue coming into the club got to do with the business that owns the ground? They are by all intents and purposes, completely separate entities. If the club is paying rental for the ground, it could be argued that the landlord has a responsibility to maintain the ground in a satisfactory condition.
  5. Aye, Dejphon bought another lucky gold elephant for the window sill. The curtain rails fell down and the hoover packed up.
  6. Doesn't DC's wife own the company that the ground is regsitered with? Maybe it will come down to the choice between ground improvements or a new egg whisk?
  7. No 0-3 games option? Is it already predetermined that there is zero chance of winning an appeal?
  8. The Wigan Athletic thing, Carsen Yeung, Tony Xia - Funny how most of the most dodgy people in football seem to come from the far eastern regions, isn't it? However, there are many more reasons for moving capital, not all of them are illegal.
  9. Because if you look at the way that money launderers work, having legitimate business investments is often a cover for other activities. It does not necessarly mean illegal activity but sometimes having a visible investment overseas makes it easier to conduct other financial transactions or a bridge to opening non related business activity. There are other reasons as well such as business kudos created. The risk for investors in consortia or hedging groups is relatively small compared to potential gains.
  10. The one I was referring to (SY) simple had the contacts in the far east, a reputation in football that worked to his advantage, and connections in the UK looking for potential buyers e.g. MM. Connect two sets of people together, do the donkey work and take the commission from both parties. Nice little earner and has the added advantage of avoiding having to watch BCFC.
  11. The reality is that high wealth individuals, of which there are now many in China, will get money out of the country at any opportunity. Western currencies are more stable are not restricted by socialist monetary systems. The Chinese government did briefly open up foreign investment channels when it seemed like a win-win situation resulting in equal or greater inward investment. That channel has now been firmly closed and only selected people get the same opportunities, (usually those directly connected to the Beijing government hence Chinese investment in football has taken a hit).
  12. People get into things for all kinds of nefarious or clandestine reasons. About five years ago, there was a rush in interest for the nouveau riche in China to get capital offshore through investments. There are groups of business people out there that dream about owning Premier League football clubs but individually they are not cash rich enough to do it. They can form consortia or hedge funds and back other primary investors. It is always a risk but it is one they can afford to take. It also opens opportunities for these business people overseas not directly related to football. Since that time, the Chinese government closed windows for overseas investment so it is now difficult for the same people to get money out of the country. It will get even more difficult if Hong Kong free markets are closed.
  13. I am talking about the guys that act as in intermediateries or agents. Investors know that there is a very big risk of losing money in football. They simply spread the risk among several different innvestments and accept that most are likely to fail. The middle men get rich linking the investors with potential projects.
  14. I hope that we can agree that morals and ethics don't come into things vis-a-vis football investment. I am sure these people had no concern about the outcome and focussed solely on the income, namely their own.
  15. I am treading carefully on the matter. I was told something by an executive within Thai Union China and connecting it with something said by a sports journalist in the far east. I have no reason to doubt the information but I certainly cannot independently verify it.
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