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  1. It's a sign of the times that the easiest of those three games looks like Manchester United.
  2. You may as well change the thread title to "Westwood IN for two weeks'.
  3. His uncle's been found in the wreckage of an air crash and his solicitor is going to send the club $45 million when DC sends the bank details.
  4. It is fair to say that I have not watched any of their games or had any inclination to. I have just followed the results of games. The scorelines against to top clubs in the division bar perhaps Chelsea have been respectable albeit losses. Maybe the scorelines didn't reflect the performances but I am loathe to chuckle too loudly when we are getting ripped a new ass off the likes of Rotherham.
  5. But they do have the excuse that they have played teams that are currently in a different stratosphere to us and run them close results wise. Whilst we've been turned over by Luton, Rotherham and Wycombe.
  6. Burnley are the club with most likelihood to string some results together. Hopefully, they will win at least one of their games in hand. If Burnley pull away, the gap between United and Brighton will start to look big.
  7. A Burnley revival would create one of the more likely scenarios to cut United adrift.
  8. Sadly, our only concern should be that we are still in the same division to play them next season if they do get relegated.
  9. Rotherham away under Stuey if only because of Evans.
  10. Pulis says he doesn't give a throw ................................................... unless it;s a very, very long one!
  11. Good friend of OGS - Pelupessy for Pogba swap deal on the cards?
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