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  1. If it's Chris Coleman, wake me up when he's sacked.
  2. He won players player of the year and still didn't get a call up. There's an interview somewhere though where he says the expectation from Wednesday fans eventually got to him. He said something about how he would hear the clattering of seats as people stood up when he got the ball, and it got to him. Probably as he got older and started to doubt himself.
  3. I only support Wednesday but in any big game there's almost always a team I'd prefer to see win. I wouldn't call that supporting them even though I might cheer at moments. I hoped Liverpool would win the league. I always want the English teams to win in the Champions League. Probably even when it's Man City, a team I detest.
  4. I think if you were a player it would be possible for your allegiance to shift, but if someone can flick a switch and turn off supporting a team they never really supported them in the first place. They must be confused people who lie to themselves about all sorts of things.
  5. Wasn't there a thread about him getting boo'd recently? So booing works.
  6. I think I care less than I've ever cared, the beauty of that is I don't care.
  7. MNF analysed what Liverpool have done differently this year that's made them so much better than last year, and by the stats the change that's made the biggest difference was the goalkeeper. Are we playing our 1st, 2nd or 3rd best keeper...
  8. I was sleeping, I woke up and checked the score, 2-0 up, 85 minutes gone. I went and took a wee wee, come back and it's 2-2. Great.
  9. I don't remember this Ryan Jones lad, no memory of him whatsoever.
  10. Was a legend on Championship manager 97/98. Could play in every position.
  11. He's right, 6-8 weeks can mean 6-8 seasons here. :p
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