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  1. You've certainly proved the adage "it is often better to say nowt when you don't know something for certain rather than opening your gob and prove beyond doubt that your are a knob" Is he an estate agent? Does he run the business ? or does his wife run the business along with her other business ? is he \ she or the family in business running an estate agency? Are you saying Lee Bullen does not having coaching qualifications ? Uninformed supposition and bullshit !!!
  2. I know and thanks for the acknowledgement, The accumulation of points happens with the 7th place and below 3 pointers for home and away, I couldn't think of a way to manage one off results with this method. I still think it shows accurate potential positions though and it highlights Huddersfield as having the best chance IMO for an automatic chance.....
  3. I read something a couple of years ago (can’t remember where?) about forecasting results and the resulting league positions at the end of season for the run in. It wasn’t based on form or judgement, it was purely based on the the principle of dictated results, Home or Away against the teams above, teams + or minus 2 places and then teams more than 3 places below and 7 places below, with pre-determined points for each game. I can’t remember the exact pointages so I’ve made my own up !!!! If you play a team above you Home - 1 point Away - 0 points Teams + or minus 2 places Home - 1 point Away - 1 point Teams more than 3 places below Home - 3 points Away - 1 point Teams more than 7 places below Home - 3 points Away - 3 points The highlights are Newcastle, top of the league still have to play 5 of the top 6 (4 away) Brighton play 3 of the top 6 (1 away) Huddersfield play 2 of the top 6 (both at Home) Reading 5 of the top 6 (3 away) Leeds 4 of the top 6 (2 away) Wednesday 3 of the top 6 (1 away) Anyway’s I wish to offer the usual disclaimers Don’t shoot the messenger E & O E I might just be wrong My entire basis might be wrong FINAL PREDICTION – I started this before last night’s matches Before anyone mentions it, the 100 plus points from 3 teams seems a little excessive compared to previous year but hey ho !!!!! Brighton 64 points + 42 predicted = 106 Newcastle 65 + 40 = 105 Huddersfield 58 + 44 = 102 Reading 57 +35= 92 Wednesday 52 + 40 = 92 (I have given myself some license with our results !!) Leeds 54 + 35 = 89
  4. His fitness was never questionable, it was always not good enough. Life style - application
  5. COG should be knighted and lauded as a legend simply for his headed goal against them bastids at the leppings lane end. FACT!!!
  6. Claymore - end of.... Genuinely used to poo poo myself every other saturday. The early days of Scottish and Newcastle breweries, poo pooe beer - Geordies if they were anywhere south of Sheffield and flippingchaos ...... often.....
  7. I'm not just picking on you, BUT with all of the other Jones threads FFS....... If the internet allows throw like this to be casually put up for consideration, then we are all foo kin doomed........ McCarthy Keegan Redknapp After the 18 game unbeaten run (I think???,,,,, this thread doesn't deserve for me to check my facts) Jones was going to be made The King of Sheffield. Get some soddin work done you bunch of lazy work shy lobbers.
  8. Late 70's, going to a night match straight from the EITB, so we had our work gear on. Got the national bus or whatever it was then at midday from Pond street. Got to the ground and we were run at by some nawty boys (millwall I think?) the big lads just stood and fought with em. We nippers scarpered into the ground and a copper made my mate take his steel toe cap safety boots off and made him stand in his socks all through the match and the copper kept his boots over the wall at the edge of the pitch - we kept shouting "Oi copper gee im is boots back", we got him a cardboard pie box for him to stand in. Cant remember owt else. Goal posts for jumpers moment - apologies
  9. Whether he is just a knobber or genuinely in reality, nearly as hard as Big Guns. I dont want him. It's all to do with ATTITUDE this year and his attitude stinks. He will not fit into the spirit that the team had last year, and we don't want Rob Jones, Madine, Liera, Semedo and Reda all joining the queue to slap the twit. So it's a No from me.
  10. Paulo deepcar canio Peter rudimires Brian lawedges Graham Hyde park flats Gleedless bullen
  11. Every time I watched Reda and saw him chasing someone down, I couldnt help but get excited. i imagined that Reda was telling the player he was chasing "I'm gonna get you" and the player he was chasing then became frozen with fear, and screamed inside his own head, a bit like chasing the wife upstairs and she screams with that excited fear........ or is it only me. Reda - hard as flip.
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