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  1. Harrogate game is defo at home. Just had confirmation
  2. Harsh on Palmer, but Paterson isnt Championship level never mind international
  3. Shame, I wanted to get a golf umbrella with the badge on. Manufacturer won’t do it without consent.
  4. I assume that the current swfc crest is under copyright but does the same restrictions apply to older badges/ crests if I wanted to use an older crest for personal use would I still need to ask permission from the club?
  5. Loathed by many but I reckon he’d get us into the Premier League. If anything he’d make us more commercially savvy. Maybe not to everyone’s liking but the guy clearly has a business brain
  6. It’s no better when Patto is there either. On the odd occasions we do win it there are no runners or winners of the second ball.
  7. 5 subs available and we are unable to alter a game. worrying that we can’t alter things mid game. Maybe that comes with a manager that said we’ve been one dimensional for too long
  8. Think Millwall were there for the taking after the first goal. We need to be playing short passes in and around their CB. Forward movement is nonexistent.
  9. I dont think we would have scored that winner last night if he was still on the pitch in place of Luongo. Not Joey's fault he's just limited in an attacking sense
  10. Average points to stay up over the last 4 seasons is 47 so we need minimum 28 points from 22 games. Lowest points tally for safety in those years is 43, highest is 51 Additionally there have been 4 clubs on 19 points after 24 games in those 4 seasons. 2 stayed up 2 went down, so its very much 50:50
  11. Looks a great prospect. Can only get better the more he plays. Only time will tell where his best position will be
  12. Did anyone see his attempt at a 'header' in the box second half. Hard to explain it but very strange
  13. Not before time, a long overdue refresh. However Im not convinced Monk has the ability to recruit. He doesn’t even have us playing a recognised style
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