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  1. Again, I never said anywhere that Newcastle should walk all over us. Bruce is going. Find the solution that best suits all parties and move on such that the next guy in charge is not affected by the situation.
  2. Folk keep quoting Ashley. That is not what I said. I alluded to people in the game who are more or less Bruce's peer group siding with him if they believe he is being deliberately priced out of the move. What Ashley has to pay is a side issue.
  3. I am talking about a reasonable compromise that does not give the impression that Bruce is deliberately being priced out of the job. Bruce and mates will realise that Wednesday are entitled to something but some of the figures quoted are absurd. Sometimes a little common sense needs to come into the equation. We can replace Bruce but we cannot afford to make too many enemies along the way. The future of the club now relies on obtaining quality loan signings. I would prefer not to mess that up for the sake of a couple of million.
  4. There is quite a hefty part of me that doesn't like what we are doing. Everybody seems to be jumping on the bandwagon about taking Ashley for everything we can and the chairman's stance but there are two ways to look at this. If you remove your Sheffield Wednesday spectacles, it could be said that Bruce is only choosing to manage at a club with a higher profile in a higher league. Bruce is not like Carlos or Jos in one respect. Bruce is an influential guy in a game that I suspect is full of cliques and circles. I don't know for certain but I suspect for obvious reasons that guys like Lampard and Solksjaer (among countless others) will be among Bruce's circle of friends and peers in the game. It may impact on our ability to get the best new manager and future signings if they decide to side with Bruce on this one. If Bruce is going, which it certainly looks as if he is, it would be better all round in the long run if it were an amicable departure. Trying to price him out of his "dream" move might not be the most expedient thing to do. Agree a reasonable compo package and stick with it could it certainly could cost considerably more later holding out for an extra million or two. The compensation packages being quoted are frankly ridiculous.
  5. I don't think that would be a very expedient thing to do in the long run. Folk have been talking for months about Bruce using his contacts and influence in the game to sign players. Maybe it is also possible in a closed shop like football that the same contacts might actually side with Bruce on this one and the whole thing come back to haunt us in future. Best all round if an amicable solution is found and, if that includes taking a drop in compo, maybe that could be the best outcome in the long run. Even principles have repercussions some times.
  6. I am not sure they actually despise Steve Bruce. The majority don't want him as manager but that is different to despising him. I think most actually despise what Ashley is doing at the club and taking it out on Bruce because they quite fairly regard the appointment as a big come down from Benitez and symptomatic of the way things are being done at the club.
  7. Aye, that ugly building site opposite to the church at the top end of Bumhole Lane (more Chinese around there than downtown Qingdao).
  8. Aye, and they're all running a betting syndicate on the side.
  9. Or get another one with Sheila on it and emigrate to Australia.
  10. If Ashley offered him the job, I suspect he would do it (Although my feelings are Ashley and Megson might not have the most harmonious of working relationships).
  11. To get someone without pay compo, they are extremely likely to be out of work now. There are surely managers that would jump at a chance to manage in the PL even under such conditions. Asley might have to lower his expectations but that would be his choice.
  12. He's under contract. He is not at liberty to take another job until the contract ends or the club agrees.
  13. So what's the delay on his part? Surely there's an out of work manager that fancies a Premier League gig at a biggish club regardless of the working conditions.
  14. Aye, so was Peter Sutcliffe's murdering spree but I wouldn't recommend trying it to other people.
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