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  1. You're right, 20 years outside the Premiership now, expecting to be actually good enough to go up is unrealistic. Draw against Leeds? Wow, we actually probably deserved to beat them, let's pat ourselves on the back. Lose to Blackburn? Ah well, don't forget we managed a draw against Leeds so stop complaining. Never mind UTD are 6th in the Premiership, we should be damn happy we're nearly in the playoff positions in the Championship.
  2. Consistently? I hope I'll be alive, but I'm not counting on it.
  3. Never ever EVER good enough to compete at the top, ever, the end.
  4. Rhodes was done before we signed him, Karanka, Carlos, Jos, Bullen and Monk have all chosen not to play him.
  5. Whatever he's doing, it seems to be working.
  6. Huddersfield had played 7, lost 6, drawn 1 when they came in. Since then they've played 7, lost 2, drawn 3, won 2. Unbeaten in 5. Go on their fans forum and people are saying they haven't looked as good since going up under Wagner.
  7. Dawson was still stood at the left hand post and the goal was still his fault.
  8. And West Brom have only played sides that are below them.
  9. At one point in the game yesterday Fletcher wanted to rub something off his hair, grass, dirt or sweat or whatever, and you could tell how carefully he did it. He used a very delicate touch as he's frightened of rubbing his hair off.
  10. How many times has Benito Carbone applied.
  11. If it's Chris Coleman, wake me up when he's sacked.
  12. He won players player of the year and still didn't get a call up. There's an interview somewhere though where he says the expectation from Wednesday fans eventually got to him. He said something about how he would hear the clattering of seats as people stood up when he got the ball, and it got to him. Probably as he got older and started to doubt himself.
  13. I only support Wednesday but in any big game there's almost always a team I'd prefer to see win. I wouldn't call that supporting them even though I might cheer at moments. I hoped Liverpool would win the league. I always want the English teams to win in the Champions League. Probably even when it's Man City, a team I detest.
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