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  1. Aye, the Wigan players collected the coins that had been thrown at them and doubled the town's annual GDP.
  2. If every player that is blamed for absolutely everything that goes wrong by certain sections of the club's fanbase leaves the club, then we might as well still be starting games with Chris Waddle and Roland Nilsson (because I can think of few others over the years that have escaped the scapegoat crew).
  3. Dunno - I guess he's one of those players that needs a run of games to get up to speed. None of his little cameos scream out that he should be back next season but Bruce has seen a lot of him and, if he thinks Onomah is the man, who are we to disagree?
  4. I think that could be a contributory factor but not the only factor. Something else is not adding up in all of this that goes deeper. Other clubs or managers sign this type of player especially when they are working on tight budgets but I have never come across any other club that consistently has injuries on the scale that Sheffield Wednesday have had for a number of years now.
  5. I fear now that the recent, well documented injury problems at the club will be used as a reason for NOT loaning players to Sheffield Wednesday. There comes a point when things cannot simply be written off as bad luck or coincidence. Something is going on that needs dealing with. Would you want to send a promising young player out on loan to an injury graveyard?
  6. We have brought in four loan players this season, none of whom can be described as anywhere near "ageing". Three of the four have spent more time out injured than on the field. Iorfa came in and got injured. There is no correlation between age and injuries at our club. Whether young or old, it seems that they are just as likely to be sidelined. The reasons, whatever they are, go deeper than the players' age or previous injury record.
  7. The formation (1-1-1 every game) would be easy to predict but might prove a bit lightweight over 46 games. It would certainly be a test for Westwood;s goalkeeping ability though.
  8. It would be interesting if the Pigs and Leeds both lose on Monday and WBA win. Looking at the fixtures, that outcome doesn't seem out of the question either.
  9. Aye, we all laughed at the way Wigan got the Pigs relegation last time they were in the Premier League. Only fekkin' football could conjure up a scenario in which Wigan probably gets them promotion back.
  10. Steve Bruce has put the decision on hold. He wants the next kit to be made out of industrial strength bubble wrap.
  11. I would suggest that, if corporate entities or even high wealth individuals start buying assets then gifting them back to the original owner, it might start raising a few eyebrows at organisations that wield far more power and influence than the EFL.
  12. Does Madine actually own a car now then? Or does he still "borrow" other people's cars?
  13. In this case, it may be more accurate to suggest it's Spam.
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