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  1. Hope he stays there. Hate Derby.
  2. barn_owl

    Westwood Going

    I'd be disappointed if he went if I'm honest. He is still our number 1 choice in my opinion and as good as Wildsmith & Dawson have been I think if we are to compete at the top we need his experience. Having said that it wouldn't surprise me if he went.
  3. barn_owl


    I feel strongly that we should bring back the teddy bear throwing from the early 90's.
  4. Ah, the days before buying tickets online in a virtual queue. Waited for about 4 hours for tickets for the Cardiff play off final, queue was around the car park and into the north stand concourse. It was well worth it.
  5. barn_owl

    Lawrenson hates us.

    Not bothered if he hates us. I bet I hate him more. Cannot stand the bloke and never have done. Thinks he's funny when he's not and clearly clueless about any football below the premier league.
  6. barn_owl


    I'd sign him but not sure about the £2m fee, he would be useful as a steady regular or back up. For £2m I would expect to get someone better from the continent. He's steady and solid and can do a job but as for a team going for promotion....
  7. Barnsley born and bred but fortunately my grandparents were from Sheffield and I'm in a long line of wednesdayites passed down from parent to child. I go with my dad and uncle and took my youngest daughter to her first match when we played Cardiff. she is begging me to take her again, the tradition lives on!
  8. barn_owl


    Probably the worst refereeing display I have seen and there's been a few
  9. RIP another one of the Wednesday family gone too soon
  10. barn_owl


    When did we move to the coast?! Seriously, an amazing sight.
  11. barn_owl

    Favourite away wins..

    I don't get to many away matches but here's mine 1987 Barnsley 1-2 littlewoods cup. Hirst diving header. I need to see this again! 1992 Forest 0-2 on route to European qualification. My first real away day other than Barnsley! 1995/1996? Leeds 1-2. Booth scored winner 2001 Forest 0-1. Owen Morrison. Went with my newly met lady friend (now wife) who lived in Nottingham, and forest supporting family 2006 Derby 0-2. Last match of the season. so much to drink that day and probably when Derby nicked the 'bouncing' song after 5,000 wednesdayites never stopped 2006 0-3 Barnsley. Nothing special other than its 0-3 at Barnsley Others without dates due to alcohol consumption; 0-2 Notts county. Maybe 2011/2012 0-1 Barnsley O'grady and feed the dingles
  12. barn_owl

    Wednesday chants through the years

    As mentioned many times, We never seem to sing 'The Wednesday' anymore. I remember a few years ago we played Barnsley away on a Sunday evening and as I got out of the car in the town centre all I could hear was 'The Wednesday' filling the air coming from the train station. Made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. Also not heard 'we're by far the greatest team...' for a long time. One from the 80's 'ole, ole, ole, ole. Wednesday, Wednesday'
  13. barn_owl

    Jordan Rhodes..

    Play to his strengths then judge him. Almost like signing a £10m goalkeeper and slating him cos defence is poo.
  14. We both fail to deliver despite promises..
  15. barn_owl

    Beres to the rescue...

    The queue yesterday when I went past was the longest I've seen it but always queueing at least to the gate. Said Wednesday are missing a trick but Beres won't be bothered the way they are selling on matchdays. Why pay Wednesday for the privilege of selling in the ground when the can make as much without leaving their own premises?