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  1. No family connection to Sheffield. I was brought a shirt when I was 9 (1986) and lived on the Isle of Man. I wore it non stop whislt all my mates were Liverpool or Man U fans. Been hooked ever since
  2. onefurlongout


    Prior to the world cup I ordered two shirts from a store on DHgate for an event at our work. They cost £22 delivered and the quality is absolutely bang on. £59/99 for a shirt is scandalous. Prices IMHO should be £40 quid for adults and £20 for kids. If you must sell the pro version then £60 quid might be acceptable SWFC had an opportunity to do something different but alas have simply followed the industry and in turn alienate fans again!!
  3. Played in stripes as well :)
  4. onefurlongout

    Amazed if anyone was at this one?

    I wasn't at the game but I have played at the ground (the bowl) when I live on the Island
  5. onefurlongout

    Mason Mount

    Would be a great signing IMHO
  6. onefurlongout

    The new/old #SWFC badge

    The previous badge IMHO is better, its still used on in the title for Owlstalk. Perhaps now that we've have a nod to the past with kit and badge its time to look forward and create something different, more modern (not like Weeds though)
  7. onefurlongout

    Player Ratings V. Leeds Utd

    Make that two of us. Although Boyd wouldn’t get in my Wednesday night game, if we were a man shirt. He was absolute turd. No pace, no energy, no end product. Ok it might be a strange place for him to play but it looked like he was running through treacle. With Bannon back Reach has to play on the left.
  8. Might as well play him. Time to take some gambles to secure survival. A 70% bannon is better than what we have had playing
  9. On paper nothing really wrong with the recruits, the problem has been not sufficiently addressing problem areas which have deteriorated over the past season or so
  10. wonder when the booing will start tonight. Uninspired 11. Too many changes again, at least try to play a settled team where you can. I appreciate the current predicament but any footballer will tell you chopping and changing week in week is not conducive to good football
  11. onefurlongout


    Anyone streaming on Instagram? There was a live feed up on YouTube for the Bristol game till it got pulled
  12. onefurlongout


    Until we start to play a more productive style of play and move the ball front to back there isn't any point in playing him. Actual felt sorry for him. Even when we played 3 up we didn't go forward or put any meaningful balls into the box. No runners from MF just leaves the strikers exposed
  13. I asked my Arsenal supporting mate how he felt their league cup team would do in their league if they had all these injuries. He wasn’t too hopeful
  14. onefurlongout

    iFollow match tonight/UK VPN

    Does anyone stream the games on Twitter?
  15. onefurlongout

    Paul Alcock

    Its two years to the day since I had a reoccurrence in my lungs and almost five years since my original bowel cancer diagnosis. Didn't think I'd be saying that at 40 years old News like this always strikes a chord. RIP Paul Alcock