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  1. Isn't Nelson's Law something to do with three numbers the same in cricket e.g. 111, 222?
  2. The Championship is usually structured such that more than 80% still have something to play for well into April. Last season, every club down to about twelfth were still in with a shout of the play-offs until the last few games.
  3. That's easy to say with Hinds sight.
  4. He was - did you not see all of those little hills he made all over the grass?
  5. I would imagine he was a bit lonely on the training ground and he must have been having a chat with a gold elephant at Hillsborough.
  6. He does but I am also pretty sure he can create wriggle room but it would still require wheeling and dealing at this stage and a bit of creative accountancy. Then knowing how to play the market in a more savvy way going forward. Buying players that can be sold for substantially more than they were bought for would definitely be a way forward.
  7. Yeah he (Chansiri) can, he just needs to be more savvy in the transfer market and this type of signing is exactly what he should be looking at i.e. young with potential as opposed to hoarding players with little or no resale value as before.
  8. Therein lies the crackpot idea portrayed by the anti-Nuhiu mob. To be clear, I am not saying that players cannot raise their games when it comes to contract renewal time. What they are saying in the Nuhiu instance is that he can suddenly, from nowhere and almost on demand go from what they themselves perceive as a Sunday League clogger with very little ability to 15 goal in 18 game Championship striker. In other words, from a donkey to a thoroughbred when he needs a new contract then just switch back to being a donkey again. As you quite rightly say, if he is a 15 goal in 18 game striker in a donkey's disguise, why doesn't he just do it more often and earn enough dosh to set himself up for life?
  9. I would agree with that. You see it all the time in sport. The stars suddenly, for whatever reason, align and very average players for a limited period look like world beaters. I think that is more likely explanation for the run that Nuhiu had. But that aside, to achieve something of that magnitude, you at least need a certain level of talent or ability. I cannot remember the stats exactly but I think I have seen it quoted that Nuhiu got 15 goals in 18 games. If that was extrapolated over a full season, it would equate to something over a 40 goal season, prolific by any standard. Yes it was just a golden patch but it absolutely belies the many assertions put out by a sector of the Wednesday fan base vis-a-vis Nuhiu's ability. Indeed, it makes him more than simply a number to fill the squad. He must absolutely be capable than his normal season on season goal return.
  10. You mean like raising his performance level level from "Useless lump who couldn't hit a barn door from a yard away" to one of the most effective and prolific (at that time) strikers in the Championship simply to obtain a new contract? Go on then, I challenge you in your own line of work whatever that is. Suddenly become (completely out of the blue) something that you have never been before or ever looked likely to be and use it to get a big pay rise. I look forward to hearing your story.
  11. No it couldn't - there are possibly 50 or 60 reasons that could be given as reasons for the play-off failures over and above anything to do with Nuhiu. Maybe you could ask why a player earning at least double what Nuhiu does failed to convert a gilt edged opportunity then backed out of taking a penalty in the shoot out. I would think that Nuhiu realises his own limitations (though the anti-Nuhiu Sect is now trying to spin that one as well) but he contributes to overall team and squad ethic to a point that would put other so called better options to shame. My feelings about this "He only tried when he needed a new contract": That is all well and good but to achieve something in life, you need to first have the capability to do it. It might work in Greek legend or the Bible where someone can just summon up hidden strengths to overcome short term objectives, but in real life it just doesn't happen. People are either capable of doing something or they are not. It is utter gonads to suggest any player could raise their own performance level to that extent with view to getting a new contract then just simply switch it back off when the new contract is safely in the bank.
  12. Let's look at this one from a factual perspective rather than a Nuhiu knocking perspective. Dave Jones signed Nuhiu when the club had little other options available because of financial constraints. Until the season Carlos was sacked and Jos took over, the club improved its league standing EVERY SINGLE SEASON including two play off campaigns. Yeah, of course nobody claims that it was all down to Nuhiu but he was part of the squad during that time and was picked on a regular basis. The season when Carlos was sacked, Nuhiu became one of the most important players in the squad filling in for players that were earning two or three times his salary and comprehensively out performing them. Indeed, if it wasn't for the goals that Nuhiu scored that season and his all round contribution, we would have highly likely suffered relegation to League One. The run of form at the back end of that season (of which Nuhiu was a key contributor) resulted in a comfortable mid table finish when things could have been a whole lot worse. This season that has just finished, Nuhiu was a disappointment but so were a number of other players. Thankfully Fletcher actually managed to get in some time on the field so we were covered. But it still led Bruce to declare that Nuhiu was part of his plans going forward. We will have to wait and see how that transpires.
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