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  1. Well, just as a point of fact and this is easily verifiable from information in the public domain: Of the Thai Union Group, the Chansiri Family collectively own 19.93% of the shares. DC's brother Thirophong Chansiri owns 10.35%, DC's father Kraisorn Chansiri owns 4.84%. Outside of brother and father, the Chansiri's own 4.74%. It might come as a shock to many on here by DC's dad is not as influential in that business as folk seem to think. Indeed, DC's brother is far more influential in terms of ownership than his father. On top of that, the whole Chansiri family made a huge cash windfall when the original family business went public. I doubt that DC's father even gives a second thought to Sheffield Wednesday. To him, it would just be something to do with football thousands of miles away.
  2. It's his own money, not his father's. Dejphon Chansiri is not poor by any stretch!
  3. ChinaOwl

    True impact of FFP

    A point to think about: If there are "commercial rates" for the amount of money that an investor can put into a club in terms of sponsorship, why are there no "commercial rates" set for what relegated PL clubs can spend in terms of transfer fees and wages? Why not also limit the spending to "commercial rates"?
  4. ChinaOwl

    True impact of FFP

    It's a good principle in theory but the application is appalling. Whilst parachute payments exist, transfer fees and wages will be artificially influenced. The clubs that suffer are not the relegated PL clubs. It is the clubs fighting against an almost impossible barrier to progression. When clubs are relegated, the parachute payments should be excluded from P & S calculations and based purely on the base turnover of that club (gross turnover - parachute payments = base turnover). That would create a more level playing field.
  5. I think this is what the OP is alluding to. It is only possible to beat what is put in front of you and, when folk stop giving any credit whatsoever when victories occur, he's absolutely in a lose-lose situation.
  6. ChinaOwl

    True impact of FFP

    That can't possibly be the case. Granted, the spending has been substantially reduced. It had to be. But there must still be a considerable cash injection just to keep the club trading solvent.
  7. ChinaOwl

    What's to stop

    He's still around. Recently sent me a message reminding me that Wednesday are his "second team".
  8. ChinaOwl

    What's to stop

    A HK based investment and hedging syndicate Sammy Yu used to be a broker and agent for.
  9. ChinaOwl

    What's to stop

    And the Ruisen Syndicate thanks to Sammy!
  10. ChinaOwl

    What's to stop

    Aye, Dejphon got up out of his seat at the end of the Norwich game and said "A hundred grand a game to watch this poo . That's me done. I'm off back to Thailand".
  11. ChinaOwl

    Over Complicated

    Yeah but they were playing Sheffield Wednesday. Other clubs would have used tactics to suppress the threat like closing them down.
  12. ChinaOwl

    What's to stop

    I thought he did but there are rules that limit the amount to the so called "commercial rates".
  13. ChinaOwl

    What's to stop

    You must be joking. Dejphon is already p1ssed off about the prices that the club are making him pay now.
  14. ChinaOwl

    What's to stop

    His dad is not as wealthy as you would imagine. In fact his brother is considerably wealthier than his father and owns approximately twice as many shares in Thai Union. Both of them would be too smart to waste money on an ailing second division football club thousands of miles from home.
  15. ChinaOwl

    thread for Club apologists

    FWIW, I think the manager is in an insidious position right now. One in which a change of manager (or coach) may not make an immediate difference. If there are any lawyers reading this, I am saying it as a wild fantasy that came into my head my flying out of the bedroom window after dosing up on LSD. But I do not buy into the idea that certain players are being sidelined simply based on "football reasons". I think the club is manufacturing a situation where these players will become so p1ssed off with life at the club that they will go at the first opportunity regardless of the offer at another club. They are expensive commodities that the club wants off the payroll at any cost. Of course the party line is going to be "football reasons". They can't say anything else, can they? The upshot of such actions will be rifts, factions and cliques forming and it would entirely undermine the squad morale. Until the unwanted are offloaded, I don't think much will materially change, regardless of the management and coaching staff. All that I am hoping is the exodus is a prelude to this busted flush of a regime joining them.