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  1. NIOwl

    What are we defending?

    I was sleeping, I woke up and checked the score, 2-0 up, 85 minutes gone. I went and took a wee wee, come back and it's 2-2. Great.
  2. I don't remember this Ryan Jones lad, no memory of him whatsoever.
  3. NIOwl

    Anyone remember this guy

    Was a legend on Championship manager 97/98. Could play in every position.
  4. He's right, 6-8 weeks can mean 6-8 seasons here. :p
  5. I didn't think Rhodes looked like a good signing at the time.
  6. Only read the title. the answer is a definitive no.
  7. NIOwl


    The signing was a clear mistake from the moment it looked like it was actually happening. But I didn't expect it to be so bad.
  8. NIOwl

    BBC pundits tonight

    Lawrenson is an utter gimp.
  9. Forestieri looks fit - https://www.facebook.com/fernandoforestieriOK/videos/1829501160675892/
  10. NIOwl

    Where it all went wrong?

    My lucky blue and white socks turned blue and pink in the wash, no question in my mind that had a hand in things.
  11. NIOwl

    Carlos potential return

    Someone make up a £20 note song.