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  1. NIOwl

    Well done Morgan Fox

    Wasn't there a thread about him getting boo'd recently? So booing works.
  2. NIOwl

    Lost in the hyperbole

    It's the epitome of funny word.
  3. Giving his first team talk after appointing himself manager.
  4. I think I care less than I've ever cared, the beauty of that is I don't care.
  5. NIOwl

    I miss this...

    MNF analysed what Liverpool have done differently this year that's made them so much better than last year, and by the stats the change that's made the biggest difference was the goalkeeper. Are we playing our 1st, 2nd or 3rd best keeper...
  6. NIOwl

    What are we defending?

    I was sleeping, I woke up and checked the score, 2-0 up, 85 minutes gone. I went and took a wee wee, come back and it's 2-2. Great.
  7. I don't remember this Ryan Jones lad, no memory of him whatsoever.
  8. NIOwl

    Anyone remember this guy

    Was a legend on Championship manager 97/98. Could play in every position.
  9. He's right, 6-8 weeks can mean 6-8 seasons here. :p
  10. I didn't think Rhodes looked like a good signing at the time.
  11. Only read the title. the answer is a definitive no.
  12. NIOwl


    The signing was a clear mistake from the moment it looked like it was actually happening. But I didn't expect it to be so bad.
  13. NIOwl

    BBC pundits tonight

    Lawrenson is an utter gimp.