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  1. That Alexander guy was giving monk a right kick in in the paper last week. Just been let go by Salford. That’s my bet.
  2. For the first time in years the recruitment has been absolutely spot on and for very little money. My only worry is if this was the Steve Bruce effect it just shows what we have lost and what a bell he’s been jumping ship. We have addressed areas that have been crying out for change for years. Well done whoever it was (yes including Doubtfire)
  3. I have purchased to game tonight but when I click on watch live it says I can’t watch it from this location. I’m in Scotland. Can anyone help? scrap that. Logged out and in again and works fine. Enjoy the game.
  4. I’d need a bit more than using the lift but thanks for the reply. £150 buys it tbh
  5. Now I'm no huge fan of the big guy but to play up top on your own against premier league defenders and play like that deserves huge credit. Well done lad
  6. The club are trying to do positive things at a difficult time. Let's just embrace and all get on board again. Not every suggestion is going to be a winner but the club are trying.
  7. For a side low on confidence and full of the second string we did well
  8. We created more clear cut chances than them. Baffling comment from Colin.
  9. No offence mate but I'd hate to be stuck in a lift with you!
  10. I agree pg but on another day we would have won that game. It's not like we didn't have clear cut chances. Change was needed and it's come just in time.
  11. The table is what it is. I respect your opinion I'm just saying the side has come a long way since the 0-3 defeat to Burton.
  12. The fact that we were in relegation form but over night have become hard to beat is testament to the training sessions, especially with players that were deemed not good enough by our previous manager. I'm not a Carlos basher but we spent months looking at centre backs and we've just brought a young lad in that has performed very well. Great debut against a big strong powerful direct side.
  13. Jos is stamping his authority on the team and the formation is good. Some steady performances from players that have been a bit lost this season. We could easily have won that game and did well considering the players available. THORNLEY was very good and look like an established championship player as was Fred. Consolidate and build for next season, very positive considering what we've seen this season. 7/10 from me.
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