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  1. Wildsmith

    He's Bolton's player of the season so far.
  2. Delphon Chansiri : no action

    Jeremy Corbyn
  3. Kieran Lee swan dive

    The ref applied the "Forestieri Simulation" rule specially adopted by the Referee's Association for Wednesday games.
  4. Nothing - you have your take on the situation, I have mine. I am quite happy to leave it at that.
  5. Simply put, if the PLC use any of the company capital to prop up the deal, then they will have misled the shareholders. Nowhere in the company prospectus does it list loss making football clubs under its list of core activities and to be frank, if I was some guy out in Asia and part of my pension fund was invested in TUF, I would be pretty severely hacked off if the PLC Board started engaging in projects that potentially add no value to the company and could result in considerable losses.
  6. I just wanted to be clear. The reason why I asked is that I, and a group of business associates connected with the fishing industry, have a very minor shareholding in the PLC. The assertion that the PLC Board put out to the shareholders vis-a-vis the purchase of football clubs and other businesses not related to the core activities of TUF , differs from your assertion.
  7. You would have to address him with that one. Everyone has personal wealth though some have a lot more than others. When I owned my businesses in China, I had personal wealth. For sure, Chansiri's wealth would be a great deal higher than mine, but how much is anyone's guess.
  8. Are you sure that TUF (or any Thai Union subsidiary) are involved in this deal in any way?
  9. Originally, Dejphon Chansiri received family funding and has his own personal wealth. The purchase of Wednesday was a completely separate matter.
  10. I am pretty sure that neither his father or TUF had any influence on Dejphon Chansiri buying into Sheffield Wednesday.
  11. Yeah well, I can't say for sure, but the idea about stripes being unlucky sounds implausible to me but, then again, perhaps he's an implausible sort of guy. I certainly think there is more prominence when lettering is on a solid background as opposed to a striped one.
  12. Of course I could be mistaken on this but I reckon that, somewhere along the line, a marketing consultant (or similar) has mentioned to DC that white lettering on a blue background is more prominent than a sponsors' name on a striped background.
  13. Karanka still has huge support on the board? What freakin' board?
  14. Do you actually think that is the real reason?
  15. I was just trying to ascertain your meaning when saying 6 losses from 8, just what we need, he's gash (or words to that effect). I bet there aren't too many long standing managers or coaches that haven't suffered a similar bad run in their careers.