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  1. Have they? Last Home fixture vs Barnsley to be moved to lunchtime? Usually move the away match to lunchtime but in recent years home match has been 3pm
  2. It was this one.... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/35732901
  3. It was the play off final season before he signed. Went downhill from there for both us and Abdi...!
  4. Was in Forest end when we won 3-0 a couple of seasons ago. We played some great stuff that day and Forest couldn't handle us at times. Managed to keep in in until the 3rd when i stood up, fortunately a few forest fans did as well to have a go at them. After the match I stayed to watch the team walk off and as they approached the tunnel there were a fair few clapping them off and cheering them, so suppose there was a few Wednesday in there that day.
  5. Didnt realise he had passed away. You remember them as the age they were, rather than the age they would be now. Don't recall Wednesday ever announcing anything, whereas they did with Clive Baker. I can still see the images of them in the silver tracksuit on the team photo circa 87/88ish.
  6. Maybe have just been away for Christmas, not sure but if he is back wonder why it hasn't been announced yet?
  7. My mate knows Steve Agnew's nephew and says it's a done deal. Only delay is that Bruce wanted to spend Christmas and new year with his family. Currently still in Barbados. Theres a reason on the bookies are not running a market on it...! Pretty much what what we already know.
  8. After the slating he got last week from Jos I thought he showed great character to put in a performance like that today. I was impressed with him. Hopefully Bruce knows more of how to play him than Jos did.
  9. My heart says keep Hooper, Matias, Westwood and Lee. My head says keep Matias and offer Hooper & Lee reduced contracts, if they sign they sign, if not let them go. Westwood is obviously not in favour so will unfortunately we will lose one of the best goalkeepers in the league for free. Not sure on Preston, but surely if he was good enough he would have been given more of an opportunity given our circumstances. I'm a big fan of his, but not sure Pudil has another season at this level in him. The rest can go.
  10. Another of the Wednesday family gone too soon. RIP
  11. There are pro's & cons to both staying at Hillsborough and leaving. If we were to stay I would like us to redevelop both west stand and kop similar to Ibrox (as images) where the lower part of the stand meets around the corners but not completely filled in with seats. This retains the traditional separate stands with a modern element. The corners could be as screens or hospitality boxes along with permenant TV studios. Both stands could either be single tier or 2 tier with boxes between upper and lower and both could satisfy segregation of fans. Ultimately further down the line, this design could connect the south stand with west stand and Kop with stadium control and screens in the corners. The issue's with staying have been well documented and the club would have to seriously think how to increase non-matchday revenue streams. What is is clear is that our home needs serious investment to meet the demands of modern day football business and generate more income both on matchday and non-matchday.
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