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  1. Happens to everyone on there. Twitter is the most toxic gathering of humanity in the history of our species. Unreconcilable cesspit.
  2. I need Rotherham to go down and Everton to finish in the top 6 to complete my pre-season bet and take a little positive from the season.
  3. They were. Counting only league games, he won 6 games in his last 30 in charge.
  4. It was appointing him that cost us. He won something like 3 games in his last 30 in charge... do you think he was just about to hit a good spell?
  5. The worst manager in the history of the club said something... NEXT.
  6. I do not want a consortium of fans to buy the club.
  7. News - Our chairman has strong morals and great intentions to do well for the club. Fans - Thats it for me, he is utterly useless.
  8. Interesting new manager, according to the Flashscore site.
  9. That when Chris Turner says he's found the new David Hirst, it's more accurate than when he says 'in 5 years, Europe'.
  10. No. But I've said thee same name several times since Carlos left, Slaviša Jokanović.
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