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  1. There are pro's & cons to both staying at Hillsborough and leaving. If we were to stay I would like us to redevelop both west stand and kop similar to Ibrox (as images) where the lower part of the stand meets around the corners but not completely filled in with seats. This retains the traditional separate stands with a modern element. The corners could be as screens or hospitality boxes along with permenant TV studios. Both stands could either be single tier or 2 tier with boxes between upper and lower and both could satisfy segregation of fans. Ultimately further down the line, this design could connect the south stand with west stand and Kop with stadium control and screens in the corners. The issue's with staying have been well documented and the club would have to seriously think how to increase non-matchday revenue streams. What is is clear is that our home needs serious investment to meet the demands of modern day football business and generate more income both on matchday and non-matchday.
  2. barn_owl

    Neils Totally Forgotten 11

    Stuart Ripley, Bojan Djordjic, Wayne Collins, Bruce Grobbelaar, Dave Bennett, Paul Corry, Aaron Lescott, Wilf Rostron, Garry Monk, Iain Turner, Wade Small, Richie Partridge, Mark McKeever, Craig Armstrong, Julian Bennett, Lee Bradbury, Adam Chambers, Terry Cooke, Chris Eagles, Simon Grayson, Steve Harkness, Jim Magilton, Nathan Modest, Steve Nicol, Seyi Olofinjana, Darryl Powell, Bartosz Slusarski, Dean Windass
  3. barn_owl

    Neils Totally Forgotten 11

    Christian Myrleb(?), Marc Degryse, des Hazel, Steve whitton, Frank Carr, Guy Branson, Ian Hendon, Barry Horne, Danny Sonner, Ryan Jones, Trond Soldvedt
  4. barn_owl

    We are popular in Rovrum

    Will probably have been bought by Wednesday fans cos the chances of getting a ticket will be slim
  5. Then Le Tissier did it a few years later and the world went mental with admiration
  6. Hope he stays there. Hate Derby.
  7. barn_owl

    Westwood Going

    I'd be disappointed if he went if I'm honest. He is still our number 1 choice in my opinion and as good as Wildsmith & Dawson have been I think if we are to compete at the top we need his experience. Having said that it wouldn't surprise me if he went.
  8. barn_owl


    I feel strongly that we should bring back the teddy bear throwing from the early 90's.
  9. Ah, the days before buying tickets online in a virtual queue. Waited for about 4 hours for tickets for the Cardiff play off final, queue was around the car park and into the north stand concourse. It was well worth it.
  10. barn_owl

    Lawrenson hates us.

    Not bothered if he hates us. I bet I hate him more. Cannot stand the bloke and never have done. Thinks he's funny when he's not and clearly clueless about any football below the premier league.
  11. barn_owl


    I'd sign him but not sure about the £2m fee, he would be useful as a steady regular or back up. For £2m I would expect to get someone better from the continent. He's steady and solid and can do a job but as for a team going for promotion....
  12. Barnsley born and bred but fortunately my grandparents were from Sheffield and I'm in a long line of wednesdayites passed down from parent to child. I go with my dad and uncle and took my youngest daughter to her first match when we played Cardiff. she is begging me to take her again, the tradition lives on!
  13. barn_owl


    Probably the worst refereeing display I have seen and there's been a few
  14. RIP another one of the Wednesday family gone too soon
  15. barn_owl


    When did we move to the coast?! Seriously, an amazing sight.