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  1. Another one of the Wednesday family gone too soon. RIP Geoff
  2. Wednesday or England

    Used to have equal interest in both although Wednesday was always my priority. These days it's all Wednesday. Not bothered about England in the slightest anymore.
  3. David hirst

    Then who's Vice President? Jerry Lewis?!
  4. north west corner

    Watched my first ever Wednesday match from the NW corner. West Ham 1986 won 2-0. Sadly the only time I've ever been in there but always looks a great view of the stadium when they use it on TV. Wasnt the corner originally 2 'tiers' with it following the west stand around the corner? Was made into a single tier when seats went in if I remember correctly. I'd like to see us do something similar to Ibrox with about 10 rows of seats in line with upper west stand and north stand roof support with screen, corporate boxes and TV studios rising above to roof height. However in the long term I can see whatever plans there are for west stand to incorporate development of the NW corner.
  5. Please can the volume of the PA System be turned down on Sunday? By all means encourage the pre-match atmosphere but don't drown it out. The volume generally is far too loud and any hope of atmosphere is instantly lost because any singing is just drowned out so all natural atmosphere is lost. For me pre-match should be about building the crowd up but at hillsborough we can never get any sort of noise pre-match because the music is so loud we seem to just give up. Fans are like players; we need to warm up as well before the match starts. Let us get warmed up pre-match and the atmosphere will be something else. Shouldnt be any need for pre-match entertainment on Sunday, just let us show you what we can do...!
  6. Old photos of Hillsborough Stadium

    Just a few ive saved. Most probably from here to be honest so can't take the credit
  7. Which areas are Wednesday

    I've lived in Barnsley all my life and I would say that of support for sheffield teams Wednesday have it at least 90% to 10% blades. Met and worked with loads of wednesdayites but very few blades. Probably another reason Barnsley fans hate us more than they do them and believe me Barnsley fans hate us with a passion!
  8. if you could pick one player

    Depends if you mean Kieran lee or Kieran lee. Both are pretty good 'box to box' so I'm told! joking aside, not my favourite ever player but what we need is a leader and energy so I would go with Carlton palmer. being ultra critical I feel this team is lacking leaders.
  9. Benidorm where best to watch PO SFs

    You fell into the Jocks trap there!
  10. Would Bruno Manga do a job for us?

    I think I was at another game. He was poo , looked dodgy everytime he got the ball.
  11. Hope we get Leeds in play off final

    There would be no better team to beat but no worse team to lose against.
  12. If Matias is ever fit again

    It all seems very strange how he gets injury after injury and never actually gets fit enough to make the match day squad. Not sure he even plays U23 matches for match fitness?
  13. If Matias is ever fit again

    He came with a reputation as a goal scoring winger but seem recall him missing a sitter on his debut against Bristol city and, other than his goal at Leeds, he never seemed to show any sort of form from then til he got injured. If fit he could be extremely useful to us in the run in but can't see him being match fit. Is there any update on him at all? Does Carlos even get asked the question in press conferences?
  14. Went in the home end last season with my father in law who supports Forest. Was the hardest 90 minutes I've had at a football match trying to keep quiet. Kept my cover until after the final whistle when the players were walking back to the tunnel after going over to the away end and started to clap. Turns out there were loads of other Wednesday fans in there waiting to clap them off as well. Was ok cos the forest fans had long gone!