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  1. as an example, asuming 24 players on £6500 (6500*52*24) p/w we'd need a budget of £8,112,000, with an ave attendance of 20,000 paying say £15 (23*15*20000) a game means we take £6,900,000, it means we have too find much from tv, etc to make up the difference. i dont know what the other costs involved etc but to asume % of income spent on wages of say 60% we need to turnover £13,520,000 or say 75%, £10,816,000. given we need to make up between £6,620,000 and £3,916,000. i dont know if its possible or correct for my figures to work but i doubt a club like ours cant pay 24 guys the same wage as blackpools best player..... as a whole i feel the club and the people incontrol give too much importance to the fact we're wednesday and dont want to wheel and deal. using spurs as an example, they play the system, one big out, a couple of randoms and use the cash to improve all over. its obv to most on here what needs to be done, ship some out, bring some in, improve the overall standard of the squad, rinse repeat, the figures above should prove it may take a few years before we get there...90m for basically two years work would sort us out.
  2. most of this is crap, if it worked for us most fans would be preying we went into. the fact the sit doesnt work means we take the high horse. the rules are set out at the start of each year, every team has a chance to play them. we cant moan that others have worked them to their advantage when i'm fairly certain if playing the game suited us we would.
  3. depending on how it works i'd be grateful for the opp to join the fun, maybe buying a couple of tickets per game for the same people each week.
  4. does anyone have a link for the game, have tried radio sheffield and it doesnt seem to be working.
  5. just moved back up, if anyone/you are interested in few games lettme know.
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