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  1. I asked my Arsenal supporting mate how he felt their league cup team would do in their league if they had all these injuries. He wasn’t too hopeful
  2. iFollow match tonight/UK VPN

    Does anyone stream the games on Twitter?
  3. Paul Alcock

    Its two years to the day since I had a reoccurrence in my lungs and almost five years since my original bowel cancer diagnosis. Didn't think I'd be saying that at 40 years old News like this always strikes a chord. RIP Paul Alcock
  4. Centre half from Man City

    Maybe one Lees or VA have had a set back? An 18 month loan would be good as this guy has potential to be a superstar (according to my Man City pal)
  5. On way back

    And this is why fans views will always be valid If fans can see it where the problems lies what hell are managers and coaches seeing?
  6. 150th Anniversary Watch

    Who’s the maker?
  7. England U20s

    Been impressed by some of the players in the England team, especially Kenny, Cook, Tomori and Ojo. Lots of them been on loan at League one/ two clubs, maybe some should be looking to play in the championship next season? Kenny would be a great addition at right back
  8. Bang on 100% Fletcher needs service too
  9. Just had my second cycle of chemo on Wednesday. No way I was missing this game. It's been a tough 3 years having been diagnosed with bowel cancer aged 35 only to find that it returned to my lungs in 2016. So far this years I've had two major lung surgeries and just started six months of chemo. Drove down this morning with my eldest who's 8 and a bag full of chemo medicine and supplements. We've been into London to see some of the sights and will be doing the same tomorrow am before heading to the ground around 3 It's been a tough year so far but it's all about getting on with life and creating memories. Let's hope tomorrow is a good one. Wawaw
  10. Owls reveal official third strip.

    Oh dear. Looks like they've taken all the old unsold stock and replaced the sponsor. I went to buy shirts for my summer holiday but no kids shirts for my sons age until October and the quality of the adult ones was shocking. Poor stitching, uneven wording etc and as usual no changing rooms to try stuff on. I've got better shirts from Thailand So hope we get a better manufacturer next season
  11. Preki

    I know he has been linked to the Leicester job. But Ive heard rumours that it's a coaching role in the UK with the massive that he has been linked with.

    Be interesting to see how many of these are playing league one next season. Right decision for me. We best get shopping and pretty quick, crucial to get deals done early
  13. They'll have to do a re forecast when we go up
  14. I'm sure the lad is talented but no senior goals in 15 matches, maybe next season but not at the moment. Ideally we need someone with experience who has scored goals at this level. Difficult I know