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  1. He's right, 6-8 weeks can mean 6-8 seasons here. :p
  2. I didn't think Rhodes looked like a good signing at the time.
  3. Only read the title. the answer is a definitive no.
  4. Rhodes

    The signing was a clear mistake from the moment it looked like it was actually happening. But I didn't expect it to be so bad.
  5. BBC pundits tonight

    Lawrenson is an utter gimp.
  6. Forestieri looks fit - https://www.facebook.com/fernandoforestieriOK/videos/1829501160675892/
  7. Where it all went wrong?

    My lucky blue and white socks turned blue and pink in the wash, no question in my mind that had a hand in things.
  8. Carlos potential return

    Someone make up a £20 note song.
  9. Damn. I thought this would be televised, I took a long nap earlier so I would stay up to watch. Now it's almost 3am and I'm as good as wide awake for no reason.
  10. Would You Rather...

    No question, FA Cup. Isn't our 1991 league cup win the last time a non-top division side won a major trophy? Would be good to double up on that.